genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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South Dakota, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 44.212507, Longitude: -100.247165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aanestad, Clara Lydia  31 Dec 1889South Dakota, United States I5857878683 Master Tree 
2 Aanestad, Lydia Klara  Dec 1889South Dakota, United States I601062483 Master Tree 
3 Aanestad, Selina M  Dec 1887South Dakota, United States I601062485 Master Tree 
4 Ash, Wanda M  Abt. 1929South Dakota, United States I17558560632 Master Tree 
5 Bacon, Vera A.  Aug 1899South Dakota, United States I1122154372 Master Tree 
6 Bacon, Viva G.  Apr 1897South Dakota, United States I1122154371 Master Tree 
7 Brady, Mary  South Dakota, United States I5857879797 Master Tree 
8 Christensen, Benjamin  May 1894South Dakota, United States I17558571390 Master Tree 
9 Christensen, Christina  Abt. 1904South Dakota, United States I17558571392 Master Tree 
10 Christensen, Frances  Jan 1891South Dakota, United States I17558571389 Master Tree 
11 Christensen, Hannah  Sep 1884South Dakota, United States I17558571393 Master Tree 
12 Christensen, Harry  Apr 1897South Dakota, United States I17558571391 Master Tree 
13 Christensen, Hattie  Nov 1888South Dakota, United States I17558571362 Master Tree 
14 Cramblet, Alice  Abt. 1911South Dakota, United States I8779328704 Master Tree 
15 Cramblet, Blanche L  Abt. 1907South Dakota, United States I8779328702 Master Tree 
16 Cramblet, Josephine Olive  Abt. 1905South Dakota, United States I8779328701 Master Tree 
17 Cramblet, Lucile  Abt. 1909South Dakota, United States I8779328703 Master Tree 
18 Durham, Birdie B  Abt. 1915South Dakota, United States I8779324948 Master Tree 
19 Geeslin, Jay Edmond  19 Mar 1907South Dakota, United States I17558567260 Master Tree 
20 Gundersen, Fern S  21 May 1920South Dakota, United States I5856886630 Master Tree 
21 Gunderson, Clark   I5856888194 Master Tree 
22 Gunderson, Dianne   I5856888193 Master Tree 
23 Gunderson, Harvey I  3 Apr 1913South Dakota, United States I5856886629 Master Tree 
24 Hall, Juanita M  11 Jun 1912South Dakota, United States I5857857103 Master Tree 
25 Hall, Katherine  Abt. 1912South Dakota, United States I5857857104 Master Tree 
26 Handy, Donald Herbert  6 Nov 1906South Dakota, United States I5857857023 Master Tree 
27 Handy, Everett Marvin  17 Jan 1929South Dakota, United States I8779329192 Master Tree 
28 Hanson, Albion Everett  3 Feb 1906South Dakota, United States I17558559711 Master Tree 
29 Hanson, Christian  Abt. 1870South Dakota, United States I17558571384 Master Tree 
30 Hanson, Emil L  15 Jan 1875South Dakota, United States I17558559710 Master Tree 
31 Hanson, Floyd Therman  14 Mar 1908South Dakota, United States I17558559712 Master Tree 
32 Hanson, Gladys Evelyn  25 Mar 1904South Dakota, United States I5857857017 Master Tree 
33 Hanson, Ilene Adelaid  28 Dec 1910South Dakota, United States I17558559713 Master Tree 
34 Hanson, Mathias  Abt. 1872South Dakota, United States I17558571385 Master Tree 
35 Hanson, Oliver Richard  15 Jun 1916South Dakota, United States I17558559714 Master Tree 
36 Hanson, Ruth Louise  15 Feb 1908South Dakota, United States I5857857018 Master Tree 
37 Hanson, Thea  Abt. 1873South Dakota, United States I17558571386 Master Tree 
38 Helgerson, Henry  Abt. 1893South Dakota, United States I5857857021 Master Tree 
39 Knutsen, Delores Audrey   I8779230792 Master Tree 
40 Knutsen, Elsie Lillian  8 Feb 1904South Dakota, United States I8779230768 Master Tree 
41 Knutsen, Esther Ophelia   I8779230786 Master Tree 
42 Knutsen, Iona Lucille  05 Nov 1906South Dakota, United States I8779230770 Master Tree 
43 Knutsen, Kenneth Hugh   I8779230790 Master Tree 
44 Knutsen, Morris Vernon  22 Sep 1908South Dakota, United States I8779230771 Master Tree 
45 Knutsen, Sidney Luverne  15 Jul 1905South Dakota, United States I8779230769 Master Tree 
46 Knutsen, Sylvia Bernice  18 May 1910South Dakota, United States I8779230785 Master Tree 
47 Knutsen, Thelma B  16 Nov 1913South Dakota, United States I8779230787 Master Tree 
48 Melum, Stella  9 May 1909South Dakota, United States I5857857038 Master Tree 
49 Nelsen, Bertha Josephine  16 Jan 1877South Dakota, United States I5857848842 Master Tree 
50 Nelsen, Curtis  Abt. 1919South Dakota, United States I17558571364 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brunelle, Evilina  9 Jan 1950South Dakota, United States I5857879802 Master Tree 
2 Van Ruschen, Walter  Bef. 1920South Dakota, United States I17558572486 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Geppert, Caroline  South Dakota, United States I5857879794 Master Tree