genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Robert Fitzgerald and Margaret Regan, and sons

Robert Fitzgerald and his wife Margaret Regan came to Boston as part of a regular flow of Irish immigrants at that time in our country's history. Family legend has it that when they reached the bottom of the gangplank, the immigration official insisted that Boston had "too many Irish", and sent them back up. The eventually settled in Quebec, and had 2 sons, Robert and Matthew. The boys eventually migrated down to Illinois, where they founded large families. The Fitzgerald family reunion still periodically takes place in Normal, Illinois, a few dozen miles away from the first Fitzgerald farm.
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Isaac Bennett and any descendants

The Bennett family, to a man, claims Irish heritage, but as of yet, I've been unable to account for that. Isaac Bennett is the earliest ancestor I've been able to find, and that required a great deal of research into circumstantial evidence of his existence, mainly centered around the "Ashbridge book", a personal genealogical study of the Ashbridge family that was published in 1912. Ashbridge maintains that Isaac Bennett's father came from "England", which could potentially mean one of the islands of the UK.
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John Cramblett and Family

John Cramblett/Cramblitt/Cramblit/Cramlet was born in Maryland in 1780. Given the large amount of information on Maryland births, marriages, and deaths, one would think he'd be an easy find after that. Unfortunately, I've been unable to confirm his origins or ancestry. I'd appreciate any help on him that could come my way.
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