genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Tree: Master Tree

Country : Latitude: 60.472024, Longitude: 8.468946


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   Norway I5856881139 Master Tree 
2 Anne  Abt. 1842Norway I17558571381 Master Tree 
3 Bertha O  Abt. 1878Norway I17558569444 Master Tree 
4 Betsy  Oct 1849Norway I17558572025 Master Tree 
5 Caroline  Abt. 1841Norway I17558569135 Master Tree 
6 Charlotte M  Abt. 1875Norway I17558561450 Master Tree 
7 Christina  Abt. 1831Norway I8779329081 Master Tree 
8 Emily H  Abt. 1860Norway I8779181735 Master Tree 
9 Gunhild  Mar 1829Norway 1 Master Tree 
10 Josephine Marie  21 Mar 1851Norway I17558561912 Master Tree 
11 Justine  Abt. 1897Norway I8779228670 Master Tree 
12 Katrina  Oct 1863Norway I17558567110 Master Tree 
13 M. Ann  Abt. 1824Norway I8779183164 Master Tree 
14 Martha  Abt. 1845Norway I8779329500 Master Tree 
15 Signe  Aug 1846Norway I5857856913 Master Tree 
16 Sophia  12 Sep 1890Norway I17558569446 Master Tree 
17 Tancred  Abt. 890Norway I8779325676 Master Tree 
18 Thora  Abt. 1889Norway I17558569443 Master Tree 
19 Turena  Apr 1863Norway I8779182056 Master Tree 
20 Aaberge, Ingeborg Lassedtr  1791Norway I5856881130 Master Tree 
21 Aaberge, Magnhild Andersdtr  1746Norway I5856881135 Master Tree 
22 Aaberge, Sigrid Olsdtr  Abt 1742Norway I5856881117 Master Tree 
23 Aarvoll, Anna Lassedtr  1821Norway I5856881157 Master Tree 
24 Aarvoll, Kristi Lassedtr  1824Norway I5856881158 Master Tree 
25 Aarvoll, Lasse Lasseson  1832Norway I5856881160 Master Tree 
26 Aarvoll, Lasse Sylfestson Olnes  1789Norway I5856881152 Master Tree 
27 Aarvoll, Metta Kristina Lassedtr  1837Norway I5856881161 Master Tree 
28 Aarvoll, Ola Lasseson  1818Norway I5856881156 Master Tree 
29 Aarvoll, Sunneva Lassedtr  1826Norway I5856881159 Master Tree 
30 Aarvoll, Sylfest O.  Abt 1854Norway I5857879838 Master Tree 
31 Amble, Hans  Abt. 1858Norway I17558560732 Master Tree 
32 Andersdatter, Birte Marie  1763Norway I5856886465 Master Tree 
33 Andersdatter, Marie  Abt. 1676Norway I5856886522 Master Tree 
34 Andersdatter Johnson, Bertie  24 Dec 1851Norway I17558559582 Master Tree 
35 Andersen, Inga  Abt. 1889Norway I8779230940 Master Tree 
36 Andersen, Jens  1753Norway I5856886464 Master Tree 
37 Anderson, Alma S  Abt. 1867Norway I17558567864 Master Tree 
38 Anderson, Annie Hoaf  Nov 1870Norway I5856879260 Master Tree 
39 Anderson, Anton Andrew  Oct 1833Norway I17558567861 Master Tree 
40 Anderson, Cecelia  Aug 1852Norway I8779183648 Master Tree 
41 Anderson, Christina Anne  Abt. 1845Norway I5659310869 Master Tree 
42 Anderson, Colben  Abt. 1855Norway I8779329501 Master Tree 
43 Arnesdatter, Anne Karine  Abt. 1843Norway I5856886430 Master Tree 
44 Arnesdatter, Karen  1837Norway I5856886428 Master Tree 
45 Arnesdatter, Karen Susanna  Abt. 1839Norway I5856886429 Master Tree 
46 Arnesdatter, Sibor  Abt. 1751Norway I17558567833 Master Tree 
47 Arnesen, Christen  1834Norway I5856886427 Master Tree 
48 Arnesen, Niels  1829Norway I5856886425 Master Tree 
49 Arnesen, Nils  1768Norway I5856886431 Master Tree 
50 Bakken, Anne  Abt. 1864Norway I8779329083 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaberge, Ingeborg Lassedtr  1849Norway I5856881130 Master Tree 
2 Aaberge, Magnhild Andersdtr  1797Norway I5856881135 Master Tree 
3 Aarvoll, Lasse Sylfestson Olnes  1864Norway I5856881152 Master Tree 
4 Aarvoll, Ola Lasseson  Norway I5856881156 Master Tree 
5 Andersen, Jens  1803Norway I5856886464 Master Tree 
6 Arnesen, Nils  1826Norway I5856886431 Master Tree 
7 Dvergedal, Ola Sylfestson  1758Norway I5856881143 Master Tree 
8 Dvergedal, Sylfest Olsson  1760Norway I5856881145 Master Tree 
9 Gunderson, Bergitte  1871Norway I5857879390 Master Tree 
10 Gunderson, Ole  Abt 1859Norway I5857879392 Master Tree 
11 Hafslo, Kristi Lassedtr Kvam  1840Norway I5856881150 Master Tree 
12 Hauge, Anna Christiensdtr  1773Norway I5856881148 Master Tree 
13 Helgesen, Mathais  1901Norway I601062526 Master Tree 
14 Jacobsen, Underofficer Anders  1857Norway I5856886413 Master Tree 
15 Jørgensdatter, Karen  1858Norway I5856886414 Master Tree 
16 Karlsdatter, Anne Marie  1845Norway I5856886432 Master Tree 
17 Nielsdatter, Nelle Christine  Bef. 1846Norway I5856886463 Master Tree 
18 Nielsen, Karen  Abt. 1851Norway I5856886438 Master Tree 
19 Olnes, Lasse Hansson  1798Norway I5856881134 Master Tree 
20 Olnes, Sylfest Sylfestson Dvergedal  1800Norway I5856881149 Master Tree 
21 Pladsen, Jens Augustinussen  1853Norway I5856886494 Master Tree 
22 Simmons, Walter Edwin  19 May 1928Norway I17558566645 Master Tree 
23 Torbjørnsdatter, Karen  Bef. 1801Norway I5856886421 Master Tree 
24 Torgrimsen, Niels  1845Norway I5856886455 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aarvoll / Olnes  1821Norway F5350494519 Master Tree 
2 Carlson / Hanson  1865Norway F539540903 Master Tree 
3 Dvergedal / Hauge  1740Norway F5350494529 Master Tree 
4 Olnes / Hafslo  Norway F5350494532 Master Tree 
5 Olnes / Hauge  1766Norway F5350494531 Master Tree 
6 Steinageim / Aaberge  1768Norway F5350494522 Master Tree 
7 Vikeim / Vikeim  1793Norway F5350494533 Master Tree