genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Missouri, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 38.304558, Longitude: -92.436773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ailene C  Abt. 1902Missouri, United States I8779181878 Master Tree 
2 Beatrice E  Abt. 1909Missouri, United States I17558566666 Master Tree 
3 Della  Abt. 1899Missouri, United States I17558561398 Master Tree 
4 Elizabeth  Abt. 1815Missouri, United States I17558568189 Master Tree 
5 Kloye   I5659310944 Master Tree 
6 Mabel  Abt. 1897Missouri, United States I8779328757 Master Tree 
7 Mattie M  Abt. 1854Missouri, United States I8779182049 Master Tree 
8 Adkins, Thomas Boyd  16 Oct 1916Missouri, United States I17558571152 Master Tree 
9 Anthony, Hannah Adeline  11 Dec 1839Missouri, United States I8779192521 Master Tree 
10 Ausburg, Henry M.  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I8779191683 Master Tree 
11 Baker, Charles Washington  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I8779193039 Master Tree 
12 Bess, Avery Jacob  Abt 1872Missouri, United States I8779192351 Master Tree 
13 Bess, Bessie   I8779192364 Master Tree 
14 Bess, Charles E.   I8779192363 Master Tree 
15 Bess, Dines  Abt 1874Missouri, United States I8779192361 Master Tree 
16 Bess, Isadora  4 Dec 1866Missouri, United States I8779192349 Master Tree 
17 Bess, Jennings Lee  6 May 1899Missouri, United States I8779192353 Master Tree 
18 Bess, Laura Ann  Abt 1869Missouri, United States I8779192350 Master Tree 
19 Bess, Mabel Ann  17 Jul 1905Missouri, United States I8779192354 Master Tree 
20 Bess, Mildred   I8779192355 Master Tree 
21 Bess, Samuel Daniel  29 Dec 1863Missouri, United States I8779192348 Master Tree 
22 Bixler, Sherman  6 Jul 1902Missouri, United States I2732913670 Master Tree 
23 Blanton, Leattris  1871Missouri, United States I8779193169 Master Tree 
24 Bray, Fuller Craddock  12 Jan 1911Missouri, United States I8779191650 Master Tree 
25 Bunting, Anna Isabella Belle  2 Nov 1885Missouri, United States I8779192824 Master Tree 
26 Callaway, Richard M  1835Missouri, United States I17558564323 Master Tree 
27 Cavin, Sarah  1859Missouri, United States I8779182382 Master Tree 
28 Clark, Christopher C  1846Missouri, United States I17558560498 Master Tree 
29 Combs, Barbara E  Missouri, United States I5857848935 Master Tree 
30 Coutway, Clamas  Abt. 1874Missouri, United States I17558568186 Master Tree 
31 Coutway, Jule  Abt. 1849Missouri, United States I17558568183 Master Tree 
32 Coutway, Lucy  Abt. 1870Missouri, United States I17558568184 Master Tree 
33 Coutway, Nora  Abt. 1876Missouri, United States I17558568187 Master Tree 
34 Coutway, Philaman  Abt. 1872Missouri, United States I17558568185 Master Tree 
35 Coutway, Sarah  Abt. 1879Missouri, United States I17558568188 Master Tree 
36 Craddock, Caleb Cox  Abt 1829Missouri, United States I8779190950 Master Tree 
37 Craddock, Edmund Edward  Abt 1826Missouri, United States I8779190949 Master Tree 
38 Craddock, Maragret Ann  1820Missouri, United States I8779191219 Master Tree 
39 Craddock, Margaret Ann  Abt 1820Missouri, United States I8779190947 Master Tree 
40 Cramlet, Anita  Abt. 1928Missouri, United States I8779181882 Master Tree 
41 Cramlet, Billy D  18 Nov 1924Missouri, United States I8779181880 Master Tree 
42 Cramlet, Robert E  09 Oct 1926Missouri, United States I8779181881 Master Tree 
43 Darnell, Mariah  Abt. 1844Missouri, United States I5856881178 Master Tree 
44 Deguyre, Sarah  Dec 1864Missouri, United States I8779192884 Master Tree 
45 Diel, Amanda  Abt 1856Missouri, United States I8779191594 Master Tree 
46 Diel, Louis  Abt 1826Missouri, United States I8779191361 Master Tree 
47 Dollar, Bessie  1895Missouri, United States I8779193195 Master Tree 
48 Dollar, Elbert  Aft 1883Missouri, United States I8779192373 Master Tree 
49 Dollar, Lena  Aft 1883Missouri, United States I8779192372 Master Tree 
50 DuBois, Albert Louis  20 Feb 1922Missouri, United States I17558572350 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Caron, Athanase  1885Missouri, United States I17558568145 Master Tree 
2 Cramblit, William H  17 Sep 1909Missouri, United States I8779328712 Master Tree 
3 DuBois, Louis Leo  11 Aug 1960Missouri, United States I17558572347 Master Tree 
4 Estes, Roy Wilson  21 Jun 1984Missouri, United States I8779192464 Master Tree 
5 Estes, Wilson J. B.  25 Sep 1969Missouri, United States I8779191698 Master Tree 
6 Gideon, Nathan Emory  28 Oct 1883Missouri, United States I8667844913 Master Tree 
7 Gregory, Felix Grundy  15 Sep 1852Missouri, United States I8779191345 Master Tree 
8 Hawn, Ida Belle  2 Sep 1875Missouri, United States I8779191708 Master Tree 
9 Hawn, Jacob David  9 Sep 1873Missouri, United States I8779191707 Master Tree 
10 Hemingway, James  28 Jan 1893Missouri, United States I8779230062 Master Tree 
11 May, Mary Magdalene  21 Feb 1977Missouri, United States I17558572342 Master Tree 
12 McCune, Nancy R  09 Jan 1834Missouri, United States I17558564580 Master Tree 
13 Mouser, Dosha  26 May 1991Missouri, United States I8779191704 Master Tree 
14 Rhodes, Jacob Charles  18 Jul 1948Missouri, United States I8779191739 Master Tree 
15 Shrum, Loy K.  13 Apr 1993Missouri, United States I8779193174 Master Tree 
16 Shrum, Thomas Jacob  3 Sep 1947Missouri, United States I8779191729 Master Tree 
17 Swinford, Polly  Missouri, United States I5857880959 Master Tree 
18 Wallis, Hawn James  May 1985Missouri, United States I8779192255 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cramlet / Little  12 Mar 1943Missouri, United States F8026638489 Master Tree 
2 Lewis / Elliot   F16053348499 Master Tree 
3 Lockwood /   Missouri, United States F1068898966 Master Tree 
4 Lockwood / Brown  17 Oct 1864Missouri, United States F1047630602 Master Tree