genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Frederick, Maryland, United States


Tree: Master Tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 39.469964, Longitude: -77.391998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balch, Stephen Fitzhugh  14 Mar 1830Frederick, Maryland, United States I5658993754 Master Tree 
2 Burckhardt, Judith  24 Jun 1769Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563836 Master Tree 
3 Collins, John  1750Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558560160 Master Tree 
4 Fout, Maria Margareth  14 Jan 1732Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564708 Master Tree 
5 Harlan, Sarah  1748Frederick, Maryland, United States I8779326345 Master Tree 
6 Hoffman, John  1728Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564115 Master Tree 
7 Keller, David  01 Mar 1788Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558559039 Master Tree 
8 Link, Peter  26 May 1765Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563835 Master Tree 
9 Mark, Joseph  1752Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558560148 Master Tree 
10 Mark, Peter  25 Feb 1776Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558560140 Master Tree 
11 Murphy, Charles Elmer  27 Oct 1874Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558561831 Master Tree 
12 Ross, Cornelia Ringgold  Frederick, Maryland, United States I1167732346 Master Tree 
13 Saxton, James  12 Feb 1768Frederick, Maryland, United States I8779326346 Master Tree 
14 Schindler, Adam  1766Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563831 Master Tree 
15 Schley, William Ludwig  31 Oct 1799Frederick, Maryland, United States I1167730442 Master Tree 
16 Schmidt, Anna Mary  1746Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563839 Master Tree 
17 Shriner, Catharine  Aug 1784Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564608 Master Tree 
18 Shriner, Johannes  01 Nov 1766Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564609 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bocher, Susanna  11 Feb 1773Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564710 Master Tree 
2 Burkett, Daniel  1788Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563837 Master Tree 
3 Dietrich, Jacob  1819Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563853 Master Tree 
4 Faut, Jacob  Dec 1750Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564713 Master Tree 
5 Fout, Baltis  May 1751Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564709 Master Tree 
6 Fout, Maria Margareth  06 Oct 1795Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564708 Master Tree 
7 Hanson, Alexander Baird  21 Sep 1868Frederick, Maryland, United States I3254056983 Master Tree 
8 Harlan, Sarah  Frederick, Maryland, United States I8779326345 Master Tree 
9 Peckinpaugh, Johann Adam  03 Jul 1747Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563847 Master Tree 
10 Pierson, Susanna  1762Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558563707 Master Tree 
11 Potts, Richard  1808Frederick, Maryland, United States I5659046057 Master Tree 
12 Ringgold, General Samuel  18 Oct 1829Frederick, Maryland, United States I1167730738 Master Tree 
13 Shellman, John  25 Sep 1816Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564707 Master Tree 
14 Zirchel, Anna Maria  1755Frederick, Maryland, United States I17558564714 Master Tree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mark / Legore   F16053348442 Master Tree 
2 Saxton / Harlan  1767Frederick, Maryland, United States F8026690300 Master Tree 
3 Shellman / Fout  1748Frederick, Maryland, United States F16053350445 Master Tree 
4 Tyler / Langley  1750Frederick, Maryland, United States F16053349870 Master Tree