genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Ontario, Canada


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State/Province : Latitude: 49.264363, Longitude: -84.747651


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albertha F  24 Nov 1876Ontario, Canada I17558567288 Master Tree 
2 Ann  Abt. 1844Ontario, Canada I17558559401 Master Tree 
3 Georgia  Abt. 1887Ontario, Canada I17558567300 Master Tree 
4 Henrietta  Jan 1881Ontario, Canada I17558567217 Master Tree 
5 Lydia  1838Ontario, Canada I17558567377 Master Tree 
6 Margaret  Sep 1871Ontario, Canada I17558567425 Master Tree 
7 Margaret  Abt. 1881Ontario, Canada I17558567291 Master Tree 
8 Mary Isabella  Feb 1890Ontario, Canada I17558567144 Master Tree 
9 Sarah J  Abt. 1835Ontario, Canada I17558569607 Master Tree 
10 Agar, James Reid  14 Aug 1864Ontario, Canada I17558567164 Master Tree 
11 Allward, Frederick Jason  1 May 1873Ontario, Canada I17558567384 Master Tree 
12 Baker, Jacob  1804Ontario, Canada I17558566946 Master Tree 
13 Bennett, Ada Elizabeth  16 Apr 1876Ontario, Canada I17558567387 Master Tree 
14 Bennett, Amelia  Abt. 1856Ontario, Canada I17558566279 Master Tree 
15 Bennett, Elizabeth  Ontario, Canada I17558559427 Master Tree 
16 Bennett, Gertrude A  Abt. 1866Ontario, Canada I17558567381 Master Tree 
17 Bennett, Hannah  11 Oct 1823Ontario, Canada I8779329567 Master Tree 
18 Bennett, Hannah Catharine  Jan 1845Ontario, Canada I8779329590 Master Tree 
19 Bennett, Hester  Abt. 1840Ontario, Canada I8779329589 Master Tree 
20 Bennett, Jeremiah  Abt. 1858Ontario, Canada I17558566271 Master Tree 
21 Bennett, Jessie Husua  9 Dec 1868Ontario, Canada I17558567382 Master Tree 
22 Bennett, John  Abt. 1836Ontario, Canada I8779329587 Master Tree 
23 Bennett, John  Abt. 1860Ontario, Canada I17558566272 Master Tree 
24 Bennett, Joseph Edgar  7 Dec 1885Ontario, Canada I17558567388 Master Tree 
25 Bennett, Mary Cynthia  1860Ontario, Canada I17558567378 Master Tree 
26 Bennett, Mary M  May 1848Ontario, Canada I8779329591 Master Tree 
27 Bennett, Mary Susannah  28 Aug 1817Ontario, Canada I8779329431 Master Tree 
28 Bennett, Nancy  Abt. 1838Ontario, Canada I8779329588 Master Tree 
29 Bennett, Nicholas  15 Apr 1819Ontario, Canada I8779329428 Master Tree 
30 Bennett, Peter  21 Oct 1823Ontario, Canada I8779329436 Master Tree 
31 Bennett, Priscilla  Abt. 1850Ontario, Canada I8779329592 Master Tree 
32 Bennett, Regina  01 Jan 1833Ontario, Canada I8779329585 Master Tree 
33 Bennett, Sarah Jane  26 Aug 1878Ontario, Canada I17558567125 Master Tree 
34 Bennett, Susan  Abt. 1833Ontario, Canada I8779329586 Master Tree 
35 Bennett, Susannah Mary  18 Feb 1875Ontario, Canada I17558567383 Master Tree 
36 Bennett, Thomas E  Abt. 1864Ontario, Canada I17558567379 Master Tree 
37 Bennett, William  Oct 1862Ontario, Canada I17558566273 Master Tree 
38 Bertrand, Aggie  Abt. 1874Ontario, Canada I17558571930 Master Tree 
39 Bertrand, Alfred  Abt. 1872Ontario, Canada I17558571929 Master Tree 
40 Bertrand, Clarence  Abt. 1878Ontario, Canada I17558571931 Master Tree 
41 Bertrand, Eliza  Abt. 1857Ontario, Canada I17558571925 Master Tree 
42 Bertrand, Fanny  Abt. 1864Ontario, Canada I17558571928 Master Tree 
43 Bertrand, Mary  Abt. 1856Ontario, Canada I17558571924 Master Tree 
44 Bertrand, Tamy  Abt. 1858Ontario, Canada I17558571926 Master Tree 
45 Bertrand, Virginna  Abt. 1854Ontario, Canada I17558571923 Master Tree 
46 Bishop, Sarah Jane  Apr 1852Ontario, Canada I17558567097 Master Tree 
47 Black, John Byron  Jul 1896Ontario, Canada I17558566552 Master Tree 
48 Black, Nellie Hake  Abt. 1889Ontario, Canada I17558567323 Master Tree 
49 Brimblecombe, Bennett  1904Ontario, Canada I17558567234 Master Tree 
50 Burkholder, Maggie A  18 Dec 1887Ontario, Canada I17558567143 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkinson, Jacob  31 Jan 1893Ontario, Canada I17558567065 Master Tree 
2 Auger, Charles  1871Ontario, Canada I17558568925 Master Tree 
3 Bennett, Catherine  20 Jan 1895Ontario, Canada I17558566904 Master Tree 
4 Bennett, Elizabeth  01 Dec 1858Ontario, Canada I17558559427 Master Tree 
5 Bennett, Robert Henry  1983Ontario, Canada I8779329520 Master Tree 
6 Bennett, Willard Manville  28 Sep 1960Ontario, Canada I8779329518 Master Tree 
7 Brimblecombe, Lucinda M  1990Ontario, Canada I17558567235 Master Tree 
8 Cober, Anna Catherine  Jul 1869Ontario, Canada I8779329432 Master Tree 
9 Curts, Franklin Edward  10 Sep 1949Ontario, Canada I8779329658 Master Tree 
10 Curts, Olive Marguerite  31 Jan 1994Ontario, Canada I17558566373 Master Tree 
11 Dissette, Michael Edward  23 Oct 1847Ontario, Canada I17558572692 Master Tree 
12 Haworth, Rachel  17 Oct 1836Ontario, Canada I17558563416 Master Tree 
13 Kaiser, Phoebe  30 May 1903Ontario, Canada I17558566921 Master Tree 
14 Kaiser, Sarah Margaret  14 Apr 1949Ontario, Canada I17558567040 Master Tree 
15 Lamberton, Christopher  Feb 1621Ontario, Canada I17558564380 Master Tree 
16 Tool, Aaron  Ontario, Canada I17558563415 Master Tree 
17 Tustian, Preston Leonard  29 Jan 1952Ontario, Canada I17558566331 Master Tree 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sherwood, Alexander  Jun 1860Ontario, Canada I8779329607 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Ross   I8779329543 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Draper / Bennett  Abt. 1842Ontario, Canada F8026691340 Master Tree 
2 Hunt / Dickhout  4 Apr 1883Ontario, Canada F16053351330 Master Tree 
3 Kaiser / Burk   F16053351628 Master Tree 
4 Kennedy / Nelson  19 Oct 1872Ontario, Canada F16053351580 Master Tree 
5 Philips / Kaiser   F16053351568 Master Tree