genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Georgia, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 32.678207, Longitude: -83.173866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret  Abt. 1856Georgia, United States I17558570920 Master Tree 
2 Mary E. H.   I8667772765 Master Tree 
3 Ash, Carl Columbus  Abt. 1898Georgia, United States I8779325000 Master Tree 
4 Axson, Samuel Edward  Abt 1837Georgia, United States I17558569705 Master Tree 
5 Ayers, Simpson Green  27 Oct 1820Georgia, United States I17558565109 Master Tree 
6 Bartlett, Chloe  Abt 1845Georgia, United States I8779192616 Master Tree 
7 Bowling, Frederick S.  10 Jul 1822Georgia, United States I8779191963 Master Tree 
8 Cates, John W.  Georgia, United States I8779192649 Master Tree 
9 Clark, Charlotte  Abt 1846Georgia, United States I8779192652 Master Tree 
10 Clark, Mary Jane  1842Georgia, United States I8779191892 Master Tree 
11 Cobb, Florence Leslie  29 Oct 1892Georgia, United States I8779229951 Master Tree 
12 Cobb, John Paul  1888Georgia, United States I8779229950 Master Tree 
13 Crabtree, Josephine Elizabeth  1857Georgia, United States I8779192025 Master Tree 
14 Edwards, Martha  Abt 1815Georgia, United States I8779191958 Master Tree 
15 Freeman, Rebecca A.  Abt 1838Georgia, United States I8779192599 Master Tree 
16 Girardeau, Annabelle  Abt. 1893Georgia, United States I17558570916 Master Tree 
17 Grimmett, Robert J.  9 May 1841Georgia, United States I8779192012 Master Tree 
18 Higgins, Elizabeth C.  9 Jul 1842Georgia, United States I8779191986 Master Tree 
19 Johnson, Meriweather R.  Abt 1810Georgia, United States I8779192619 Master Tree 
20 Kimbell, Mahalia Frances  1852Georgia, United States I8779192628 Master Tree 
21 Kimbell, Mary  1849Georgia, United States I8779192627 Master Tree 
22 Kirby, John M  Abt. 1843Georgia, United States I17558570089 Master Tree 
23 Liverman, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Georgia, United States I8779192571 Master Tree 
24 Malone, Melissa H.  Abt 1845Georgia, United States I8779192575 Master Tree 
25 Matthias, Mary E.   I8667772766 Master Tree 
26 Matthias, Rosalyn   I8667772767 Master Tree 
27 McIntosh, Crosby  Abt 1836Georgia, United States I8779192541 Master Tree 
28 McIntosh, David Crosby  Abt 1813Georgia, United States I8779191960 Master Tree 
29 McIntosh, James  Abt 1842Georgia, United States I8779192544 Master Tree 
30 McIntosh, John  Abt 1840Georgia, United States I8779192543 Master Tree 
31 McIntosh, Julia  Abt 1838Georgia, United States I8779192542 Master Tree 
32 Mitchell, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Georgia, United States I8779192590 Master Tree 
33 Mitchell, Frances  Abt 1857Georgia, United States I8779192589 Master Tree 
34 Mitchell, John Henry  6 Apr 1833Georgia, United States I8779192578 Master Tree 
35 Mitchell, Judith Lilla  11 Apr 1829Georgia, United States I8779192576 Master Tree 
36 Mitchell, Mahala Jane  10 Jan 1845Georgia, United States I8779192586 Master Tree 
37 Mitchell, Martha Susan  8 Jan 1835Georgia, United States I8779192580 Master Tree 
38 Mitchell, Nancy E.  15 Feb 1827Georgia, United States I8779192573 Master Tree 
39 Mitchell, Shatteen Claude  1869Georgia, United States I8779192593 Master Tree 
40 Mitchell, Shatteen Coker  28 Dec 1839Georgia, United States I8779192582 Master Tree 
41 Mitchell, Thomas James Jefferson  21 Jan 1837Georgia, United States I8779192581 Master Tree 
42 Park, Elmira Catherine  1818Georgia, United States I8779191891 Master Tree 
43 Powers, Hattie M.  Abt 1894Georgia, United States I8779192036 Master Tree 
44 Ramsey, Sarah  1826Georgia, United States I17558564334 Master Tree 
45 Russell, John R.  1852Georgia, United States I8779192638 Master Tree 
46 Smith, Nancy Jane  Abt 1840Georgia, United States I8779192592 Master Tree 
47 Trout, Thomas Warren  24 Mar 1849Georgia, United States I8779191309 Master Tree 
48 Wise, Kittie Mae  Abt 1874Georgia, United States I8779193096 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chitwood, Amanda  19 Oct 1936Georgia, United States I8779229948 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hunt, John C  31 Jan 2010Georgia, United States I17558566390 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnett / Crawford  1777Georgia, United States F16053350167 Master Tree 
2 Taylor / Snider  Georgia, United States F16053348413 Master Tree