genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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England, United Kingdom


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 52.847089, Longitude: -2.298134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aelfgifu  England, United Kingdom I5658701843 Master Tree 
2 King Aethelred II, of England  Abt 968England, United Kingdom I5658985068 Master Tree 
3 Agnes  Abt. 1205England, United Kingdom I8779325840 Master Tree 
4 Agnes  Abt. 1463England, United Kingdom I8779325600 Master Tree 
5 Earl Alfgar of Mercia  Abt 1002England, United Kingdom I5658985203 Master Tree 
6 Alice  Abt. 1298England, United Kingdom I8779325832 Master Tree 
7 Alice  Abt. 1485England, United Kingdom I8779325598 Master Tree 
8 Alicia  Bet. 1556 and 1577England, United Kingdom I2732913581 Master Tree 
9 Of Mercia Alwara  England, United Kingdom I5658699808 Master Tree 
10 Ameria  England, United Kingdom I8779325865 Master Tree 
11 Ann  1609England, United Kingdom I17558558949 Master Tree 
12 Anne  Abt. 1240England, United Kingdom I8779325656 Master Tree 
13 Anne  1615England, United Kingdom I17558561035 Master Tree 
14 Barbara  1620England, United Kingdom I1167761460 Master Tree 
15 Queen Ealdgyth of England  Abt 1034England, United Kingdom I8779229207 Master Tree 
16 King of England Edgar I  943England, United Kingdom I5658691139 Master Tree 
17 King of England Edward  963England, United Kingdom I5658691167 Master Tree 
18 Eleanor  England, United Kingdom I8779326251 Master Tree 
19 Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I2733057598 Master Tree 
20 Elizabeth  Abt. 1604England, United Kingdom I5658651640 Master Tree 
21 Frances  Abt. 1822England, United Kingdom I8667856868 Master Tree 
22 Glanville  England, United Kingdom I5658668799 Master Tree 
23 Of Coventry Lady Godiva  England, United Kingdom I5658699806 Master Tree 
24 Countess Godiva Of Mercia  Abt 980England, United Kingdom I5658985204 Master Tree 
25 Isabel  England, United Kingdom I8779325699 Master Tree 
26 Joan  Abt. 1240England, United Kingdom I8779325836 Master Tree 
27 Joan  Abt. 1530England, United Kingdom I17558559004 Master Tree 
28 Johanna  England, United Kingdom I5658651629 Master Tree 
29 John Mosher  England, United Kingdom I8779326190 Master Tree 
30 Juliana  Abt. 1154England, United Kingdom I8779325907 Master Tree 
31 Juliane  Abt 1316England, United Kingdom I5658577984 Master Tree 
32 of England Katherine  Abt. 1486England, United Kingdom I17558559926 Master Tree 
33 of Mercia Earl Leofric III  968England, United Kingdom I5658699805 Master Tree 
34 Of Mercia Earl Leofwine  950England, United Kingdom I5658699807 Master Tree 
35 of England Leona  Abt. 1460England, United Kingdom I17558559928 Master Tree 
36 Lucia  Abt. 1180England, United Kingdom I8779325662 Master Tree 
37 Lydia  Abt. 1620England, United Kingdom I17558558963 Master Tree 
38 Margaret  England, United Kingdom I5658651632 Master Tree 
39 Margaret  England, United Kingdom I5659026207 Master Tree 
40 Margaret  Abt. 1109England, United Kingdom I8779325915 Master Tree 
41 Margaret  Abt. 1270England, United Kingdom I8779325834 Master Tree 
42 Mary  England, United Kingdom I8779325690 Master Tree 
43 Mary  Oct 1849England, United Kingdom I2732913965 Master Tree 
44 Mary Ann  Abt. 1824England, United Kingdom I8779328099 Master Tree 
45 Duchess Maud d'Bretagne  Abt 1091England, United Kingdom I5658985275 Master Tree 
46 Sibil  England, United Kingdom I5658577986 Master Tree 
47 Sigen  England, United Kingdom I8779325934 Master Tree 
48 of Northumberland Earl Ughtred  England, United Kingdom I8779229208 Master Tree 
49 of Mercia Earl Ælfgar  1030England, United Kingdom I5658699804 Master Tree 
50 Adam, Joan  England, United Kingdom I8779326225 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 King Aethelred II, of England  England, United Kingdom I5658985068 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  Abt. 1549England, United Kingdom I8779325598 Master Tree 
2 Ann  Bef 8 Aug 1614England, United Kingdom I5857831563 Master Tree 
3 King of England Edgar I  8 Jul 975England, United Kingdom I5658691139 Master Tree 
4 of Mercia Earl Leofric III  31 Aug 1057England, United Kingdom I5658699805 Master Tree 
5 Of Mercia Earl Leofwine  1028England, United Kingdom I5658699807 Master Tree 
6 Matilda  1515England, United Kingdom I17558562008 Master Tree 
7 of Mercia Earl Ælfgar  1062England, United Kingdom I5658699804 Master Tree 
8 Addison, John Col.  Between Nov 1705 and Apr 1706England, United Kingdom I5659026722 Master Tree 
9 Andrews, John Esq.  Abt. 1456England, United Kingdom I8779327416 Master Tree 
10 Annable, Jane  1635England, United Kingdom I17558564288 Master Tree 
11 Arundell, Joan  1427England, United Kingdom I17558565346 Master Tree 
12 Asheton, Douce  Abt. 1480England, United Kingdom I8779326282 Master Tree 
13 Banastre, Joan  28 Jan 1508England, United Kingdom I17558571583 Master Tree 
14 Basset, William  12 Nov 1498England, United Kingdom I8779326290 Master Tree 
15 Bassett, William  27 Oct 1384England, United Kingdom I17558559274 Master Tree 
16 Baylie, William  1569England, United Kingdom I17558567619 Master Tree 
17 Bearding, Thomas  1585England, United Kingdom I8779326254 Master Tree 
18 Beaufort, 3rd Earl of Somerset, 1st Earl of Kendal, 1st Duke of Somerset Sir John  27 May 1444England, United Kingdom I8779327777 Master Tree 
19 Beaumont, Henry   I17558569780 Master Tree 
20 Beckley, John  1694England, United Kingdom I8779326236 Master Tree 
21 Bedingfield, Agnes  England, United Kingdom I17558564865 Master Tree 
22 Beswick, Joan  1520England, United Kingdom I17558566084 Master Tree 
23 Bledsoe, Lewis  Bef 1648England, United Kingdom I17558566144 Master Tree 
24 Blewett, Margaret  Jan 1613England, United Kingdom I17558564930 Master Tree 
25 Bonville, Elizabeth  1451England, United Kingdom I17558562135 Master Tree 
26 Brandon, John  1424England, United Kingdom I17558562090 Master Tree 
27 Bray, Joseph  England, United Kingdom I17558571259 Master Tree 
28 Bray, Margaret  1781England, United Kingdom I17558571258 Master Tree 
29 Brent, Agnes  England, United Kingdom I17558559015 Master Tree 
30 Broadnax, Thomas  30 Mar 1667England, United Kingdom I17558564658 Master Tree 
31 Brooke, Barbara  UNKNOWNEngland, United Kingdom I5659015379 Master Tree 
32 Brooke, Mary  UNKNOWNEngland, United Kingdom I5659015377 Master Tree 
33 Browne, Christopher  1516England, United Kingdom I17558564864 Master Tree 
34 Burgoyne, John  1393England, United Kingdom I17558571575 Master Tree 
35 Burgoyne, Thomas  1451England, United Kingdom I17558571717 Master Tree 
36 Campian, John  1618England, United Kingdom I17558565699 Master Tree 
37 Chiche, Margaret  1500England, United Kingdom I17558567807 Master Tree 
38 Church, Reynold  1520England, United Kingdom I8779327935 Master Tree 
39 Clinton, Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I8779218473 Master Tree 
40 Cocke, William  England, United Kingdom I17558563754 Master Tree 
41 Coke, Charlotte  1789England, United Kingdom I8779326467 Master Tree 
42 Courtenay, Catherine  Nov 1583England, United Kingdom I17558566111 Master Tree 
43 Cox, Isaac  England, United Kingdom I8779218472 Master Tree 
44 Crakeplace, Jennett  England, United Kingdom I17558565189 Master Tree 
45 Cresswell, Lt. Col. Robert  10 Sep 1943England, United Kingdom I8667792356 Master Tree 
46 Curwen, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I17558565873 Master Tree 
47 Cusyn, Roger  England, United Kingdom I17558558868 Master Tree 
48 D' Aubigny, Earl William of Arundel  1220England, United Kingdom I5658986535 Master Tree 
49 Darcy, Elizabeth  Abt. 1563England, United Kingdom I17558559183 Master Tree 
50 De Bold, Henry  1478England, United Kingdom I8779325775 Master Tree 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / de Clare  England, United Kingdom F5259854377 Master Tree 
2 / Parsons  Abt. 1568England, United Kingdom F8026690437 Master Tree 
3 / Throckmorton  Abt 1438England, United Kingdom F5259558890 Master Tree 
4 ap Iorwerth /   1206England, United Kingdom F5259854707 Master Tree 
5 Basse / Buschier  1588England, United Kingdom F8026656659 Master Tree 
6 Bate /    F16053348389 Master Tree 
7 Bate /    F16053348388 Master Tree 
8 Bates / Warcop   F16053348387 Master Tree 
9 Bennett /   ABT. 1609England, United Kingdom F5260014480 Master Tree 
10 Calvert / Janssen  20 Jul 1730England, United Kingdom F8026656905 Master Tree 
11 Clifford / Vipont  1269England, United Kingdom F5259599741 Master Tree 
12 Cox / Clinton  England, United Kingdom F8026653468 Master Tree 
13 Cox / Moore  England, United Kingdom F8026653467 Master Tree 
14 de Beaumont /   1155England, United Kingdom F5259854390 Master Tree 
15 de Clare /   England, United Kingdom F5259855123 Master Tree 
16 de Clare /   9 Oct 1217England, United Kingdom F5259854272 Master Tree 
17 De Clare / De Claremont  Abt 1090England, United Kingdom F5259853210 Master Tree 
18 de Clermont / Unnamed  1020England, United Kingdom F5259853243 Master Tree 
19 De Spineto / Holt  England, United Kingdom F5259556919 Master Tree 
20 De Throckmorton / De Besford  Abt 1381England, United Kingdom F5259557837 Master Tree 
21 DeSandbach / Sandbach  1230England, United Kingdom F16053349828 Master Tree 
22 Drake / Prideaux  Abt. 1544England, United Kingdom F8026690003 Master Tree 
23 Lutterell / de Beaumont  1385England, United Kingdom F8026690644 Master Tree 
24 Mangridge / Milton  1668England, United Kingdom F16053350024 Master Tree 
25 Norman / Alford  2 Sep 1615England, United Kingdom F1068904801 Master Tree 
26 Osborn / Carter  Abt 1696England, United Kingdom F8026656982 Master Tree 
27 Overton / Margaret  1560England, United Kingdom F16053349803 Master Tree 
28 Rogers /   Abt. 1580England, United Kingdom F8026690407 Master Tree 
29 Sawyer / Jackson  1607England, United Kingdom F8026656802 Master Tree 
30 Seldon / Baldock  23 Nov 1612England, United Kingdom F8026689917 Master Tree 
31 Simcocke / Budd  1658England, United Kingdom F5259528026 Master Tree 
32 Simcocke / Deane  20 Jun 1559England, United Kingdom F5259528904 Master Tree 
33 St. Lawrence / Beaufort   F16053349689 Master Tree 
34 Stafford / Eyre  1609England, United Kingdom F8026690422 Master Tree 
35 Stafford / Pole  16 Feb 1517/18England, United Kingdom F8026690419 Master Tree 
36 Stedman /    F16053348767 Master Tree 
37 Thompson / Collins  Between 1620 and 1625England, United Kingdom F5350626938 Master Tree 
38 Tilghman / Foxley  5 Nov1648England, United Kingdom F1068975897 Master Tree 
39 Treat / Gaylord  27 Apr 1615England, United Kingdom F8026689908 Master Tree 
40 Welles / Catherine  Bet. 1579 and 1612England, United Kingdom F2593225051 Master Tree 
41 Wells / Wells  28 Jun 1617England, United Kingdom F2593225050 Master Tree 
42 Wolterton /   10 Feb 1592/93England, United Kingdom F5350790798 Master Tree 
43 Wolterton /   Abt 1615England, United Kingdom F5350790716 Master Tree 
44 Wolterton /   Abt 1630England, United Kingdom F5350790672 Master Tree 
45 Wolterton /   Abt 1545England, United Kingdom F5350790599 Master Tree