genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Country : Latitude: 60.128161, Longitude: 18.643501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna A  Aug 1873Sweden I8779329970 Master Tree 
2 Brita  Abt. 1871Sweden I17558572470 Master Tree 
3 Catharina  6 Oct 1765Sweden I17558572404 Master Tree 
4 Gustava  May 1863Sweden I2733057474 Master Tree 
5 Marguerette  May 1854Sweden I2733057559 Master Tree 
6 Akesdotter, Karna  1815Sweden I17558570776 Master Tree 
7 Akesson, Anna  1866Sweden I17558570770 Master Tree 
8 Akesson, Christen  1826Sweden I17558570779 Master Tree 
9 Akesson, Elsa  1859Sweden I17558570769 Master Tree 
10 Akesson, Jons  1808Sweden I17558570774 Master Tree 
11 Akesson, Lars  1820Sweden I17558570778 Master Tree 
12 Akesson, Marten  29 Sep 1823Sweden I17558570767 Master Tree 
13 Akesson, Pahr  1817Sweden I17558570777 Master Tree 
14 Akesson, Rengt  1810Sweden I17558570775 Master Tree 
15 Akkesdotter, Anna  1806Sweden I17558570773 Master Tree 
16 Andersdotter, Johanna  31 Dec 1860Sweden I17558570696 Master Tree 
17 Andersdotter Nielsen, Christine  Abt. 1764Sweden I17558572438 Master Tree 
18 Andersdotter Udean, Gertrude Christina  Mar 1850Sweden I17558572766 Master Tree 
19 Andersson, Marten  26 Nov 1759Sweden I17558572403 Master Tree 
20 Bergstrom, Erick Gustav  24 Dec 1861Sweden I17558572033 Master Tree 
21 Bjork, Swan E  17 Oct 1875Sweden I17558571998 Master Tree 
22 Carlson, Emma Christine  Nov 1863Sweden I17558571987 Master Tree 
23 Carlson, Josephine  1871Sweden I17558571983 Master Tree 
24 Dahlquist, Edward  Abt. 1896Sweden I17558561884 Master Tree 
25 Erickson, Johanna Kristina  3 Dec 1850Sweden I5856886280 Master Tree 
26 Erickson, Johannes  Abt. 1871Sweden I17558572623 Master Tree 
27 Gagnelius, Christine  28 Oct 1860Sweden I17558561885 Master Tree 
28 Hansson Udean, Pehr  May 1846Sweden I17558572765 Master Tree 
29 Henrickson, Amalia Eckholm  Abt. 1860Sweden I8779193342 Master Tree 
30 Holmquist, John M  16 Jul 1879Sweden I8778848875 Master Tree 
31 Johansdotter, Maja Cajsa  Abt. 1845Sweden I5856886404 Master Tree 
32 Johnson, Esther  Abt. 1889Sweden I17558572568 Master Tree 
33 Johnson, Jean A  12 Mar 1888Sweden I17558566762 Master Tree 
34 Karlsdotter, Johanna  2 Sep 1820Sweden I17558571980 Master Tree 
35 Magnuson, Earl Axel  12 Aug 1888Sweden I5857879629 Master Tree 
36 Magnuson, John  Sweden I5857879630 Master Tree 
37 Nelson, Anton E.  21 Nov 1885Sweden I5857880147 Master Tree 
38 Nelson, Bengt J  Mar 1861Sweden I17558571986 Master Tree 
39 Nelson, Chesherr  1880Sweden I2733057560 Master Tree 
40 Nelson, Gustaf  Sep 1854Sweden I2733057558 Master Tree 
41 Nelson, Nels  Feb 1882Sweden I2733057561 Master Tree 
42 Nordström, Charles  5 Oct 1873Sweden I17558570834 Master Tree 
43 Nystrom, Auguste  28 Feb 1861Sweden I17558568381 Master Tree 
44 Olafsdottir, Gunild Gyrithe [Gunhilda]  Abt 905Sweden I5658984195 Master Tree 
45 Olafsson, Queen Cyrid of Sweden  923Sweden I5658985789 Master Tree 
46 Sandberg, John A  Mar 1858Sweden I8779218159 Master Tree 
47 Stromberg, John  Oct 1821Sweden I17558560712 Master Tree 
48 Swanson, Euphasena  Nov 1862Sweden I8779329974 Master Tree 
49 Swanson, Ida  26 Oct 1874Sweden I5857880475 Master Tree 
50 Thedin, Johan Fredrick  1847Sweden I5856886279 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dahlson, Ester Elizabeth  Sweden I5857882298 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersdotter, Johanna  11 Jan 1921Sweden I17558570696 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Olsson / Andersdotter  1832Sweden F8026511767 Master Tree 
2 Thedin / Erickson  1867Sweden F5350499013 Master Tree