genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Pennsylvania, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 41.117936, Longitude: -77.604676


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bertha R  Abt. 1887Pennsylvania, United States I17558570880 Master Tree 
2 Carrie  Abt. 1880Pennsylvania, United States I17558570661 Master Tree 
3 Dorothy  Abt. 1899Pennsylvania, United States I17558570626 Master Tree 
4 Elisabeth  Abt. 1820Pennsylvania, United States I8779181945 Master Tree 
5 Helen  Abt. 1835Pennsylvania, United States I17558570047 Master Tree 
6 Helen O  Abt. 1897Pennsylvania, United States I17558566475 Master Tree 
7 Helen R  Abt. 1883Pennsylvania, United States I2733051551 Master Tree 
8 Mabelle  1885/1886Pennsylvania, United States I8667772830 Master Tree 
9 Margaret  Abt. 1819Pennsylvania, United States I8779329180 Master Tree 
10 Margaret  Jan 1876Pennsylvania, United States I17558570743 Master Tree 
11 Sarah R  Abt. 1823Pennsylvania, United States I8667792341 Master Tree 
12 Allen, Kenneth J  Abt. 1906Pennsylvania, United States I17558570635 Master Tree 
13 Baum, Andrew  Oct 1833Pennsylvania, United States I8667771934 Master Tree 
14 Bennett, Hannah  1785Pennsylvania, United States I8779327503 Master Tree 
15 Bennett, Isaac C  1806Pennsylvania, United States I8779329426 Master Tree 
16 Bennett, John  Abt. 1784Pennsylvania, United States I8779327502 Master Tree 
17 Bennett, Mary  1808Pennsylvania, United States I8779329632 Master Tree 
18 Bennett, Regina  Pennsylvania, United States I8779327504 Master Tree 
19 Bierly, Mary Ann  16 Nov 1793Pennsylvania, United States I17558570436 Master Tree 
20 Blosser, John  1734Pennsylvania, United States I17558559345 Master Tree 
21 Bowman, Christian  23 Mar 1783Pennsylvania, United States I5857884586 Master Tree 
22 Brenner, Barbara  1770Pennsylvania, United States I17558569804 Master Tree 
23 Burdq, Ezra  20 Dec 1854Pennsylvania, United States I8779230077 Master Tree 
24 Burdq, Maryetta  19 Nov 1860Pennsylvania, United States I8779230078 Master Tree 
25 Catherine  Abt 1780Pennsylvania, United States I17558569806 Master Tree 
26 Chaplin, Gordon W   I8779183157 Master Tree 
27 Chaplin, Susan   I8779183158 Master Tree 
28 Clyde, Mary Ann  1818Pennsylvania, United States I2732913946 Master Tree 
29 Cornman, Martha Ellen  23 Jul 1852Pennsylvania, United States I5659310959 Master Tree 
30 Cornman Sr, Abraham  1 Nov 1766Pennsylvania, United States I5659378457 Master Tree 
31 Coy, Kennett Knox  23 Jun 1859 or 1861Pennsylvania, United States I8667767806 Master Tree 
32 Cresswell, Brig. Gen. Charles Thomson  Mar 1861Pennsylvania, United States I5659045991 Master Tree 
33 Cresswell, Hugh Catherwood  22 Mar 1900Pennsylvania, United States I8667792357 Master Tree 
34 Cummins, Mary Ellen  11 Mar 1847Pennsylvania, United States I2733057377 Master Tree 
35 Cunred, Henry  1708Pennsylvania, United States I5659338222 Master Tree 
36 Davis, Francis  1695Pennsylvania, United States I2733057571 Master Tree 
37 Decker, Mabel S  Abt. 1896Pennsylvania, United States I3254057866 Master Tree 
38 Decker, Wilton Forrester  23 Aug 1899Pennsylvania, United States I17558570744 Master Tree 
39 Decker, Wilton H  Sep 1868Pennsylvania, United States I17558570742 Master Tree 
40 Diehl, Catharine  Abt. 1834Pennsylvania, United States I17558559285 Master Tree 
41 Diehl, Elizabeth  Abt. 1830Pennsylvania, United States I17558559284 Master Tree 
42 Diehl, Peter  Abt. 1838Pennsylvania, United States I17558559287 Master Tree 
43 Diehl, Rachael  Abt. 1837Pennsylvania, United States I17558559286 Master Tree 
44 Drake, Frank  7 Sep 1867Pennsylvania, United States I8667769137 Master Tree 
45 Drumader, Elizabeth  Feb 1845Pennsylvania, United States I17558568965 Master Tree 
46 Elizabeth  1725Pennsylvania, United States I17558564262 Master Tree 
47 Ephlin, Elizabeth A  Feb 1859Pennsylvania, United States I17558570018 Master Tree 
48 Ephlin, Oscar  Apr 1834Pennsylvania, United States I17558570046 Master Tree 
49 Finley, Esther Harris  Bet. 1725 and 1771Pennsylvania, United States I2733057342 Master Tree 
50 Frankelberger, John W  Apr 1851Pennsylvania, United States I5857848930 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashfield, Phoebe  Feb 1857Pennsylvania, United States I17558561681 Master Tree 
2 Barnard, Rebecca  1735Pennsylvania, United States I17558571598 Master Tree 
3 Bennett, Aquilla  1869Pennsylvania, United States I8779327500 Master Tree 
4 Bennett, Edmund  Sep 1692Pennsylvania, United States I5659361787 Master Tree 
5 Bocher, George  Pennsylvania, United States I17558564711 Master Tree 
6 Catherine  Bef 1860Pennsylvania, United States I17558569806 Master Tree 
7 Conrad, Frank B.  Pennsylvania, United States I8779192823 Master Tree 
8 Dissinger, Peter  1781Pennsylvania, United States I17558563844 Master Tree 
9 Finney, Sarah  Pennsylvania, United States I17558567585 Master Tree 
10 Flowers, William  1667Pennsylvania, United States I17558571601 Master Tree 
11 Gallatin, Frederich Abraham  Pennsylvania, United States I17558560275 Master Tree 
12 Laines, Fabian Besmonde  Feb 1963Pennsylvania, United States I8779182075 Master Tree 
13 Lunger, Ludwig  1820Pennsylvania, United States I17558570054 Master Tree 
14 Miller, Elizabeth  Abt. 1840Pennsylvania, United States I17558560537 Master Tree 
15 Miller, Lermuel  12 Oct 1775Pennsylvania, United States I17558563867 Master Tree 
16 Morris, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1723Pennsylvania, United States I17558571600 Master Tree 
17 Nygren, Harrold Evald  Abt. 1919Pennsylvania, United States I17558570857 Master Tree 
18 Rex, Hans Ruger  Abt. 1772Pennsylvania, United States I17558559325 Master Tree 
19 Scheler, Ireta La Vonne  30 Oct 2007Pennsylvania, United States I8779218889 Master Tree 
20 Vandervort, Hanna  1815Pennsylvania, United States I17558570055 Master Tree 
21 Zimmerman, Mary Catherine  06 Mar 1813Pennsylvania, United States I17558564116 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Budd, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, United States I5658312682 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gosler, Barbara  1741Pennsylvania, United States I8779181953 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Deutschlander  24 Aug 1927Pennsylvania, United States F5350806738 Master Tree 
2 Bennett /   22 Dec 1685Pennsylvania, United States F5260033351 Master Tree 
3 Bennett / Cober  1804Pennsylvania, United States F8026691301 Master Tree 
4 Bock / Drumader  12 Feb 1874Pennsylvania, United States F16053352250 Master Tree 
5 Conrad /   Dec 1747Pennsylvania, United States F5260024599 Master Tree 
6 Felton / Mansfield  Abt 1792Pennsylvania, United States F8026656930 Master Tree 
7 Heasley / Sink  1802Pennsylvania, United States F16053348416 Master Tree 
8 McEwen / Bacon  Bet. 1841 and 1874Pennsylvania, United States F1047654284 Master Tree 
9 Patterson /   1787Pennsylvania, United States F2593281070 Master Tree 
10 Rex /    F16053348218 Master Tree 
11 Rodabaugh / Miller   F16053348594 Master Tree 
12 Simcock /   15 Nov 1684Pennsylvania, United States F5259528025 Master Tree 
13 Sutherland / Nordstrom   F16053353057 Master Tree 
14 Walter / Knauss  1790Pennsylvania, United States F5350808390 Master Tree 
15 Wills / Jack  1790Pennsylvania, United States F16053352503 Master Tree