genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Maryland, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 38.634036452919226, Longitude: -76.11328125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Catherine  Maryland, United States I3254057810 Master Tree 
2 Elizabeth  Abt. 1800Maryland, United States I17558570625 Master Tree 
3 Jane  Abt. 1678Maryland, United States I8779326701 Master Tree 
4 Vera A  Abt. 1894Maryland, United States I2732913312 Master Tree 
5 Anderson, Sarah  1772Maryland, United States I17558572127 Master Tree 
6 Ashbridge, Sidney  Feb 1892Maryland, United States I17558572422 Master Tree 
7 Barratt, William Robinson  2 Apr 1879Maryland, United States I601062430 Master Tree 
8 Black, James Edgar  31 Mar 1834Maryland, United States I5659045953 Master Tree 
9 Blangy, Sarah  1715Maryland, United States I17558570532 Master Tree 
10 Bowen, William R  Abt. 1881Maryland, United States I5057244284 Master Tree 
11 Carvill, Aberilla  Maryland, United States I8779229905 Master Tree 
12 Carvill, Blanche  Maryland, United States I8779229903 Master Tree 
13 Carvill, John  1710Maryland, United States I8779229906 Master Tree 
14 Carvill, Phoebe  Abt 1709Maryland, United States I8779229904 Master Tree 
15 Carvill, Susannah  Maryland, United States I8779229902 Master Tree 
16 Chamberlain, MARGARET  28 Feb 1742/1743Maryland, United States I1167976457 Master Tree 
17 Champion, Sarah  1791Maryland, United States I8779192416 Master Tree 
18 Clements, James R  abt. 1808Maryland, United States I1167639363 Master Tree 
19 Clements, Wilbur H  abt. 1846Maryland, United States I1167639364 Master Tree 
20 Comegys, Nathaniel  12 Nov 1840Maryland, United States I8779219102 Master Tree 
21 Conrad, Frank B.  Abt 1874Maryland, United States I8779192818 Master Tree 
22 Cooper, Ann  1740Maryland, United States I17558572294 Master Tree 
23 Cramblett, Jacob  09 Feb 1825Maryland, United States I17558562219 Master Tree 
24 Cramblett, John  24 Dec 1780Maryland, United States I8779325538 Master Tree 
25 Cummins, John Ringgold  19 Nov 1847Maryland, United States I64 Master Tree 
26 Cummins, Martha B  Abt 1843Maryland, United States I62 Master Tree 
27 Cummins, Martha Rebecca  5 Feb 1838Maryland, United States I601063052 Master Tree 
28 Cummins, Mary J  Abt 1845Maryland, United States I63 Master Tree 
29 Cummins, Mary Jane  12 Feb 1840Maryland, United States I601063053 Master Tree 
30 Dirickson, Martha Susan Raymond  17 Oct 1866Maryland, United States I5659045982 Master Tree 
31 Dorsey, Philemon  1762Maryland, United States I17558572305 Master Tree 
32 Eden, Frederick Morton  18 Jun 1766Maryland, United States I8779230601 Master Tree 
33 Emory, Bell  1872Maryland, United States I8779183131 Master Tree 
34 Emory, Edward  1861Maryland, United States I8779183128 Master Tree 
35 Emory, F Addison  22 Jun 1882Maryland, United States I8779183125 Master Tree 
36 Emory, J Spencer   I8779183126 Master Tree 
37 Emory, Julia  1870Maryland, United States I8779183130 Master Tree 
38 Emory, Mabel A  Abt. 1883Maryland, United States I8779183123 Master Tree 
39 Emory, Mary E  1863Maryland, United States I8779183129 Master Tree 
40 Emory, Robert J  1874Maryland, United States I8779183132 Master Tree 
41 Emory, Robert S  1832Maryland, United States I8779183119 Master Tree 
42 George  1782Maryland, United States I2733057464 Master Tree 
43 Gray, Nancy M  1849Maryland, United States I601062420 Master Tree 
44 Henderson, Amelia  Abt. 1824Maryland, United States I8779218253 Master Tree 
45 Henson, Mary  1672Maryland, United States I3254057852 Master Tree 
46 Hudson, Elizabeth  1670Maryland, United States I17558571165 Master Tree 
47 Hufferd, Elizabeth  1799Maryland, United States I8779329182 Master Tree 
48 Hutchins, Mary  1694Maryland, United States I17558567767 Master Tree 
49 Johnson, Thomas  Abt 1680Maryland, United States I17558566151 Master Tree 
50 Kelly, Marie   I2732913313 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ringgold, John Galloway  21 Mar 1801Maryland, United States I1167732050 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Johanna  6 Oct 1674Maryland, United States I5658651629 Master Tree 
2 Margaret  Aft 1649Maryland, United States I5659026207 Master Tree 
3 Rita  31 Jan 1930Maryland, United States I1122065480 Master Tree 
4 Banks, Margaret  29 Aug 1657Maryland, United States I17558567799 Master Tree 
5 Bennett, David Henry  27 Sep 1862Maryland, United States I8779329675 Master Tree 
6 Blanford, Jean  Abt 1709Maryland, United States I8779230487 Master Tree 
7 Blangy, Sarah  Maryland, United States I17558570532 Master Tree 
8 Carvill, Phoebe  Abt 1763Maryland, United States I8779229904 Master Tree 
9 Darnall, Henry Col.  17 Jun 1711Maryland, United States I5659015403 Master Tree 
10 Darnall, Mary  5 Feb 1741/42Maryland, United States I5659028815 Master Tree 
11 Davenport, Captain Humphrey  Bef. 1685Maryland, United States I2732913454 Master Tree 
12 Frances  1672Maryland, United States I17558567793 Master Tree 
13 Harmer, Gotfried  1674Maryland, United States I5658651631 Master Tree 
14 Hatton, Eleanor  1725Maryland, United States I5659015390 Master Tree 
15 Hatton, Richard  1649Maryland, United States I17558567798 Master Tree 
16 Henson, Mary  1712Maryland, United States I3254057852 Master Tree 
17 Ringgold, Elias  Nov 1737Maryland, United States I2732912938 Master Tree 
18 Ringgold, Colonel Thomas  Sep 1681Maryland, United States I1167639375 Master Tree 
19 Robinson, Eleanor Elinor  Bet. 1664 and 1720Maryland, United States I2732913452 Master Tree 
20 Smith, Walter  1804Maryland, United States I17558567762 Master Tree 
21 Thomas, Kathleen  Maryland, United States I17558567675 Master Tree 
22 Tilghman, Richard  7 Jan 1674Maryland, United States I1167761454 Master Tree 
23 Traut, Maria Appolonia  1779Maryland, United States I17558564120 Master Tree 
24 Vaughan, Charles  Maryland, United States I5658651600 Master Tree 
25 Vaughan, Captain Robert  1668Maryland, United States I1167761462 Master Tree 
26 Vaughan, William  1684Maryland, United States I5658651601 Master Tree 
27 Warfield, Basil  10 Aug 1785Maryland, United States I17558570529 Master Tree 
28 Wells, John  1699Maryland, United States I2732913574 Master Tree 
29 Wells, Zorobabel  Bef. 1699Maryland, United States I2732913573 Master Tree 
30 Wilmer, Thomas  1674Maryland, United States I5658651618 Master Tree 
31 Woolman, Mary  1695Maryland, United States I2733057583 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cleave, Nathaniel  1709Maryland, United States I8779183083 Master Tree 
2 Davidge, Robert  1670Maryland, United States I17558571167 Master Tree 
3 Spry, Christopher  1649Maryland, United States I3254057851 Master Tree 
4 Spry, Oliver  1649Maryland, United States I5658651628 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nygren, Karl Francis   I17558570862 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davidge, Robert  28 Sep 1681Maryland, United States I17558571167 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lewis, Thomas  20 Sep 1684Maryland, United States I2733057589 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Berry  19 Dec 1716Maryland, United States F8026689864 Master Tree 
2 Brent / Kitomagund   F16053348099 Master Tree 
3 Burnet / Hollingsworth   F16053348448 Master Tree 
4 Carvill / Phillips  1709Maryland, United States F8026656770 Master Tree 
5 Carvill / Ringgold  31 Jul 1798Maryland, United States F5350808302 Master Tree 
6 Davidge / Hudson  1690Maryland, United States F16053353171 Master Tree 
7 Elbert / Davis  Maryland, United States F2593282403 Master Tree 
8 Gittings / Redgrave  3 Apr 1719Maryland, United States F1068979513 Master Tree 
9 Henley / Chamberlain  1760Maryland, United States F1068979736 Master Tree 
10 Hynson / Carvill  30 Nov 1739Maryland, United States F8026656771 Master Tree 
11 Lanham / Ringgold  18 May 1686Maryland, United States F1068979510 Master Tree 
12 Ringgold / Coe  29 Dec 1822Maryland, United States F2593282369 Master Tree 
13 Ringgold / Lanas  20 Nov 1854Maryland, United States F8026653726 Master Tree 
14 Ringgold / Vaughan  8 Feb 1672/3Maryland, United States F1068927021 Master Tree 
15 Ringgold / Wickes  14 Jul 1853Maryland, United States F5350808309 Master Tree 
16 Shipley / Dorsey  1737Maryland, United States F8026690806 Master Tree 
17 Wells / Davenport  1675Maryland, United States F2593225046 Master Tree 
18 Wilson / Clark  08 Oct 1748Maryland, United States F8026689865 Master Tree