genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


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County/Shire : Latitude: 54.091629, Longitude: -1.388007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1685Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571276
2 Batte, Henry  13 Aug 1628Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563991
3 Bennington, Edward  1681Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571275
4 Bennington, Matthew  24 Jun 1707Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571271
5 Brus, Robert  Abt. 1071Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327707
6 de Hastings, Richard  1387Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563079
7 De Neville, Jollan  Abt 1195Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558569900
8 De Stuteville, Robert  1040Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558562218
9 Ellen  1609Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565533
10 Fitzhugh, Margery  1425Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563931
11 Fletcher, Robert   I17558570264
12 Gascoyne, Anne  1446Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565973
13 Gascoyne, William  1408Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565974
14 Gower, Anne  1492Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567721
15 Hastings, Brian  1488Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565970
16 Howard, John  Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I5658651650
17 Key, Andrew  1603Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565532
18 Leland, Hopestill  1580Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558570356
19 Lounds, Mary  1650Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563992
20 Pagnel, Agnes  Abt. 1076Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327708
21 Palmer, Joanne  1581Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563463
22 Platts, Samuel  19 Jan 1617Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558558964
23 Portington, Agnes  Abt 1494Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565971
24 Rigglesworth, Mary  1600Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563319
25 Senior, John  Abt. 1600Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I1122064887
26 Senior, Rogeri  Abt. 1574Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I3254057812
27 Shipley, Adam  Abt. 1650Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327839
28 Snawsell, Brian  1530Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563480
29 Snawsell, John  1481Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563492
30 Snawsell, Thomas  1511Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563488
31 Wright, Margaret  1522Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567652


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennington, Matthew  1763Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571263
2 Brus, Robert  11 May 1141Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327707
3 Caunton, Richard  1548Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558564773
4 de Brus, Adam  1081Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327705
5 de Brus, Robert  Bet. 1226 and 1233Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327716
6 de Brus, Robert  31 Mar 1295Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327719
7 Ellen  1653Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565533
8 Farrar, William  03 Apr 1573Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565708
9 Fitzhugh, William  22 Oct 1452Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563932
10 Gower, Anne  1530Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567721
11 Grey, Edward  06 Dec 1533Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567720
12 Jacquetta  26 Sep 1469Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567723
13 Newport, Eleanor  1595Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558562053
14 Pagnel, Agnes  1170Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I8779327708
15 Percy, Henry  29 Mar 1461Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558570012
16 Snawsell, Thomas  Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563488
17 Wright, Margaret  Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom I17558567652


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennington / Smith  22 Dec 1734Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F16053353224
2 Brus / Pagnel  Abt. 1100Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F8026690759
3 de Brus / Ramsey  Abt. 1053Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F8026690758
4 De Percy / Clifford  1314Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F5259600037
5 Melton / Fitzhugh  1443Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F16053350034
6 Percy / Warenne  8 Sep 1268Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F5259597669
7 Plantagenet / Neville  Bef 18 Oct 1424Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F5259614987
8 Snawsell / Waters  1586Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom F16053349786