Wisconsin, United States


Tree: Master Tree
State/Province : Latitude: 44.901, Longitude: -89.56946


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adel A  Aug 1860Wisconsin, United States I5659310875 Master Tree 
2 Edith M  Oct 1859Wisconsin, United States I8779182024 Master Tree 
3 Eleanor  Abt. 1874Wisconsin, United States I17558561874 Master Tree 
4 Elizabeth  Jul 1857Wisconsin, United States I8779329097 Master Tree 
5 Georgia  Abt. 1888Wisconsin, United States I17558561130 Master Tree 
6 Hattie  Abt. 1882Wisconsin, United States I17558560782 Master Tree 
7 Leora  Abt. 1909Wisconsin, United States I8779183667 Master Tree 
8 Louella Mae  Sep 1878Wisconsin, United States I8779328094 Master Tree 
9 Mary Nell   I8779183257 Master Tree 
10 Muriel A   I8779183264 Master Tree 
11 Anderson, Amanda C  22 Oct 1878Wisconsin, United States I17558567868 Master Tree 
12 Anderson, August W  Abt. 1876Wisconsin, United States I17558567866 Master Tree 
13 Anderson, Carl John  Jan 1870Wisconsin, United States I17558567865 Master Tree 
14 Anderson, Clarence  11 Apr 1901Wisconsin, United States I8779183189 Master Tree 
15 Anderson, Doris Ann   I8779183194 Master Tree 
16 Anderson, Elizabeth Jane   I8779183195 Master Tree 
17 Anderson, Ella  Abt. 1891Wisconsin, United States I5659374566 Master Tree 
18 Anderson, Emma L  Jun 1879Wisconsin, United States I17558567862 Master Tree 
19 Anderson, George Jr.  Abt. 1904Wisconsin, United States I8779183657 Master Tree 
20 Anderson, Giles  Abt. 1903Wisconsin, United States I8779183656 Master Tree 
21 Anderson, Katherine  Abt. 1899Wisconsin, United States I8779183666 Master Tree 
22 Anderson, Lawrence Ilton  16 Sep 1883Wisconsin, United States I8779183650 Master Tree 
23 Anderson, Lorena  12 Aug 1885Wisconsin, United States I8779183651 Master Tree 
24 Anderson, Mary Lou   I8779183256 Master Tree 
25 Anderson, Richard  Abt. 1928Wisconsin, United States I8779183664 Master Tree 
26 Anderson, Warren Dean   I8779183255 Master Tree 
27 Axelberg, Eva  Abt. 1887Wisconsin, United States I17558560780 Master Tree 
28 Bainbridge, Grace Molgaard  Abt. 1899Wisconsin, United States I8779183185 Master Tree 
29 Bakken, Carl J  Abt. 1868Wisconsin, United States I8778844488 Master Tree 
30 Bakken, Edward  Abt. 1870Wisconsin, United States I8779329085 Master Tree 
31 Bakken, Mathilda  03 Jun 1871Wisconsin, United States I153 Master Tree 
32 Benson, Alonzo Leroy  24 Aug 1884Wisconsin, United States I8779183623 Master Tree 
33 Benson, Ben  Abt. 1875Wisconsin, United States I17558570431 Master Tree 
34 Benson, Viola J  Jan 1891Wisconsin, United States I8779183625 Master Tree 
35 Bergstrom, Ruth Jennette  Sep 1888Wisconsin, United States I17558572020 Master Tree 
36 Bergstrom, Susan K  Oct 1890Wisconsin, United States I17558572035 Master Tree 
37 Bonnett, Merle Nelson  29 Aug 1885Wisconsin, United States I17558572169 Master Tree 
38 Buell, Jennifer Ann   I17558569321 Master Tree 
39 Christenson, Clara S  Jun 1884Wisconsin, United States I17558572562 Master Tree 
40 Christenson, Donald  Abt. 1917Wisconsin, United States I17558572570 Master Tree 
41 Christenson, Edward  Abt. 1876Wisconsin, United States I17558572557 Master Tree 
42 Christenson, Emma  May 1880Wisconsin, United States I17558572559 Master Tree 
43 Christenson, Mary Annie  6 Sep 1867Wisconsin, United States I17558572552 Master Tree 
44 Christenson, Nelson  Abt. 1865Wisconsin, United States I17558572551 Master Tree 
45 Christenson, Paul  Abt. 1919Wisconsin, United States I17558572571 Master Tree 
46 Christenson, Tedford Eugene  22 Sep 1922Wisconsin, United States I17558572573 Master Tree 
47 Convers, Bell F  Dec 1876Wisconsin, United States I17558569036 Master Tree 
48 Craig, Charles  Abt. 1917Wisconsin, United States I8779328739 Master Tree 
49 Craig, Mary Frances  24 Aug 1921Wisconsin, United States I8779328742 Master Tree 
50 Cramblet, Gladys M  Abt. 1919Wisconsin, United States I8779328698 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Lawrence Ilton  May 1964Wisconsin, United States I8779183650 Master Tree 
2 Anderson, Susannah  09 Sep 1918Wisconsin, United States I5659310866 Master Tree 
3 Jones, Anna Lloyd  Feb 1923Wisconsin, United States I8779326276 Master Tree 
4 Naset, Lars  18 Mar 1941Wisconsin, United States I5659374556 Master Tree 
5 Pattee, Earl M  17 Feb 1917Wisconsin, United States I8779183162 Master Tree 
6 Pattee, Gad Harmon  21 Aug 1905Wisconsin, United States I17558572565 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth A  1951Wisconsin, United States I5857848849 Master Tree 
2 Olson, Jule Thomas  1951Wisconsin, United States I5857848830 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Merrifield  12 Apr 1924Wisconsin, United States F8026638829 Master Tree 
2 Benson / Olstead  1884Wisconsin, United States F8026638961 Master Tree 
3 Craig / Cramblit   F8026691099 Master Tree 
4 Engstrom / Benson  1912Wisconsin, United States F16053348814 Master Tree 
5 Gundersen / Bergerson  29 Oct 1872Wisconsin, United States F5350499115 Master Tree 
6 Strong / Anderson  06 Aug 1929Wisconsin, United States F8026638849 Master Tree