genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada


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Latitude: 43.8333333, Longitude: -79.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agar, Margaret Josephine  19 Feb 1870Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567155
2 Atkinson, Jacob K  Abt. 1833Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567061
3 Baker, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1830Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566951
4 Bennett, Catherine  21 Oct 1809Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566904
5 Bennett, Elizabeth  1806Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566903
6 Bennett, Elizabeth  1832Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566930
7 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  4 Aug 1836Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
8 Bennett, Jacob  14 Jan 1805Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566899
9 Bennett, Jacob  10 Jun 1840Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566934
10 Bennett, Jesse  1805Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566902
11 Bennett, Jesse E  1834Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566932
12 Bennett, John  1811Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566905
13 Bennett, Joseph  1813Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566906
14 Bennett, Margaret Ellen  1844Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566937
15 Bennett, Martha  1833Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566931
16 Bennett, Mary  1803Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566900
17 Bennett, Mary  1840Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566935
18 Bennett, Phebe  12 Jul 1804Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566901
19 Bennett, Sarah Anne  1829Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566929
20 Bennett, Thomas  Dec 1841Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566936
21 Bennett, Thomas Emerson  Nov 1863Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566433
22 Black, Catharine  Abt. 1844Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566966
23 Boddy, Hannah Laurinda  10 Nov 1864Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567187
24 Burkholder, Elizabeth Ann  25 Feb 1853Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567027
25 Burkholder, Henry  8 Aug 1822Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567024
26 Burkholder, Henry Erlin  May 1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567025
27 Burkholder, Margaret Ann  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567026
28 Burkholder, Sarah Emma  Abt. 1857Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567118
29 Cousins, Joseph W M  1873Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567410
30 High, Edith June  30 Jan 1889Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567393
31 High, George  Abt. 1887Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567392
32 High, John Herbert  4 Oct 1882Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567390
33 High, Kate M  14 May 1884Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567391
34 High, Norman Wilifred  29 Jan 1893Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567394
35 Jackson, John  11 Feb 1864Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567310
36 Jackson, Joseph Herbert  1866Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567412
37 Jarrett, Elizabeth Ann  Abt. 1846Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567049
38 Kaiser, Margaret  1827Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566918
39 Kaiser, Mary Martha  24 May 1893Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567191
40 Kaiser, Matilda  1837Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566923
41 Line  Abt. 1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567376
42 Line, Emily  1870Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567374
43 Line, John  1832Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567368
44 Line, Lucinda  1869Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567373
45 Line, Martha Marie  25 Dec 1874Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567375
46 Line, Mary Bennett  11 Jul 1866Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567371
47 Line, Sarah Annie Besey  1868Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567372
48 Line, Susan Edna  5 Apr 1862Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567369
49 Line, William Henry  10 Apr 1863Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567370
50 Mathewson, Sarah  7 Jul 1846Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567380

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Jesse  18 Aug 1888Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566949
2 Bennett, Elizabeth  7 May 1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566903
3 Bennett, Jacob  1 Dec 1850Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566899
4 Bennett, Jesse  1832Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566902
5 Bennett, Margaret Ellen  1880Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566937
6 Burkholder, Henry  31 Dec 1852Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567024
7 Burkholder, Margaret Ann  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567026
8 Kaiser, Margaret  21 Aug 1892Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566918
9 Line, John  13 Nov 1886Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567368
10 Philips, John  21 Nov 1895Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567028
11 Richards, John  22 Jul 1886Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566940
12 Taggart, Martha Elizabeth  1 Feb 1917Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lydia  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567377
2 Agar, Margaret Josephine  1901Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567155
3 Agar, Margaret Josephine  1911Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567155
4 Bennett, Elizabeth  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566930
5 Bennett, Elizabeth  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566930
6 Bennett, Elizabeth  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566930
7 Bennett, Elizabeth  1891Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566930
8 Bennett, Gertrude A  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567381
9 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
10 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
11 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
12 Bennett, Jacob  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566934
13 Bennett, Jacob  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566934
14 Bennett, Jacob  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566934
15 Bennett, Jesse  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329595
16 Bennett, Jesse E  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566932
17 Bennett, Jesse E  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566932
18 Bennett, Jessie Husua  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567382
19 Bennett, Margaret Ellen  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566937
20 Bennett, Margaret Ellen  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566937
21 Bennett, Margaret Ellen  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566937
22 Bennett, Martha  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566931
23 Bennett, Martha  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566931
24 Bennett, Martha  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566931
25 Bennett, Martha  1891Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566931
26 Bennett, Mary  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566900
27 Bennett, Mary  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566935
28 Bennett, Mary  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566900
29 Bennett, Mary  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566900
30 Bennett, Mary Cynthia  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567378
31 Bennett, Mary Cyrilda  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566432
32 Bennett, Sarah Anne  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566929
33 Bennett, Susannah Mary  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567383
34 Bennett, Thomas  1851Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566936
35 Bennett, Thomas  1861Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566936
36 Bennett, Thomas  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566936
37 Black, Catharine  1871Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566966
38 Black, Catharine  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566966
39 Boddy, Hannah Laurinda  1891Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567187
40 Boddy, Hannah Laurinda  1901Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567187
41 Boddy, Hannah Laurinda  1911Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567187
42 Burkholder, Ephraim  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567139
43 Burkholder, Henry Erlin  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567025
44 Burkholder, Henry James  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567136
45 Burkholder, Ida  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567137
46 Burkholder, Thompson  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567138
47 Burkholder, William Arthur  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567140
48 Campbell, Colin Earnest Bennet  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567367
49 Campbell, Colin Earnest Bennet  1891Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567367
50 Campbell, John  1881Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567365

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Bennett   F16053351548
2 Bennett / Dudgeon   F16053351546
3 Burkholder / Kaiser  30 Jan 1849Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351567
4 McQuarrie / Bennett  1853Vaughan, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351687
5 Richards / Bennett   F16053351547