genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada


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Latitude: 43.68992, Longitude: -79.478522


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carliss, Aubrey B  8 May 1899Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567424
2 Carliss, Irene H  8 Mar 1892Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567422
3 Carliss, Olive N  11 Feb 1896Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567423
4 Chambers, Elsie May  Abt. 1895Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566985
5 Chruchill, Marjorie Eveline  Abt. 1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329528
6 Curts, Dorothy Averill  27 Aug 1921Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566375
7 Curts, Olive Marguerite  21 Mar 1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566373
8 Curts, Vernon  Jun 1916Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566374
9 Donnelly, Florence  Abt. 1883Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567276
10 Draper, Alvin Barclay  30 Jul 1902Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566817
11 Fenton, Milton  Abt. 1882Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567334
12 Greeniaus, Edith Murrill  7 Dec 1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566981
13 Greeniaus, Edwin  11 Apr 1899Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566980
14 Greeniaus, Harold  8 Dec 1892Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566977
15 Greeniaus, William Freder  12 Aug 1906Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566983
16 Grenis, Verna May  13 Jun 1918Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566986
17 Kaiser, Clarence Herbert Edgar  27 Dec 1897Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567196
18 Kaiser, Florence  10 Mar 1900Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567197
19 Kaiser, Hazel Jennie  7 Nov 1895Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567195
20 McBride, John G  Abt. 1867Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566974
21 Minthorn, Theodore  11 Oct 1817Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563405
22 Sherwood, Lucinda  13 Oct 1794Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563408
23 Sherwood, Thomas  1775Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563409
24 Wasley, Mary  01 Sep 1818Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563406
25 Whitmore, Julia Anne  29 Jul 1855Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567020
26 Whitmore, Michael  14 Jun 1852Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bay, Gertrude Margaret  22 Oct 1981Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566430
2 Bennett, Arlie Elma Edna  28 Jun 2006Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329525
3 Bennett, Jesse  26 Feb 1813Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779327501
4 Bennett, Robert James  1966Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329545
5 Bennett, Williard John Borden  24 Feb 1944Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329523
6 Brillinger, Emma Pleasant  28 Apr 1964Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566364
7 Burk, Lillian Lythe Van Camp  18 Jul 1972Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567236
8 Cober, Elizabeth  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558569609
9 Curts, Ernest Bertram  9 Oct 1996Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566369
10 Curts, James Frederick  2 Aug 1978Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566371
11 Curts, Mary Eliza Mearl  26 Aug 1981Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566368
12 Dolbec, William  5 Jan 1920Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8667856869
13 Eldridge, Hannah  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563412
14 Greeniaus, Edwin  23 Apr 1900Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566980
15 Grenis, Verna May  23 Jun 1918Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566986
16 Kaiser, Thomas W  3 Oct 1946Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567078
17 Kurtz, Mary Ann  2 Sep 1894Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329641
18 McCallum, Archie D  1943Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566376
19 McCallum, Maurice Curtis  14 Oct 1919Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566378
20 Minthorn, William  1830Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563411
21 Richards, David Albert  30 Jan 1909Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566941
22 Sherwood, Thomas  1844Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563409
23 Stump, Catharine  12 Feb 1931Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566968
24 Stump, Percy Gordon  7 Feb 1970Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566971
25 Toole, Ann  14 Sep 1872Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563414
26 Wasley, Francis  22 Oct 1831Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563417
27 Wasley, Henry  21 Sep 1864Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563413
28 Winn, Endymia  1794Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558563410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lydia  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567377
2 Allward, Frederick Jason  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567384
3 Bennett, Gertrude A  1871Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567381
4 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1871Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
5 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
6 Bennett, Hugh Dudgeon  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566933
7 Bennett, Jesse  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329595
8 Bennett, Jesse E  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566932
9 Bennett, Jessie Husua  1871Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567382
10 Bennett, Jessie Husua  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567382
11 Bennett, Jessie Husua  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567382
12 Bennett, Susannah Mary  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567383
13 Bennett, Susannah Mary  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567383
14 Bennett, Thomas E  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567379
15 Bennett, Thomas Emerson  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566433
16 Brillinger, Emma Pleasant  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566364
17 Burk, Lillian Lythe Van Camp  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567236
18 Burt, Moses C  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566972
19 Burt, Moses C  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566972
20 Burt, Ross  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566973
21 Burt, Ross  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566973
22 Carliss, Aubrey B  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567424
23 Carliss, Edna V  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567421
24 Carliss, Edna V  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567421
25 Carliss, Irene H  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567422
26 Carliss, John James  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567420
27 Carliss, John James  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567420
28 Carliss, Olive N  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567423
29 Clubine, John Ezra  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567395
30 Clubine, Max Elmer  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567397
31 Curts, Annie Bernice  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566372
32 Curts, Ernest Bertram  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566369
33 Curts, Franklin Edward  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329658
34 Curts, James Frederick  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566371
35 Curts, Mary Eliza Mearl  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566368
36 Curts, Olive Marguerite  Aug 1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566373
37 Dewsbury, Alexander Douglas R  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567115
38 Dewsbury, Charles  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567114
39 Dewsbury, Henry  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567116
40 Dewsbury, Ivie  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567117
41 Eckardt, Gertrude  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566340
42 Eyer, Lydia  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566431
43 Fenton, Margaret  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567192
44 Fenton, Margaret  1901Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567192
45 Fenton, Margaret  1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567192
46 Hunt, Elmer W  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566342
47 Hunt, Gladys  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566343
48 Hunt, Marshall  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329645
49 Hunt, Pearl A  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566341
50 Kaiser, Bernice  1891Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I17558567193

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Mathewson  1 Jul 1865Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351691
2 Cummins / Daniels  29 Apr 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F5259877741
3 Curts / Bay   F16053351360
4 Kaiser / Jarrett  12 Jul 1869Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351573
5 Kaiser / Taggart  13 Jan 1859Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351576
6 Minthorn / Sherwood  1811Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053349755
7 Minthorn / Wasley  04 Jan 1842Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053349754
8 Morton / Greensides   F16053351402
9 Stump / Reynolds  24 Nov 1896Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351551
10 Wasley / Toole  22 Oct 1813Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053349758
11 Whitmore / Kaiser  22 Mar 1860Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351578
12 Whitmore / Kaiser   F16053351608