genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Texas, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 31.169036, Longitude: -100.076888


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Abt. 1888Texas, United States I8779182069
2 Baboe, Neydine  1907Texas, United States I8779192869
3 Blakey, Athelston Edwin  21 Jul 1872Texas, United States I8779192077
4 Blakey, Ethel Adolphus  8 Apr 1879Texas, United States I8779192080
5 Blakey, George Fuller  8 Sep 1888Texas, United States I8779192082
6 Blakey, Myrta  Aug 1884Texas, United States I8779193193
7 Bradshaw, Martha  Abt 1858Texas, United States I8779192083
8 Bray, Thomas W.   I8779191649
9 Brumfield, Okie Willa   I8779191145
10 Causey, Frances Lula  Abt 1876Texas, United States I8779193072
11 Clark, Courtney Bloomfield  1877Texas, United States I8779192085
12 Clark, Edwin Rice  1880Texas, United States I8779192086
13 Cooper, Calvin Lee  Feb 1900Texas, United States I17558572381
14 Cooper, John F  Aug 1896Texas, United States I17558572380
15 Cooper, Olie Dee  Jan 1895Texas, United States I17558572379
16 Cooper, Vera Catherine  Apr 1898Texas, United States I17558572359
17 Craddock, Audrey  Abt 1906Texas, United States I8779191350
18 Craddock, Chester Arthur  22 Oct 1893Texas, United States I8779191766
19 Craddock, E.  Abt 1869Texas, United States I8779192938
20 Craddock, Ellen  1862Texas, United States I8779191422
21 Craddock, Joan  Abt 1874Texas, United States I8779192963
22 Craddock, John P.  Abt 1876Texas, United States I8779192964
23 Craddock, Joseph S.  Abt 1878Texas, United States I8779192965
24 Craddock, Julia V.  14 Nov 1854Texas, United States I8779191235
25 Craddock, Margarette L.  13 Feb 1868Texas, United States I8779192946
26 Craddock, Mary Alice  18 Apr 1873Texas, United States I8779192947
27 Craddock, Mary J.  Abt 1868Texas, United States I8779192937
28 Craddock, Rufus Orba  4 May 1899Texas, United States I8779191348
29 Craddock, Walter Parker  9 Sep 1890Texas, United States I8779191771
30 Craddock, Walter Parker Jr.  1 Aug 1917Texas, United States I8779191872
31 Dahl, Clarinda   I8779182071
32 Dahl, Hendrick A  Abt. 1885Texas, United States I8779182068
33 Dahl, Henriel   I8779182072
34 Dahl, Peder   I8779182070
35 Elrod, Artimus Winfred  Abt Nov 1877Texas, United States I8779191191
36 Elrod, Unknown  Texas, United States I8779191625
37 Elrod, Veta Mary  6 Oct 1899Texas, United States I8779191183
38 Emerson, Elmer Lawrence  21 May 1883Texas, United States I8779191273
39 Garner, Beuliah Alice  Abt 1877Texas, United States I8779191071
40 Henry, Clinton A.  Abt 1852Texas, United States I8779192019
41 Henry, Judith C.  1850Texas, United States I8779192018
42 Henry, William Clark  1858Texas, United States I8779192020
43 Hill, Lilly  Abt 1884Texas, United States I8779191638
44 Hipp, Elizabeth   I8779191645
45 Howard, Ellen  Abt 1872Texas, United States I8779192615
46 Jones, Mary Hannah  1871Texas, United States I8779191409
47 Jordan, Archibald  Abt 1867Texas, United States I8779192705
48 Jordan, Ellen  Abt 1873Texas, United States I8779192707
49 Jordan, Frank  Abt 1877Texas, United States I8779192708
50 Jordan, Lotta  Abt 1871Texas, United States I8779192706

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coy, Jr., Harvey E.  11 Oct 1993Texas, United States I8667769157
2 Cutsinger, David Wayne  19 Apr 1993Texas, United States I8779324877
3 Daigre, Ahern  Abt. 1964Texas, United States I2732913379
4 Elmore, Susan Elizabeth  16 May 1889Texas, United States I8779190848
5 Higgins, William C.  Aft 1901Texas, United States I8779191988
6 Jordan, John Archer  1881Texas, United States I8779191021
7 Mathias, Dama  1991Texas, United States I8667772651
8 Nash, Ethel Edwina  7 Apr 1901Texas, United States I8779192112


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Craddock / Unknown  Abt 1915Texas, United States F8026639442