genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Suffolk, England, United Kingdom


Tree: Master Tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 52.241041, Longitude: 1.054453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  1500Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565688
2 Annable, Jane  1542Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564288
3 Bedingfield, Edmund  Abt 1400Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564873
4 Bedingfield, Thomas  Abt 1428Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564870
5 Blennerhasset, Elizabeth  1537Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564290
6 Booth, Audley  Abt 1482Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565498
7 Clarke, John  Abt. 1509Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558562009
8 Clemens  Abt. 1524Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I8779328021
9 Dalton, George  1535Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558571693
10 Franklin, Elizabeth  Between 1570 and 1573Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I8779230160
11 French, Elizabeth  Feb 1587Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558570328
12 Hamby, Robert  1573Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564927
13 Harper, William  1574Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558571644
14 Hawkins, Alice  1605Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558566103
15 Hillsman, Mary  1566Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564286
16 Hillsman, William  1543Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564287
17 Hubbard, Samuel  10 May 1610Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558561991
18 Jenney, Margaret  1460Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565342
19 Kerridge, William  Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558562001
20 Loker, Henry  07 Feb 1577Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558570327
21 Rogers, John  06 Apr 1606Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558570388
22 Ryse, Joan  1450Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558563929
23 Seckford, Elizabeth  Abt 1365Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I5658508004
24 Seckford, John  Abt 1330Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I5658508006
25 Sheldrake, Mary  1467Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558562171
26 Throckmorton, Lionel  07 Dec 1525Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564289
27 Ware, Robert  1611Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558561086
28 Willoughby, Christopher  1450Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565688
2 Baynard, Jane  1539Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564049
3 Blennerhasset, Elizabeth  1608Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564290
4 Clarke, Thomas  29 Jul 1627Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558561999
5 Dalton, William  1565Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558571730
6 De Peyton, Thomas  30 Jul 1484Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565374
7 Hadley, George  09 Nov 1653Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558571645
8 Hamby, William  Jan 1613Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564929
9 Harper, William  1607Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558571644
10 Hillsman, William  1566Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558564287
11 Jenney, Margaret  16 May 1515Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565342
12 Melton, John  1455Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558563930
13 Payne, Robert  Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565685
14 Ramsford, Emma  1598Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558570372
15 Ryse, Joan  1521Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558563929
16 Willoughby, Christopher  13 Jul 1499Suffolk, England, United Kingdom I17558565341


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clarke / Cooke   F16053349172
2 Clarke / Saunders   F16053349169