genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Somerset, England, United Kingdom


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Latitude: 51.0587013, Longitude: -2.9499066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cross, Robert  26 Jun 1613Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564794
2 Gilbert, Giles  1530Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570351
3 Gilbert, Robert  1509Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570353
4 Johnes, Edward  1605Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558567512
5 Lawrence, Joan  1546Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564397
6 Marshall, Robert  1536Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564390
7 Moleyns, Eunice  1540Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558571684
8 Morken, Margery Morgan  31 May 1553Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570350
9 Newland, William  1610Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570300
10 Palfrey, Peter  1611Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558565859
11 Parrat, John  1539Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558571683
12 Pearce, Joan  1539Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570352
13 Pierce, Henry  1460Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563767
14 Prowse, John  1542Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564394
15 Trowbridge, John  25 Mar 1570Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564392
16 Trowbridge, Thomas  1542Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564396
17 Trowbridge, Thomas  08 Feb 1598Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564384
18 Wadham, John  1380Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563778
19 Wadham, William  1373Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563780
20 Wrothesley, Joan  1350Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563782


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gilbert, Giles  17 Jun 1595Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570351
2 Gilbert, Robert  1546Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570353
3 Lawrence, Joan  1619Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564397
4 Malet, Thomas  1502Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563774
5 Owsley, Joan  07 Jun 1631Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564391
6 Parris, Thomas  06 Apr 1639Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558567661
7 Pearce, Joan  16 Apr 1597Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558570352
8 Popham, Elizabeth  1476Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563779
9 Prowse, Agnes  06 Jun 1622Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564393
10 Trowbridge, John  27 Jul 1649Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564392
11 Trowbridge, Thomas  20 Feb 1619Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564396
12 Trowbridge, Thomas  07 Feb 1672Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558564384
13 Wadham, John  27 Jul 1412Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563781
14 Wadham, John  1427Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563778
15 Wadham, William  1441Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563776
16 Wadham, William  1452Somerset, England, United Kingdom I17558563780