genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Scotland, United Kingdom


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State/Province : Latitude: 57.746607, Longitude: -4.687544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  12 Oct 1889Scotland, United Kingdom I17558570408
2 Duncan  Scotland, United Kingdom I8779229190
3 Duncan II, of Scotland  Abt 1060Scotland, United Kingdom I5658991749
4 Isabelle  Aug 1818Scotland, United Kingdom I8779183208
5 Mary  Abt. 1847Scotland, United Kingdom I17558566617
6 Acarsane, John  Abt 1450Scotland, United Kingdom I17558566179
7 Anderson, Jeanie  1857Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567113
8 Beale, Ninian  Abt 1625Scotland, United Kingdom I5659023964
9 Boyse, Jonet  1600Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564702
10 Buchanan, Janet  1520Scotland, United Kingdom I8779327759
11 Campbell, Colin  1433Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565746
12 Campbell, Colin  Abt 1542Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564502
13 Campbell, Isabel  1603Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563964
14 Campbell, John  1829Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567365
15 Childress, Joseph Henry  1708Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567580
16 Cloutman, Thomas  Abt. 1646Scotland, United Kingdom I5856893145
17 Cormack, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1725Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567732
18 Cummins, Timothy  1689Scotland, United Kingdom I601062972
19 Cunningham, Elizabeth  1474Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565640
20 de Galloway, Alan MacDonald  1186Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564955
21 Douglas, Margaret  1305Scotland, United Kingdom I8779327569
22 Douglas, William  Abt 1539Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564504
23 Downie, Isabel  1728Scotland, United Kingdom I5659312961
24 Dunkeld, Mary of Scotland  Abt 1084Scotland, United Kingdom I5658986363
25 FitzAlan, Marjory  1135Scotland, United Kingdom I8779327558
26 Fleming, Jean  Abt. 1551Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564525
27 Forsythe, Jeanette  16 Jul 1655Scotland, United Kingdom I8779326011
28 Graham, Mary  1649Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567777
29 Greenwood, Susannah  1704Scotland, United Kingdom I5658306572
30 Hepburn, Elizabeth  1405Scotland, United Kingdom I8779327577
31 Hill, Agnes  Jul 1851Scotland, United Kingdom I8779183205
32 Hill, Donald  Scotland, United Kingdom I8779183211
33 Holliday, John  Bet. 1687 and 1706Scotland, United Kingdom I5658306571
34 Horton, Agnes  Scotland, United Kingdom I2732913384
35 Houston, Margaret  1495Scotland, United Kingdom I17558571186
36 Kennen, Richard  1600Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564701
37 Lesley, Elizabeth  1513Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567748
38 Lesley, Margaret  1535Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567746
39 Livingston, Alexander  1561Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565721
40 Mackall, James  1630Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567776
41 Marshall, Mary Belle  Abt. 1897Scotland, United Kingdom I17558566975
42 Mathewson, Agnes  Scotland, United Kingdom I8779183212
43 Mcdonald, John G  19 Dec 1798Scotland, United Kingdom I8779181832
44 McLelland, Catharine  Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564621
45 Mills, Robert  1682Scotland, United Kingdom I17558561934
46 Mure, Margaret  1500Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565628
47 Ross, Margaret  1600Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563913
48 Small, Samuel  1722Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567588
49 Stewart, Isabel  1437Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565747
50 Stewart, Robert  1655Scotland, United Kingdom I8779326010

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abercrombie, Alexander  09 Dec 1587Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567747
2 Abercrombie, Alexander  12 May 1593Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567745
3 Barclay, Clara  Scotland, United Kingdom I8779327903
4 Campbell, John  1642Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567751
5 Cuninghame, Marion  1504Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565010
6 Dallas, George W  13 Apr 1701Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567737
7 Dallas, William A  24 Jul 1652Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567749
8 Douglas, Margaret  1640Scotland, United Kingdom I17558566163
9 Edmonstone, Janet  1506Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565743
10 Erskine, Margaret  05 May 1572Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564535
11 Fairholm, Sophia  13 Dec 1716Scotland, United Kingdom I17558566156
12 Gilhagie, Barbara  Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563672
13 Houston, Margaret  Scotland, United Kingdom I17558571186
14 Kennedy, Gilbert  12 Dec 1576Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563967
15 Lesley, Elizabeth  1597Scotland, United Kingdom I17558567748
16 Lyon, Margaret  Dec 1625Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563968
17 Manteith, James  01 Jan 1692Scotland, United Kingdom I17558563683
18 Montgomery, Robert  04 Mar 1468Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565641
19 Mure, Adam  1513Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565629
20 Rogers, Bernard  1564Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565936
21 Sempill, Thomas  1488Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565608
22 Sempill, William  Jul 1480Scotland, United Kingdom I17558565633
23 Stewart, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1591Scotland, United Kingdom I17558564511


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ap Crinan de Mormaer / FitzSiward  1030Scotland, United Kingdom F5259853821
2 Buchanan / Stewart  1443Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690771
3 de Beaumont / Plantagenet  Bef. Jun 1337Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690717
4 De Johnston / Meldrum  Bef 1500Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690830
5 de Montgomery / Cospatrick  1118Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690691
6 de Montgomery / Eglington  1361Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690699
7 Douglas / Erskine  11 Jul 1527Scotland, United Kingdom F16053350351
8 Gordon / Stewart  20 Oct 1474Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690475
9 Home / Dudley  Between 28 Feb and 28 Jun 1607Scotland, United Kingdom F16053350329
10 Johnston / Barclay  06 Sep 1521Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690831
11 Johnston / Hay  1545Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690832
12 Mac Malcolm /   Abt. 1113Scotland, United Kingdom F5259853989
13 Mott / Pigg  1670Scotland, United Kingdom F16053349883
14 Reid / McDowell  1635Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690444
15 Stewart / Douglas  Bef. Mar 1459/60Scotland, United Kingdom F8026690474