genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Ringgold, Iowa, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 40.735212, Longitude: -94.243241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, Cora E. Woodruff  5 Jan 1871Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667787227
2 Dalbey, Sandra Ann   I8667775559
3 Egley, Simon  2 May 1879Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775698
4 Fullerton, Jessie M.  31 Jul 1892Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775530
5 Hoffman, Absolem Adinijah  1 Mar 1872Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667782330
6 Lesan, Adelia  25 Mar 1890Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775499
7 Lesan, Albert L.  1857Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773709
8 Lesan, Amy Karis  3 Dec 1893Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775504
9 Lesan, Anna Margaret   I8667775529
10 Lesan, Bessee Sybil  30 Mar 1885Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775400
11 Lesan, Cassius True  2 Apr 1874Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775472
12 Lesan, Charles Karr  20 Nov 1886Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775510
13 Lesan, Charles Walter  6 Sep 1870Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773714
14 Lesan, Charlie W.  20 Dec 1860Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775544
15 Lesan, Cleo B.  7 Feb 1892Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775503
16 Lesan, Cora E.  2 Sep 1880Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775507
17 Lesan, Evan Andrew   I8667775526
18 Lesan, Everett C.  27 Sep 1906Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775525
19 Lesan, Floyd Forest  9 Jul 1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773716
20 Lesan, Frances Maud   I8667775523
21 Lesan, Geraldine Kathryn   I8667775746
22 Lesan, Goldie E.  1879Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775492
23 Lesan, Harry Edmund  16 Aug 1874Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775484
24 Lesan, Hattie M.  10 Jul 1862Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775468
25 Lesan, Helen R.  3 Sep 1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775496
26 Lesan, Howard P.  13 Feb 1881Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775509
27 Lesan, Hugh V.  1 May 1880Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775487
28 Lesan, Iola  1872Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775898
29 Lesan, Jessie Chloe  31 Jan 1876Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775485
30 Lesan, Kate D.  13 Nov 1895Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775505
31 Lesan, Laura M.  14 Apr 1887Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775513
32 Lesan, Lena H.  1887Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775899
33 Lesan, Leta Fern  13 Sep 1893Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773717
34 Lesan, Lura Lorraine  12 Dec 1906Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773718
35 Lesan, Margaret Pauline   I8667775747
36 Lesan, Mary  1883Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775901
37 Lesan, Merton  12 Jul 1864Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775479
38 Lesan, Owen Lovejoy  17 Feb 1859Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775471
39 Lesan, Robert Parish  27 Sep 1883Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775732
40 Lesan, Roy B.   I8667775704
41 Lesan, Victor Lee "Tot"  7 Apr 1904Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773477
42 Lesan, Wallace  1863Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775545
43 Lesan, William Albert  18 Mar 1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775515
44 Lesan, William Carl  11 Feb 1880Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775486
45 Lesan, William Roger  14 Jan 1928Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775861
46 Lesan, Winnie Esther  15 Nov 1872Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775483
47 Merritt, Ronald Ellis  Jan 1917Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667787239
48 Middleton, Mary Ethel  Oct 1896Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667787231
49 Mosier, Isaac Jr.  12 Jan 1875Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775540
50 Mosier, Lucy  5 May 1882Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775524

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beard, Margaret Ennis  1946Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773732
2 Bowles, Myra F.  27 Apr 1971Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775521
3 Clark, Cora E. Woodruff  24 Sep 1951Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667787227
4 Coon, Margaret Ann  1924Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775467
5 Filby, Josephine  23 Jul 1948Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775511
6 Fullerton, Jessie M.  1976Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775530
7 Green, Elsie  10 Nov 1910Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775488
8 Ingram, Harriett G.  6 Feb 1945Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775399
9 Jackson, Alexander  1873Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775538
10 Jackson, Frank Elmer  27 Mar 1955Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775539
11 Jackson, Sylvester H.  1914Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775537
12 Lesan, Albert L.  28 Dec 1858Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773709
13 Lesan, Beulah Ann  1914Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667774142
14 Lesan, Cassius True  9 Jul 1932Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775472
15 Lesan, Charles Karr  6 Nov 1887Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775510
16 Lesan, Charlie W.  11 Oct 1861Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775544
17 Lesan, Clyde G. W.  20 Jun 1960Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775497
18 Lesan, Floyd Forest  22 Sep 1892Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773716
19 Lesan, George W.  6 Apr 1913Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773781
20 Lesan, Goldie E.  1879Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775492
21 Lesan, Hattie M.  10 May 1949Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775468
22 Lesan, Howard P.  14 Jan 1952Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775509
23 Lesan, Hugh V.  4 Oct 1883Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775487
24 Lesan, Iola  1872Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775898
25 Lesan, Laura M.  26 Apr 1909Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775513
26 Lesan, Lena H.  1889Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775899
27 Lesan, Leta Fern  24 Feb 1920Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773717
28 Lesan, Lura Lorraine  26 Jul 1929Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773718
29 Lesan, Mary  1889Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775901
30 Lesan, Mary Melissa  4 May 1927Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773786
31 Lesan, Merton  7 Aug 1875Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775479
32 Lesan, Owen Lovejoy  19 Apr 1943Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775471
33 Lesan, Roy Burdette  1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667773715
34 Lesan, Wallace  1863Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775545
35 Lesan, William Roger  14 Jan 1928Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775861
36 Middleton, Mary Ethel  1978Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667787231
37 Mosier, Lucy  2 Feb 1918Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775524
38 Pierson, Emma R.  18 Feb 1929Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775491
39 Rawlings, Hazel Marie  6 Aug 1985Ringgold, Iowa, United States I8667775377


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beard / Lesan  19 Mar 1875Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167572
2 Lesan / Beard  7 Aug 1870Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167561
3 Lesan / Drake  1945Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167614
4 Lesan / Filby  24 Dec 1884Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167573
5 Lesan / Fullerton  23 Aug 1912Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167580
6 Lesan / Green  18 Apr 1874Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167566
7 Lesan / Middleton  1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167551
8 Lesan / Mosier  5 Nov 1905Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167590
9 Lesan / Neely  9 Jul 1902Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167574
10 Lesan / Pierson  6 Jun 1877Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167548
11 Lesan / Short  14 Apr 1889Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167522
12 Lesan / Van Slyke  14 Nov 1900Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167577
13 Lesan / Whistler   F7975167584
14 Main / Lesan  17 Oct 1882Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167550
15 McCandless / Lesan  5 May 1897Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167571
16 Middleton / Clark  15 Apr 1891Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167685
17 Mosier / Lesan  23 Aug 1900Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167589
18 Sickels / Daughton   F7975167643
19 Vance / Lesan  4 Apr 1913Ringgold, Iowa, United States F7975167583