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Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden


Tree: Master Tree

Latitude: 56.44435, Longitude: 13.09793000000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersdotter, Kerstin  21 Aug 1800Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558570628
2 Erlandsdotter, Ingrid Britta  17 Mar 1829Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572259
3 Erlandsson, Johannes  25 Dec 1840Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572260
4 Olufsdotter, Anna  4 Apr 1742Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572113
5 Olufsdotter, Elna  7 Nov 1745Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572115
6 Olufsdotter, Karin  28 Dec 1752Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572117
7 Olufsdotter, Petronella Cecilia  1 Sep 1758Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572119
8 Olufsson, Anders  29 Oct 1748Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572102
9 Olufsson, Nils  17 Mar 1751Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572116
10 Olufsson, Pojke  13 Apr 1755Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572118
11 Olufsson, Sven  13 Nov 1743Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572114
12 Påvelsdotter, Ingierd  14 Feb 1704Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572271
13 Wulf, Ana Chatarina  26 Dec 1744Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572276
14 Wulf, Andreas  22 Jul 1742Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572274
15 Wulf, Anna  25 Jun 1765Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572267
16 Wulf, Britta Cristina  26 Dec 1740Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572273
17 Wulf, Catharina  22 Jul 1742Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572275
18 Wulf, Catharina  28 Jun 1761Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572265
19 Wulf, Cristian  25 Aug 1739Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572272
20 Wulf, Hans  9 Sep 1758Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572264
21 Wulf, Helena  13 Mar 1747Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572277
22 Wulf, Helena  27 Jul 1755Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572263
23 Wulf, Ingri Brita  17 Oct 1756Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572103
24 Wulf, Johanna  4 Jul 1770Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572269
25 Wulf, Petronella  5 Feb 1767Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572268
26 Wulf, Samuel  2 Jun 1763Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572266
27 Wulf, Zacarias  2 Oct 1733Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Erlandsdotter, Johanna  27 Sep 1827Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I601063048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersdotter, Kerstin  13 Nov 1859Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558570628
2 Johannson, Erland  20 Oct 1887Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558567872
3 Larsson, Oluf  31 Jan 1784Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572111
4 Olufsdotter, Anna  4 Jun 1742Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572113
5 Olufsson, Nils  29 Oct 1772Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572116
6 Olufsson, Pojke  13 Apr 1755Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572118
7 Svensdotter, Kerstin  9 Feb 1790Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572112
8 Svensdotter, Pernilla  21 Jun 1801Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572262
9 Wulf, Ana Chatarina  14 Apr 1821Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572276
10 Wulf, Andreas  1 May 1743Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572274
11 Wulf, Anna  26 Sep 1817Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572267
12 Wulf, Britta Cristina  19 Sep 1799Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572273
13 Wulf, Catharina  4 Mar 1744Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572275
14 Wulf, Catharina  28 Mar 1834Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572265
15 Wulf, Cristian  2 Dec 1739Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572272
16 Wulf, Helena  10 Jun 1748Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572277
17 Wulf, Helena  1829Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572263
18 Wulf, Johanna  Aug 1770Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572269
19 Wulf, Petronella  15 Sep 1829Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572268
20 Wulf, Samuel  2 Jul 1764Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572266
21 Wulf, Zacarias  26 Dec 1813Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andersdotter, Kerstin  1830Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558570628
2 Erlandsdotter, Johanna  1830Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I601063048
3 Erlandsson, Esbjorn  1830Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558572099
4 Johannson, Erland  1830Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden I17558567872


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Olufsson / Wulf  11 Jun 1780Ränneslöv, Laholm, Halland, Sweden F16053353569
2 Wulf / Påvelsdotter   F16053353633