genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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North Dakota, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 47.467857, Longitude: -100.301711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brinkman  25 Jun 1886North Dakota, United States I17558559880
2 Clara  12 Jun 1902North Dakota, United States I8779330011
3 Clara L  Abt. 1894North Dakota, United States I17558568539
4 Kale L  Abt. 1899North Dakota, United States I17558567345
5 Maud  Abt. 1894North Dakota, United States I17558567342
6 Theresa  Abt. 1902North Dakota, United States I17558561550
7 Anderson, Marith  Abt. 1881North Dakota, United States I17558559564
8 Beithon, Paul Jule   I8779219116
9 Bennett, Paul H  Abt. 1903North Dakota, United States I17558566584
10 Benson, Gena  Abt. 1902North Dakota, United States I17558570432
11 Benson, Lea  Abt. 1905North Dakota, United States I17558570433
12 Bondy, Ione G  Abt. 1928North Dakota, United States I17558569457
13 Bondy, Melvin O  21 Aug 1913North Dakota, United States I17558569458
14 Bondy, Oscar  15 Mar 1911North Dakota, United States I17558569447
15 Bondy, Oscar Galen  14 May 1910North Dakota, United States I17558569445
16 Bondy, Owen L  Abt. 1925North Dakota, United States I17558569455
17 Dahl, Delia  19 Mar 1909North Dakota, United States I8779330009
18 Dahl, Myrtle T  20 Jul 1911North Dakota, United States I8779329357
19 Dubbert, Theodore C  12 Dec 1912North Dakota, United States I8779329281
20 DuChene, Florent J  21 Sep 1903North Dakota, United States I17558568574
21 DuChene, Gerald Louis Sr.  17 Jun 1937North Dakota, United States I17558568606
22 Evenson, Ellen  Abt. 1918North Dakota, United States I17558570434
23 Fitzgerald, Anna E  Abt. 1906North Dakota, United States I17558568569
24 Fitzgerald, Charles Anthony  12 May 1909North Dakota, United States I17558568570
25 Fitzgerald, George N  12 Dec 1919North Dakota, United States I17558568577
26 Fitzgerald, Gerald Dean  20 Nov 1934North Dakota, United States I1167639356
27 Fitzgerald, James  Abt. 1922North Dakota, United States I17558568542
28 Fitzgerald, Josephine Agnes  9 Feb 1911North Dakota, United States I17558569391
29 Fitzgerald, Margaret E  Abt. 1918North Dakota, United States I17558568540
30 Fitzgerald, Mary Robertine  Abt. 1919North Dakota, United States I17558568541
31 Fitzgerald, Patrick  Abt. 1924North Dakota, United States I17558568543
32 Fitzgerald, Paul  Abt. 1924North Dakota, United States I8779181744
33 Fitzgerald, Robert Ignatius  1 Apr 1914North Dakota, United States I17558569392
34 Geeslin, Lucille Alice  1908North Dakota, United States I17558567261
35 Hagen, Andrew  Abt. 1909North Dakota, United States I5659310906
36 Hagen, Clara   I5659310942
37 Hagen, Dina   I5659310905
38 Hagen, George   I5659310940
39 Hagen, Gladys  Abt. 1913North Dakota, United States I5659310943
40 Hagen, Merlyn  Abt. 1922North Dakota, United States I8779230944
41 Hagen, Oville  Abt. 1921North Dakota, United States I8779230943
42 Hendricks, Grace Marion  30 Mar 1899North Dakota, United States I5857882262
43 Hendry, Howard W  04 Feb 1923North Dakota, United States I8779329290
44 Holm, Theodore N  Abt. 1922North Dakota, United States I8779230949
45 Hunter, Clifton Nor  27 Feb 1901North Dakota, United States I17558566663
46 Hunter, Donald  Abt. 1906North Dakota, United States I17558566660
47 Hunter, Earl A  Abt. 1903North Dakota, United States I17558566664
48 Hunter, Edward  Abt. 1919North Dakota, United States I17558566743
49 Hunter, Gordon  Abt. 1908North Dakota, United States I17558566665
50 Ireland, Paul D  12 Jul 1901North Dakota, United States I17558569177

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sorenson, Gerald Duane  18 Dec 1927North Dakota, United States I5857880070


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dubbert, Beulah Pearl  Jun 1983North Dakota, United States I8779329277
2 McCartney, Ray W  Bef. 1925North Dakota, United States I8779230959


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ames / Gordon   F7975167660
2 Mahany / Kiblinger  10 Sep 1925North Dakota, United States F8026656501
3 Marble / Bacon  18 Jul 1894North Dakota, United States F1047654275