genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Nebraska, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 41.500713, Longitude: -99.680902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Katryn  Abt. 1897Nebraska, United States I8779218175
2 Bjork, Clifford R  20 Jan 1906Nebraska, United States I17558571999
3 Bjork, Ernest E  22 May 1907Nebraska, United States I17558572000
4 Case, Clifford Milner  07 Jul 1912Nebraska, United States I8779324997
5 Durham, Nora  5 May 1893Nebraska, United States I8779324924
6 Gideon, Bertha A  Abt. 1879Nebraska, United States I8779327486
7 Gideon, Charlotte  Aug 1893Nebraska, United States I17558568679
8 Gideon, George Albert  16 Apr 1890Nebraska, United States I17558568677
9 Gideon, Myrtle Mae  Jan 1888Nebraska, United States I17558568669
10 Gideon, Roy B  Oct 1893Nebraska, United States I17558568671
11 Gideon, Walter Marion  Jan 1890Nebraska, United States I17558568670
12 Gregory, Odey V   I17558560694
13 Larsen, Anna Marie  20 Apr 1887Nebraska, United States I5856882130
14 Larsen, Lars Olai  14 Dec 1885Nebraska, United States I5856882119
15 Lockwood, Caroline Pearl  Jan 1885Nebraska, United States I1122085869
16 Mendenhall, Marshall Evory  Abt. 1909Nebraska, United States I17558572582
17 Morgan, Charles Huron  26 Jul 1874Nebraska, United States I8779326861
18 Nelson, Albert Ernest  18 Jul 1897Nebraska, United States I17558571984
19 Nelson, Beda Josephina  5 Oct 1890Nebraska, United States I17558571989
20 Nelson, Bessie  Feb 1900Nebraska, United States I17558571997
21 Nelson, Emma Eretta  13 Nov 1895Nebraska, United States I17558571991
22 Nelson, George William  21 Dec 1897Nebraska, United States I17558571992
23 Nelson, Gertrude Emelia  15 Sep 1904Nebraska, United States I17558571994
24 Nelson, Hattie Christina  4 Feb 1893Nebraska, United States I17558571990
25 Nelson, John D  Jul 1888Nebraska, United States I17558571996
26 Nelson, Nels Edward  30 Apr 1902Nebraska, United States I17558571993
27 Newsom, Adeline  14 Apr 1871Nebraska, United States I1122156506
28 Oakeson, Hildur Viola  10 Oct 1910Nebraska, United States I17558570761
29 Oakeson, Verna Genevive  20 Aug 1914Nebraska, United States I17558570763
30 Olson, Ida  Abt. 1878Nebraska, United States I5857857005
31 Radabah, Victoria  1872Nebraska, United States I8667790325
32 Smith, Flora  Abt. 1885Nebraska, United States I17558561488
33 Widell, Dana Frank  20 Feb 1887Nebraska, United States I8779182006
34 Widell, Lucie P  Jun 1889Nebraska, United States I8779182045


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akesson, Anders  21 Nov 1942Nebraska, United States I17558570752
2 Bacon, George  Bet. 1853 and 1910Nebraska, United States I1122154346
3 Brando, Eugene E  Nebraska, United States I8779326419
4 Brown, Mary Vesta  16 Jan 1886Nebraska, United States I1122085873
5 Johnson, Sarah Ann  19 Apr 1902Nebraska, United States I1122154357
6 Lockwood, Alfred Oliver  5 Jan 1885Nebraska, United States I1122085872
7 Nelson, Mathilda  17 Sep 1946Nebraska, United States I17558570753
8 Oakeson, Martin William  17 Mar 1970Nebraska, United States I17558570760