genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Minnesota, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 46.441895, Longitude: -93.36161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Annie S  Abt. 1901Minnesota, United States I8779230939 Master Tree 
2 Catherine J  Abt. 1900Minnesota, United States I8779181743 Master Tree 
3 Elaine  Abt. 1913Minnesota, United States I17558572187 Master Tree 
4 Emma B  Abt. 1892Minnesota, United States I17558568576 Master Tree 
5 Hilda  Abt. 1893Minnesota, United States I8779230941 Master Tree 
6 Lilian  27 Jun 1909Minnesota, United States I8779328695 Master Tree 
7 Loretta  Abt. 1903Minnesota, United States I17558568694 Master Tree 
8 Mary K  Abt. 1873Minnesota, United States I17558562466 Master Tree 
9 Olga W  Abt. 1900Minnesota, United States I17558566746 Master Tree 
10 Paulina Alvina  Abt. 1892Minnesota, United States I8779228610 Master Tree 
11 Regina  Abt. 1876Minnesota, United States I8779183272 Master Tree 
12 Anderson, Anders C  Abt. 1874Minnesota, United States I8779329494 Master Tree 
13 Anderson, Mabel  13 Dec 1908Minnesota, United States I8779329470 Master Tree 
14 Antonsen, Benjamin Frank   I601062683 Master Tree 
15 Avelsgaard, Agnes  26 Apr 1889Minnesota, United States I17558572648 Master Tree 
16 Behles, Laura Eve  14 Jun 1905Minnesota, United States I8779181722 Master Tree 
17 Beithon, Gertrude O'Ann  Jun 1886Minnesota, United States I8779219113 Master Tree 
18 Beithon, Gilbert C  Dec 1882Minnesota, United States I8779219112 Master Tree 
19 Bennett, Clair Lee  21 Feb 1927Minnesota, United States I5659310947 Master Tree 
20 Bennett, Donald Ray  Abt. 1928Minnesota, United States I5659310948 Master Tree 
21 Bennett, Elizabeth Neomi   I8779327217 Master Tree 
22 Bennett, Rhonda Jean   I8779327215 Master Tree 
23 Bjork, Milford W  31 Aug 1909Minnesota, United States I17558572001 Master Tree 
24 Bjornstad, Alma  Abt. 1898Minnesota, United States I8779330004 Master Tree 
25 Burns, Mary E  Jun 1867Minnesota, United States I17558568563 Master Tree 
26 Carlson, Gladys Adelia  2 Jan 1901Minnesota, United States I212 Master Tree 
27 Case, James H  Abt. 1862Minnesota, United States I8779218791 Master Tree 
28 Christenson, Laura Dorothea  09 Aug 1882Minnesota, United States I8779183640 Master Tree 
29 Christenson, Leora  Abt. 1916Minnesota, United States I17558572569 Master Tree 
30 Conklin, Leon Carleton  23 Feb 1879Minnesota, United States I17558566501 Master Tree 
31 Cramblit, Edwin S  Abt. 1907Minnesota, United States I8779328766 Master Tree 
32 Cramlet, Dorothy  20 Apr 1918Minnesota, United States I8779218741 Master Tree 
33 Dahl, Carol  Abt. 1913Minnesota, United States I17558571353 Master Tree 
34 Dahl, Ernst  Abt. 1918Minnesota, United States I17558571354 Master Tree 
35 Dahl, Palma Annette   I601062792 Master Tree 
36 Dawley, Cora A  Abt. 1895Minnesota, United States I17558568682 Master Tree 
37 DuChene, Anna  Abt. 1903Minnesota, United States I17558568572 Master Tree 
38 Eilertson, Edward John  20 Oct 1914Minnesota, United States I8779230945 Master Tree 
39 Ess, Erwin G  19 Apr 1908Minnesota, United States I17558562457 Master Tree 
40 Ess, Mike  Abt. 1866Minnesota, United States I17558562465 Master Tree 
41 Fenger, Alfred A  Abt. 1923Minnesota, United States I8779228521 Master Tree 
42 Fenger, Aurelia Alvina  Abt. 1912Minnesota, United States I8779228523 Master Tree 
43 Fenger, Clarence L  Abt. 1909Minnesota, United States I8779228611 Master Tree 
44 Fenger, Evelyn   I8779228525 Master Tree 
45 Fenger, Ewald P  Abt. 1929Minnesota, United States I8779228520 Master Tree 
46 Fenger, Fred Herbert  28 Jul 1888Minnesota, United States I8779228492 Master Tree 
47 Fenger, Hilman Robert  02 Oct 1923Minnesota, United States I8779228528 Master Tree 
48 Fenger, Loraine   I8779228529 Master Tree 
49 Fenger, Roberta Regina   I8779228524 Master Tree 
50 Fenger, Ruth   I8779228530 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dahl, Elizabeth Marjorie   I5857879217 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Champagne, Adelaide  Bet. 1881 and 1888Minnesota, United States I17558562474 Master Tree 
2 Coulson, Henry  31 Mar 1882Minnesota, United States I17558561104 Master Tree 
3 Ditsch, Johann  13 Apr 1895Minnesota, United States I17558562463 Master Tree 
4 Lembecker, Fred  25 Jan 1909Minnesota, United States I17558562455 Master Tree 
5 Matthew, Margaret  1871Minnesota, United States I17558561113 Master Tree 
6 Muhr, Margaretha  10 Oct 1898Minnesota, United States I17558562464 Master Tree 
7 Nelson, Elena B  31 Aug 1958Minnesota, United States I5857856921 Master Tree 
8 Root, Eleanor  1961Minnesota, United States I17558559881 Master Tree 
9 Wiita, Jaakko [Jacob] (Michelson) * *  Abt 1955Minnesota, United States I5857879552 Master Tree 
10 Winslow, Mary Ann  09 Nov 1870Minnesota, United States I17558561077 Master Tree 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beithon, Gilbert C  29 Nov 1881Minnesota, United States I8779219112 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Copple / Sarff   F16053348972 Master Tree 
2 Grose / Strub   F8026638927 Master Tree 
3 Holden / Rigdon  27 Jan 1867Minnesota, United States F16053353110 Master Tree 
4 Isbell / Eng   F16053353698 Master Tree 
5 Key / Sarff   F16053348959 Master Tree 
6 Maier / Ingebretsen   F16053352932 Master Tree 
7 Nordness / Hartlaub   F8026638921 Master Tree 
8 Novak / Mace   F16053348980 Master Tree 
9 Olson / Maciej   F16053352085 Master Tree 
10 Poyorena / Carlson   F16053352928 Master Tree 
11 Quintavalle / Grose   F8026638922 Master Tree 
12 Sieling / Olson   F8026512847 Master Tree 
13 Worland / Carver  20 Nov 1900Minnesota, United States F7975190198 Master Tree 
14 Worland / Johnston  19 May 1908Minnesota, United States F7975190201 Master Tree