genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Michigan, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 43.34116005412307, Longitude: -84.88037109375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Aug 1858Michigan, United States I17558567101
2 Leota  1894/1895Michigan, United States I8667772783
3 Lucy  Abt. 1831Michigan, United States I17558569090
4 Margery   I8667772672
5 Myrtie  1884Michigan, United States I8667773242
6 Neva M. or Eva   I8667773065
7 Ruth H  1 Jul 1907Michigan, United States I17558566391
8 Archambault, Alice  09 Nov 1876Michigan, United States I8779182136
9 Archambault Brown, George  1881Michigan, United States I8779182134
10 Badour, Abraham  Abt. 1903Michigan, United States I8779182152
11 Badour, Laura  Abt. 1895Michigan, United States I8779182148
12 Badour, Mable M  Abt. 1900Michigan, United States I8779182150
13 Badour, Philameon  Abt. 1891Michigan, United States I8779182147
14 Bates, Inez   I17558570160
15 Bennett, Edward C  Abt. Jan 1920Michigan, United States I8779329616
16 Bennett, Luella B  Jan 1898Michigan, United States I17558566278
17 Bennett, Margorie M  Jan 1896Michigan, United States I17558566277
18 Bennett, Ruby M  Aug 1894Michigan, United States I17558566276
19 Bennett, Vera Winifred  Mar 1898Michigan, United States I8779329614
20 Briggs, Dalton J.  6 Mar 1894Michigan, United States I8667772308
21 Briggs, Janet   I8667772673
22 Bryan, Ida A.  1855Michigan, United States I8667772803
23 Burkholder, Sophia  Abt. 1873Michigan, United States I17558566787
24 Calhoun, William  Abt. 1917Michigan, United States I17558566508
25 Case, Edith  Aug 1850Michigan, United States I8779329700
26 Caverly, Joseph  24 Jul 1912Michigan, United States I17558570147
27 Champion, Sarah Anna  May 1877Michigan, United States I8779329613
28 Cook, Arlene  Abt. 1922Michigan, United States I17558566455
29 Cook, Donald Orville  27 Apr 1913Michigan, United States I17558566453
30 Cook, Howard  12 Sep 1890Michigan, United States I17558566451
31 Cornell, Loera  Abt. 1892Michigan, United States I8779329733
32 Craig, Philas  Abt. 1919Michigan, United States I8779328741
33 Davies, Earnest W  May 1886Michigan, United States I17558567091
34 Davies, Edward R  17 Aug 1890Michigan, United States I17558567089
35 Davies, Erlin A  Sep 1884Michigan, United States I17558567090
36 Davies, George Wynn  10 Jul 1888Michigan, United States I17558567088
37 Divine, Dora  1878/1879Michigan, United States I8667772854
38 Divine, Floyd  Mar 1883Michigan, United States I8667772855
39 Divine, William H.  1852/1853Michigan, United States I8667772853
40 Donald, Ray  Abt. 1900Michigan, United States I17558566506
41 Dunshee, Arthur E.  11 Dec 1908Michigan, United States I8667772789
42 Dunshee, Bernice L.   I8667772785
43 Dunshee, Clyde W.   I8667772787
44 Dunshee, Eugene  21 Jun 1883Michigan, United States I8667772007
45 Dunshee, Glen  May 1892Michigan, United States I8667772782
46 Dunshee, Grace M.  1879Michigan, United States I8667772010
47 Dunshee, Hazel B.   I8667772784
48 Dunshee, Herschel E.  1924/1925Michigan, United States I8667772786
49 Dunshee, Mary  Dec 1886Michigan, United States I8667772008
50 Engel, Vada Grace  27 Jan 1908Michigan, United States I8667808939

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Imo R.  28 Jan 1974Michigan, United States I8667773336
2 Archambault, Alice  31 Dec 1958Michigan, United States I8779182136
3 Archambault, Delphine  07 Dec 1946Michigan, United States I8779182138
4 Fitzgerald, John  Michigan, United States I5659336072
5 Fournier, Abraham  Bef. 1860Michigan, United States I8667856778
6 Gray, Edwin C.  10 Dec 1991Michigan, United States I8667773338
7 Gray, Mary L.  3 May 2003Michigan, United States I8667773342
8 Mathias, Albert B.  14 May 1889Michigan, United States I8667772286
9 Said, Mary Catherine  Bet. 1894 and 1974Michigan, United States I5659376869
10 Schilling, Simon  27 Mar 1884Michigan, United States I8667771921
11 Seguin Laderoot, Eli Hilaire  Bef. Apr 1910Michigan, United States I8667856790
12 Sprout, Murl Jay  27 Jun 1988Michigan, United States I8667772303

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Charles A  Jan 1873Michigan, United States I8779329603


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cramblet / Noseworthy   F8026691118
2 Jarosik / Lanpher  Michigan, United States F8026639850
3 Jones / Mettetal   F8026512898
4 Keough / Mathias  22 Dec 1912Michigan, United States F7975167125
5 Ryan / Mettetal   F8026512897
6 Smith / Shook  3 Apr 1931Michigan, United States F7975167133