genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Madison, Missouri, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 37.477867, Longitude: -90.344129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Colby, Samuel Young  1840Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191305
2 Craddock, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1822Madison, Missouri, United States I8779190948
3 Craddock, Elizabeth P.  31 Mar 1844Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191229
4 Craddock, John David  13 Mar 1847Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191188
5 Craddock, Mary Hannah  16 Nov 1842Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191228
6 Craddock, Phillip L.  14 Jul 1848Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191231
7 Craddock, Sarah D.  15 Sep 1845Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191230
8 Diel, Elizabeth Catherine  16 Aug 1858Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191597
9 Gregory, Felix Grundy Jr.  2 Dec 1840Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191434
10 Jr., Thomas Elmore Craddock  27 Jan 1819Madison, Missouri, United States I8779190946
11 Spiva, Amelia P.  Abt 1844Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191371
12 Spiva, Emma  Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191602
13 Spiva, Jasper N.  Abt 1840Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191362
14 Spiva, Josephine  Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191601


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craddock, Mariah  6 Apr 1887Madison, Missouri, United States I8779190944
2 Spiva, Elza H.  13 Apr 1887Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191346
3 Spiva, Emma  15 Jul 1891Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191602
4 Spiva, Emma  15 Jul 1891Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191385
5 Spiva, Jasper N.  Bef 15 Nov 1892Madison, Missouri, United States I8779191362


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chance / Diel  21 Apr 1880Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639582
2 Craddock / Lanius  19 Aug 1841Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639413
3 Gregory / Anthony  6 Feb 1868Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639454
4 Gregory / Craddock  11 Feb 1833Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639424
5 Hahn / Craddock  3 Dec 1830Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639423
6 Johnson / Craddock  8 May 1836Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639426
7 Spiva / Anthony  21 Mar 1869Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639503
8 Spiva / Craddock  30 Oct 1834Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639425
9 Spiva / McMurtry  16 Jun 1883Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639502
10 Wizemantle / Diel  17 Jun 1875Madison, Missouri, United States F8026639581