genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Madison, Iowa, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 41.334113, Longitude: -94.015341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Betty Lou   I8779327093
2 Allen, Dale Richard  3 Sep 1913Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568764
3 Allen, Ernest  Abt. 1922Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568760
4 Allen, Eva Fay  10 Dec 1880Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808666
5 Allen, Faye L  Abt. 1909Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568758
6 Allen, Francis Claire  28 Sep 1884Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808668
7 Allen, Glen  Abt. 1920Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568759
8 Allen, Pearle Elizabeth  29 Jan 1900Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808671
9 Allen, Ralph  23 Mar 1882Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808667
10 Allen, Robert Alvin  01 Sep 1927Madison, Iowa, United States I8779327100
11 Barnett, Alva  Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326744
12 Barnett, Frank Elwood  05 Mar 1866Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326746
13 Barnett, Minnie Etta  10 Nov 1864Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326745
14 Barnett, William M  Abt. 1874Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326747
15 Barnett, Willilam Everett  Abt. 1859Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326743
16 Bennett, Anna Catherine  07 Jan 1877Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848977
17 Bennett, Armanda  19 Nov 1860Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848914
18 Bennett, Charles Burton  7 Jul 1927Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848979
19 Bennett, Dorothy Mary  17 Nov 1907Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326950
20 Bennett, Etna  19 Apr 1867Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888455
21 Bennett, Friend A I  30 Jun 1871Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310996
22 Bennett, George Nelson  15 Apr 1874Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310991
23 Bennett, George Nelson Jr.  28 Oct 1920Madison, Iowa, United States I8667811355
24 Bennett, Harry Ward  2 Dec 1905Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848912
25 Bennett, James Warren  29 Aug 1893Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848984
26 Bennett, John Lee  11 Oct 1931Madison, Iowa, United States I8667810566
27 Bennett, Josephine  02 Dec 1891Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326959
28 Bennett, Laura B  05 Sep 1870Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888461
29 Bennett, Leander Calvin  24 Oct 1873Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888462
30 Bennett, Lloyd Joshua  5 Oct 1879Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888463
31 Bennett, Luther M  15 May 1883Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326903
32 Bennett, Manfod  Bet. 1849 and 1859Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888451
33 Bennett, Marietta Mildred  12 Feb 1861Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310998
34 Bennett, Marquis Alvin  29 Sep 1866Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310994
35 Bennett, Max Martin  17 Sep 1934Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848944
36 Bennett, Montana  19 Jul 1865Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888454
37 Bennett, Sierra Nevada  23 Aug 1864Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310999
38 Bennett, Stephen  Abt. 1859Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310997
39 Bennett, Vernon Nile   I5857848945
40 Bennett, Virginia Joann   I5857848973
41 Bricker, Melvin Red  15 Nov 1923Madison, Iowa, United States I8779327144
42 Brown, Allison  22 Sep 1877Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326879
43 Cramlet, Anna Elizabeth  25 Dec 1880Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310951
44 Cramlet, Cora  16 Mar 1882Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310964
45 Cramlet, Edward K  22 Oct 1892Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310969
46 Cramlet, Emmett  31 Dec 1907Madison, Iowa, United States I8779218739
47 Cramlet, Flossie Pearl  14 Feb 1887Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310967
48 Cramlet, Frank J  5 Apr 1890Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310968
49 Cramlet, Gladys Louise  1910Madison, Iowa, United States I8779218740
50 Cramlet, Josephine Laura  18 Apr 1912Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181871

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  12 Dec 1891Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848915
2 Allen, Betty Lou   I8779327093
3 Allen, Dale Richard  6 Aug 1915Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568764
4 Allen, Eva Fay  Abt. 1890Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808666
5 Allen, Mable Francis  13 May 1994Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808673
6 Allen, Richard Andrew  10 Aug 1941Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848918
7 Benge, Emily Elizabeth  29 Sep 1963Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181966
8 Benge, Harlan Leroy  25 Jul 1979Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181962
9 Bennett, Anna Catherine  19 Jun 1878Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848977
10 Bennett, Charles Burton  Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848979
11 Bennett, David D  6 Feb 1854Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311003
12 Bennett, Derrick Ellsworth  7 Aug 1909Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311006
13 Bennett, Florence Arzella  01 Oct 1938Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310993
14 Bennett, Francis  29 Jun 1914Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311011
15 Bennett, George Nelson Jr.  4 Nov 1920Madison, Iowa, United States I8667811355
16 Bennett, Joshua  1 Oct 1906Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311008
17 Bennett, Leander Calvin  09 Feb 1957Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888462
18 Bennett, Lloyd Joshua  3 Feb 1881Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888463
19 Bennett, Marietta Mildred  12 Sep 1863Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310998
20 Bennett, Max Martin  02 Jul 1990Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848944
21 Bennett, Septa  20 Aug 1857Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311017
22 Bennett, Stephen  1860Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310997
23 Bennett, Virginia Joann   I5857848973
24 Bennett, Walter Vernon  10 Nov 1966Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310992
25 Bennett, William Bradford  19 Mar 1868Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326902
26 Bricker, Clarence George  08 Dec 1926Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326951
27 Coghlan, Arnold Edgar  11 Dec 1973Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181970
28 Coghlan, Edgar Roland  10 Feb 1975Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181969
29 Cornman, Martha Ellen  26 Oct 1896Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310959
30 Cramlet, Curtis Leroy  02 Sep 1880Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181876
31 Cramlet, Florence M  12 Oct 1896Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310962
32 Cramlet, Leonard Nethaniel  18 Aug 1971Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181866
33 Cramlet, Nellie Jent  14 Nov 1896Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310966
34 Duff, Margaret A  12 Jul 1913Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888456
35 Fee, Infant  21 Aug 1861Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326741
36 Fee, William M  19 Oct 1891Madison, Iowa, United States I8778848877
37 Gideon, David  30 Oct 1861Madison, Iowa, United States I5856881175
38 Hoadley, Daisy Wilson  10 Dec 1955Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848980
39 Hornbeck, Nancy Jane  07 Mar 1927Madison, Iowa, United States I5856888448
40 Hoskins, George  18 Nov 1981Madison, Iowa, United States I8779326960
41 Kaufman, Helen Frances  16 Apr 1971Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848913
42 Kerrick, Sarah C  3 Feb 1873Madison, Iowa, United States I17558568666
43 Leddy, John J  21 Aug 1910Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848925
44 Lilley, Frona Belle  15 Jun 1952Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181971
45 Little, Opal Lucille  31 Dec 1982Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181873
46 McMichael, Emma Elizabeth  Feb 1927Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848985
47 McMichael, Esther Estella  1967Madison, Iowa, United States I8667808676
48 Schafer, Effie Bell  7 Jan 1895Madison, Iowa, United States I17558570418


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Derrick Ellsworth  15 Sep 1854Madison, Iowa, United States I5659311006
2 Cramlet, Cora  1885Madison, Iowa, United States I5659310964
3 Cramlet, Curtis Robert  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181870
4 Cramlet, Curtis Robert  1925Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181870
5 Cramlet, Daniel Frederick  1905Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181868
6 Cramlet, Emmett  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779218739
7 Cramlet, Everett George  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181869
8 Cramlet, Gladys Louise  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779218740
9 Cramlet, Leonard Nethaniel  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181866
10 Cramlet, Marvin L  1915Madison, Iowa, United States I8779181872
11 Fee, William M  01 Nov 1853Madison, Iowa, United States I8778848877
12 Fee, William M  1854Madison, Iowa, United States I8778848877
13 Frankelberger, John W  1885Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848930
14 Frankelberger, John W  1895Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848930
15 Frankelberger, John W  1905Madison, Iowa, United States I5857848930
16 Gideon, Peter Marion  Jun 1863Madison, Iowa, United States I8779327481


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Bunch  4 Apr 1881Madison, Iowa, United States F5350499732
2 Allen / Danforth  13 Oct 1904Madison, Iowa, United States F7975176603
3 Barnett / Fee  23 Dec 1858Madison, Iowa, United States F8026690464
4 Bast / Bennett  5 Mar 1894Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798226
5 Bennett / Beedle  21 Oct 1896Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798212
6 Bennett / Cramlet  29 Oct 1897Madison, Iowa, United States F5260013957
7 Bennett / Duff  29 Jan 1879Madison, Iowa, United States F5350499744
8 Bennett / Hornbeck  6 Oct 1857Madison, Iowa, United States F5350499741
9 Bennett / Leach  8 Dec 1857Madison, Iowa, United States F5350499742
10 Bennett / McCarty  23 Feb 1862Madison, Iowa, United States F5350499743
11 Bennett / McDonald  07 Nov 1906Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798230
12 Bennett / Negus  6 Mar 1891Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798222
13 Coghlan / Benge  14 Dec 1946Madison, Iowa, United States F8026638515
14 Cramlet / Clark  06 Mar 1907Madison, Iowa, United States F8026638491
15 Cramlet / Cornman  30 May 1897Madison, Iowa, United States F5260013959
16 Cramlet / Hensley  28 Oct 1896Madison, Iowa, United States F8026638488
17 Duff / Bennett  14 Oct 1885Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798228
18 Frankelberger / Bennett  29 Jun 1887Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798227
19 Gideon /   31 Dec 1863Madison, Iowa, United States F5260030435
20 Gideon / Kerrick  7 Nov 1861Madison, Iowa, United States F16053352143
21 Haxton / Bennett  23 Sep 1884Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798225
22 Leddy / Bennett  05 May 1865Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798223
23 McCleary / Danforth  02 Nov 1909Madison, Iowa, United States F8026638512
24 Shepherd / Bennett  5 Nov 1880Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798218
25 Taylor / Bennett  20 Jan 1861Madison, Iowa, United States F5350798224