genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom


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County/Shire : Latitude: 53.128309, Longitude: -0.231343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Booth, Eleanor  Abt 1510Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558564932
2 Colby, Anthony  08 Sep 1605Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571670
3 Colby, Thomas  20 Dec 1567Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571685
4 De Kyme, Lucy  Abt 1281Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558564950
5 DeGaunt, Nichola  1250Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563520
6 DeMowbray, Mabel  1179Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563524
7 DeMowbray, Nigel  1146Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563525
8 Haddon, William  1585Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571672
9 Hussey, Julian  Abt 1410Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I5658508017
10 Jackson, Anne  21 Nov 1574Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571686
11 Mary  1532Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571688
12 Mellowes, Catherine  1607Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558570301
13 Parrot, Francis  1614Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571674
14 Sawyer, Edmund  1619Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I8779230102
15 Sawyer, Thomas  1616Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I8779230101
16 Skipwith, Alice  Abt. 1355Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565290
17 Thornley, Elizabeth Ruth  30 Sep 1632Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571602
18 Waters, Anne  17 Apr 1563Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563465
19 Wilson, William  1542Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565182
20 Woodward, Edward Willoughby  Abt 1499Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565339


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Booth, John  Abt 23 May 1537Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558564933
2 Colby, Matthew  10 Oct 1591Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571687
3 Colby, Thomas  11 Dec 1624Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571685
4 DeClare, Mable  1203Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558563526
5 Jackson, Anne  1681Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571686
6 Mary  18 Dec 1591Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571688
7 Skipwith, Alice  Abt. 1412Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565290
8 Thimbleby, Anne  Aft 1537Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558564934
9 Thornley, Elizabeth Ruth  Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558571602
10 Wilson, William  Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom I17558565200


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 De Audley / Quincy  Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom F5259605260
2 de Willoughby / Skipwith  Abt. 1370Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom F16053350765
3 Newton / Ayscough  Apr 1642Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom F8026690403
4 Sawyer / West  1576Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom F8026656800