genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Lancashire, England, United Kingdom


Tree: Master Tree

County/Shire : Latitude: 53.861172, Longitude: -2.564811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bate, Richard  Abt. 1454Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558559927
2 Bohun, Bonham  1416Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565879
3 Cheatham, Thomas  1645Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558567605
4 Chewe, John  14 May 1552Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558567678
5 Clayton, Ellen  1684Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571278
6 Clayton, William  1562Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558558958
7 Conway, Eltonhead  Abt. 1631Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558560480
8 Curwen, Margaret  1469Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565873
9 Dalton, William  1513Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571730
10 De Columbers, William  Abt. 1147Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325947
11 De Notton, Gilbert  Abt. 1154Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325906
12 de Rigmayden, Margaret  Abt 1365Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569964
13 Gale, Sarah  1590Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558567677
14 Grundy, John  1500Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571703
15 Halstead, Jennet  1594Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779229128
16 Harrison, Kathrine  1586Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569935
17 Moore, Margaret  Bef 1522Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569952
18 Pilkington, Lora  Abt. 1368Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325781
19 Radcliff, Anne  1497Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571752
20 Radcliff, John  1454Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571753
21 Rawson, Margaret  1450Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565876
22 Rawson, William  1410Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565877
23 Rigbye, Elizabeth  1566Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558558959
24 Rushton, Thomas   I17558570132
25 Sands, Edwin  1516Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565867
26 Sandys, George  1470Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565872
27 Sandys, William  1447Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565875
28 Sandys, William  1493Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565869
29 Skillicorne, John  Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569954
30 Skillicorne, John  1410Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569961
31 Skillicorne, Nicholas  Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569951
32 Skillicorne, William  1430Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569959
33 Smith, Richard  24 May 1635Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558567786
34 Thompson, Helen Eleanor  1626Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I5857227022
35 Thompson, Samuel  16 Feb 1629/1630Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I5857227023
36 Thompson, William H. C. II Rev  1628Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I5857227024
37 Towneley, Lawrence  1570Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779229127
38 Townley, Jane  1515Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 De Holand, Robert  Aft. 1311Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325898
2 De Kellet, Adam  1206/07Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325924
3 De Singleton, Matilda  Abt. 1219Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I8779325925
4 De Verdon, Margaret  24 Nov 1436Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571741
5 Dixon, Margaret  11 Mar 1608Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565870
6 Radcliff, John  12 Apr 1497Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571753
7 Sandys, George  1513Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565872
8 Sandys, William  1540Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558565869
9 Skillicorne, Edmund  Bef 1401Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569963
10 Skillicorne, John  15 Nov 1478Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569961
11 Skillicorne, John  Abt 1532Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569954
12 Skillicorne, William  06 Jul 1437Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569962
13 Skillicorne, William  Abt Feb 1495Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558569959
14 Towneley, Richard  1482Lancashire, England, United Kingdom I17558571755


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nichols / Southwick   F16053348053
2 Skillicorne / Anderton  Abt 1500Lancashire, England, United Kingdom F16053352676
3 Skillicorne / de Rigmayden  Abt 1384Lancashire, England, United Kingdom F16053352681
4 Skillicorne / Lawrence  Lancashire, England, United Kingdom F16053352678
5 Skillicorne / Moore  Abt 1537Lancashire, England, United Kingdom F16053352674