genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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King, York, Ontario, Canada


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Latitude: 44.0463, Longitude: -79.6044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Curts, Annie Bernice  14 Jun 1908King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566372
2 Curts, James Frederick  12 Jul 1906King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566371
3 Curts, William Franklin  12 Jul 1906King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566370
4 Garrow, Emily E  3 Feb 1864King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566323
5 Garrow, George  17 Jan 1829King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566318
6 Garrow, Georgina  17 Apr 1870King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566325
7 Garrow, Mary Elizabeth  Abt. 1861King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566322
8 Garrow, Michael Richard  26 Aug 1855King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566320
9 Garrow, Thomas George  16 Sep 1859King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566321
10 Hunt, Arthur Bennett  31 Jul 1858King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329644
11 Hunt, James  Abt. 1869King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329648
12 Hunt, Marshall  Abt. 1861King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329645
13 Hunt, Mary Maria  12 Oct 1864King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329646
14 Hunt, William John  17 Jun 1866King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329647
15 Tustian, Gladys Irene  3 Oct 1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Curts, Annie Eliza  13 Sep 1929King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329654
2 Curts, Emily Catherine  2 Jun 1912King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329659
3 Garrow, George  19 Mar 1915King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566318
4 Garrow, Michael Richard  King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566320
5 Garrow, Thomas George  8 Sep 1862King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566321
6 Kurtz, Isaac Franklin  18 Nov 1912King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329634
7 McTavish, Charles Fraser  10 Jun 1927King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566360
8 Tustian, Murray  1889King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Mary  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329632
2 Curts, Annie Eliza  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329654
3 Curts, Annie Eliza  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329654
4 Curts, Emily Catherine  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329659
5 Curts, Emily Catherine  1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329659
6 Curts, Emily Catherine  1911King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329659
7 Curts, Franklin Edward  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329658
8 Curts, James T  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329657
9 Curts, Joseph Arthur  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329656
10 Curts, Joseph Arthur  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329656
11 Curts, Martha J  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329653
12 Curts, Martha J  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329653
13 Curts, Michael J  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329655
14 Curts, Michael J  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329655
15 Garrow, Emily E  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566323
16 Garrow, Emily E  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566323
17 Garrow, Emily E  1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566323
18 Garrow, George  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566318
19 Garrow, George  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566318
20 Garrow, George  1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566318
21 Garrow, Georgina  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566325
22 Garrow, Georgina  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566325
23 Garrow, Martha Annie  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566324
24 Garrow, Martha Annie  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566324
25 Garrow, Martha Annie  1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566324
26 Garrow, Mary Elizabeth  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566322
27 Garrow, Mary Elizabeth  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566322
28 Garrow, Michael Richard  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566320
29 Garrow, Michael Richard  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566320
30 Garrow, Michael Richard  1901King, York, Ontario, Canada I17558566320
31 Heinston, Elizabeth Jane  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329652
32 Heinston, Elizabeth Jane  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329652
33 Hunt, Arthur Bennett  1861King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329644
34 Hunt, Arthur Bennett  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329644
35 Hunt, James  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329648
36 Hunt, Joseph  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329643
37 Hunt, Joseph  1861King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329643
38 Hunt, Joseph  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329643
39 Hunt, Marshall  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329645
40 Hunt, Mary Maria  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329646
41 Hunt, William John  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329647
42 Kurtz, Abraham  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329635
43 Kurtz, Catherine  1861King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329638
44 Kurtz, Catherine  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329638
45 Kurtz, Christopher  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329637
46 Kurtz, Elizabeth  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329642
47 Kurtz, Isaac Franklin  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329634
48 Kurtz, Isaac Franklin  1871King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329634
49 Kurtz, Isaac Franklin  1881King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329634
50 Kurtz, Martha Elizabeth  1851King, York, Ontario, Canada I8779329636

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garrow / Kurtz  10 Mar 1853King, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351324
2 Stump / Lucas  25 Dec 1862King, York, Ontario, Canada F16053351550