genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Ireland, United Kingdom


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State/Province : Latitude: 53.461890432859114, Longitude: -7.8662109375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt. 1801Ireland, United Kingdom I5659045969
2 Bridget  Abt. 1827Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569117
3 Catherine  Nov 1839Ireland, United Kingdom I8779218334
4 Isabella  Ireland, United Kingdom I8779218571
5 Mary  1820Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569108
6 Mary  Abt. 1885Ireland, United Kingdom I17558568640
7 Ann  1460Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563768
8 Aspell, Mary  Abt 1780Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563972
9 Austin, John  Abt 1758Ireland, United Kingdom I17558560158
10 Barrey, Margaret  1580Ireland, United Kingdom I17558567742
11 Barron, Mary  Abt 1805Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563970
12 Barron, Patrick  Abt 1776Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563971
13 Berne, Nancy  1722Ireland, United Kingdom I17558572504
14 Bunten, John Samuel  1725Ireland, United Kingdom I17558564165
15 Cady, Bridget  Mary 1835Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569116
16 Catherwood, Hugh  Abt. 1789Ireland, United Kingdom I5659045968
17 Colbreath, George  1690Ireland, United Kingdom I17558571477
18 Connolly, John  Bet. 1692 and 1722Ireland, United Kingdom I2733056921
19 Cusyn, Roger  Abt. 1330Ireland, United Kingdom I17558558868
20 Dawson, Elizabeth  1715Ireland, United Kingdom I17558567583
21 De Montgomerie, Hugh  1619Ireland, United Kingdom I17558566021
22 Dillon, Janet  1605Ireland, United Kingdom I17558567740
23 Dillon, Robert  1575Ireland, United Kingdom I17558567741
24 Earle, Ann   I17558571329
25 Elizabeth  1486Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563766
26 Elizabeth  1680Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569671
27 Fenton, Johanna  1836Ireland, United Kingdom I8778844483
28 Ferrin, John  1710Ireland, United Kingdom I17558561933
29 Field, Patrick  Abt 1791Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563975
30 Fitzgerald, Edmond F  21 Aug 1798Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563980
31 Fitzgerald, John  Abt. 1801Ireland, United Kingdom I5659336072
32 Fitzgerald, John  Abt. 1831Ireland, United Kingdom I17558568497
33 Flanery, Barney  Abt. 1821Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569119
34 Fruin, Mary  Abt. 1810Ireland, United Kingdom I5659336074
35 Gilmore, Charity  1770Ireland, United Kingdom I5857883836
36 Greer, George Bingham   I17558570077
37 Greer, Richard Marion  1 Jul 1782Ireland, United Kingdom I17558570073
38 Grier, Thomas  Abt. 1870Ireland, United Kingdom I17558559570
39 Haley, James  1820Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569111
40 Hamilton, Jean  1635Ireland, United Kingdom I17558565619
41 Hannon, John  1790Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563977
42 Hassett, Catherine  1800Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563974
43 Herron, Francis  1720Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569634
44 Hickey, Michael  Abt 1786Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563973
45 Hoolihan, Edward  Abt. 1836Ireland, United Kingdom I17558559400
46 Lewis, Samuel  17 Sep 1766Ireland, United Kingdom I5857881113
47 Lindsay, Elizabeth  1616Ireland, United Kingdom I17558565621
48 Livingston, John  Abt. 1835Ireland, United Kingdom I8779218333
49 Locke, Ruth  Abt. 1844Ireland, United Kingdom I5658668816
50 Lyden, Patrick  Dec 1845Ireland, United Kingdom I17558569115

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldithley, James  Bef 7 Nov 1273Ireland, United Kingdom I5658498293
2 Alexander, Jane  1670Ireland, United Kingdom I17558566022
3 Arthur, Alan  1795Ireland, United Kingdom I17558571612
4 Arthur, Gavin  Ireland, United Kingdom I17558571668
5 Campbell, Jane  Ireland, United Kingdom I17558571669
6 De Audley, James  11 Jun 1276Ireland, United Kingdom I5658482006
7 De Montgomerie, Hugh  15 Nov 1642Ireland, United Kingdom I17558566021
8 Ferrin, John  Ireland, United Kingdom I17558561933
9 Fitzmaurice, Juliane  1300Ireland, United Kingdom I5658479407
10 Hall, Bessie  Ireland, United Kingdom I8779326686
11 Hamilton, Jean  22 Jul 1689Ireland, United Kingdom I17558565619
12 Hickey, Charles  1828Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563986
13 Johanna, Mary  16 Feb 1835Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563959
14 Lindsay, Elizabeth  Ireland, United Kingdom I17558565621
15 Montgomery, Hugh  31 Oct 1707Ireland, United Kingdom I17558565618
16 Murphy, Margaret  1849Ireland, United Kingdom I17558564452
17 O'Reagan, Thomas  1852Ireland, United Kingdom I17558564451
18 Patrick, Jane  1745Ireland, United Kingdom I17558566019
19 Pierce, Henry  1507Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563767
20 Reid, Andrew  Abt. 1712Ireland, United Kingdom I8779326685
21 Swallow, Bridget  17 Jul 1774Ireland, United Kingdom I17558563961


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Callison /   Abt. 1740Ireland, United Kingdom F8026653514
2 Hickey / Hassett  Aug 1819Ireland, United Kingdom F16053350058