genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Illinois, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 39.7393, Longitude: -89.266507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alcy C  Apr 1858Illinois, United States I8779329247 Master Tree 
2 Dorothy V  Abt. 1906Illinois, United States I8779183322 Master Tree 
3 Ethel  1884/1885Illinois, United States I8667772194 Master Tree 
4 Hannah C  Abt. 1826Illinois, United States I8779181834 Master Tree 
5 Helena M  Abt. 1909Illinois, United States I17558571792 Master Tree 
6 Ida M.  1876/1877Illinois, United States I8667772201 Master Tree 
7 Lilian  Abt. 1898Illinois, United States I17558567109 Master Tree 
8 M. Anna  Nov 1861Illinois, United States I8667772192 Master Tree 
9 Mae M.  1876Illinois, United States I8667772243 Master Tree 
10 Mary  1886/1887Illinois, United States I8667772240 Master Tree 
11 Mary  Abt. 1907Illinois, United States I17558561724 Master Tree 
12 Mary Monica  Abt. 1908Illinois, United States I8779183293 Master Tree 
13 May  Abt. 1888Illinois, United States I8779328687 Master Tree 
14 Anderson, Esther  1900Illinois, United States I8779229062 Master Tree 
15 Armour, Ruth Lucille  01 Sep 1900Illinois, United States I17558560501 Master Tree 
16 Bennett, Jane  Abt. 1869Illinois, United States I17558566619 Master Tree 
17 Bennett, Lt. Col. Nelson II  Apr 1888Illinois, United States I8779329680 Master Tree 
18 Billen, Freida  17 Feb 1903Illinois, United States I17558568943 Master Tree 
19 Bosomworth, Alice Ada  Illinois, United States I5658307841 Master Tree 
20 Brown, Mary Vesta  4 Jun 1845Illinois, United States I1122085873 Master Tree 
21 Bymaster, Betty  Abt. 1929Illinois, United States I17558561725 Master Tree 
22 Bymaster, Hazel  Sep 1893Illinois, United States I17558561694 Master Tree 
23 Bymaster, Verle Russel  13 Oct 1908Illinois, United States I17558561698 Master Tree 
24 Bymaster, Vernie  May 1898Illinois, United States I17558561696 Master Tree 
25 Candler, Earl  30 Jun 1896Illinois, United States I5658306760 Master Tree 
26 Candler, James  1 Jun 1885Illinois, United States I5658306737 Master Tree 
27 Carlson, Carl  25 Nov 1868Illinois, United States I601062290 Master Tree 
28 Catton, Carrie A  Abt. 1861Illinois, United States I8779329098 Master Tree 
29 Claussen, Marie Christine  Abt. 1879Illinois, United States I5857848920 Master Tree 
30 Clements, Amelia  Abt. 1866Illinois, United States I8779183300 Master Tree 
31 Clements, Julia J  Abt. 1868Illinois, United States I8779183301 Master Tree 
32 Clements, Lilly L  Abt. 1871Illinois, United States I8779183306 Master Tree 
33 Clements, Sarah  Abt. 1875Illinois, United States I8779183308 Master Tree 
34 Clements, Theresa  Abt. 1873Illinois, United States I8779183307 Master Tree 
35 Clementz, Alice M  Apr 1910Illinois, United States I8779218761 Master Tree 
36 Clementz, Bertha E  Oct 1884Illinois, United States I5659310933 Master Tree 
37 Clementz, Charles W  09 Apr 1903Illinois, United States I8779183317 Master Tree 
38 Clementz, Cletus  Dec 1896Illinois, United States I8779218755 Master Tree 
39 Clementz, Donald   I8779183323 Master Tree 
40 Clementz, Esther M  Abt. 1914Illinois, United States I8779183321 Master Tree 
41 Clementz, Frank J  Abt. 1903Illinois, United States I8779218758 Master Tree 
42 Clementz, George  Abt. 1853Illinois, United States I8779183297 Master Tree 
43 Clementz, George W  Abt. 1917Illinois, United States I8779218770 Master Tree 
44 Clementz, Geroge H  Jan 1877Illinois, United States I5659310932 Master Tree 
45 Clementz, Harley  Abt. 1911Illinois, United States I8779218762 Master Tree 
46 Clementz, Harold G  04 May 1905Illinois, United States I8779218768 Master Tree 
47 Clementz, Harry Robert  28 Jan 1895Illinois, United States I8779218754 Master Tree 
48 Clementz, Henry E  05 Jun 1901Illinois, United States I8779183316 Master Tree 
49 Clementz, Irene  Abt. 1919Illinois, United States I8779218763 Master Tree 
50 Clementz, Joseph  Abt. 1851Illinois, United States I8779183296 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Ralph  21 Aug 1922Illinois, United States I8667808667 Master Tree 
2 Baker, Ronald Aubrey  Illinois, United States I8779193112 Master Tree 
3 Candler, Earl  Sep 1962Illinois, United States I5658306760 Master Tree 
4 Clementz, George  Bef. 1880Illinois, United States I5659336113 Master Tree 
5 Clow, Phoebe  Illinois, United States I17558561044 Master Tree 
6 Coulombe, Pierre  Oct 1761Illinois, United States I8667856829 Master Tree 
7 Eichelberger, Edna Marie  30 Nov 1999Illinois, United States I8779218766 Master Tree 
8 Gideon, Alfred L.  8 Aug 1900Illinois, United States I5659340180 Master Tree 
9 Gideon, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Oct 1852Illinois, United States I8667823342 Master Tree 
10 Hall, Alonzo T.  19 May 1948Illinois, United States I1122067372 Master Tree 
11 Hawn, Flora Ethel  Aug 1976Illinois, United States I8779191714 Master Tree 
12 Hocket, Mine  16 Dec 1954Illinois, United States I1122067393 Master Tree 
13 Naset, Clayton Eric  19 Feb 1966Illinois, United States I5659374564 Master Tree 
14 Norman, John Jr.  1838Illinois, United States I8779324903 Master Tree 
15 Scheler, James Harold   I8779218901 Master Tree 
16 Schnauer, Marianne  Bef. 1880Illinois, United States I5659336114 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Candler /   16 Nov 1861Illinois, United States F5259527335 Master Tree 
2 Candler / Pratt  ABT. 1877Illinois, United States F5259527213 Master Tree 
3 Fitzgerald / Dwyer  Abt. 1926Illinois, United States F8026638858 Master Tree 
4 Gardner / Ayer  1884Illinois, United States F16053350227 Master Tree 
5 Hicks / Mitchell  Abt. 1917Illinois, United States F16053348939 Master Tree 
6 Norman / Holcomb  1837Illinois, United States F8026689607 Master Tree