genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Essex, England, United Kingdom


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County/Shire : Latitude: 51.796696, Longitude: 0.636477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joan   I17558569617
2 Benbow, Katherine  19 Dec 1550Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563461
3 Brooke, Joan  18 Jun 1559Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564913
4 Camp, Edward   I17558569614
5 Camp, Edward  8 May 1614Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569612
6 Camp, John  21 Feb 1566Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569693
7 Camp, Nicholas  10 Jan 1606Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569691
8 Camp, Robert   I17558569616
9 Canfield, Mary  1625Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569613
10 Caunton, Richard  1522Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564773
11 Clare, Richard De  Abt 1278Essex, England, United Kingdom I5658483838
12 Colby, John  19 Sep 1656Essex, England, United Kingdom I8779328113
13 Coleman, Robert E  1622Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569975
14 Cornell, Thomas  24 Mar 1594Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558565812
15 Coytmore, Elizabeth  1617Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558565387
16 de Clare, Adeliza  Abt 1077Essex, England, United Kingdom I5658985935
17 De Clare, Alice  Abt 1093Essex, England, United Kingdom I5658990348
18 Elizabeth  15 Feb 1438Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563505
19 Elliot, Sarah  31 Jan 1599Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569692
20 Fitzwilliam, William  1440Essex, England, United Kingdom I8779229169
21 Foote, Robert  Abt 1553Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564912
22 Gilder, Anne  1550Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564692
23 Goore, Mary  1584Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569694
24 Gray, Thomas  04 May 1595Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558567689
25 Hadley, Samuel  1677Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571632
26 Howland, John  10 Aug 1541Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558560322
27 Jennie  1526Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564774
28 Kent, Thomas  1612Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571660
29 Lake, Hannah  03 Jul 1621Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564801
30 Loker, John  1608Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558570325
31 Margaret  09 Oct 1528Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563499
32 Martin, Jane  02 Nov 1656Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571637
33 Mott, Grace   I17558569615
34 Powers, William  1639Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558570306
35 Revell, Emme  1542Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558560323
36 Swift, Alice  1462Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563501
37 Walker, John  15 May 1604Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558565816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Joan   I17558569617
2 Alger, Lettice  16 Mar 1620Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569696
3 Camp, Robert   I17558569616
4 Colby, John  6 Apr 1719Essex, England, United Kingdom I8779328113
5 Cooke, Edward  1581Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564771
6 De Holand, Sir Robert  07 Oct 1328Essex, England, United Kingdom I8779326756
7 Eliot, Bennet  21 Nov 1621Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569695
8 Elizabeth  21 Jun 1523Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563505
9 Goore, Mary  30 Oct 1620Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558569694
10 Hadley, Samuel  20 Dec 1747Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571632
11 Howland, John  1599Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558560324
12 Hubbard, James  26 May 1655Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558561993
13 Jennie  Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558564774
14 Judd, Alice  Nov 1615Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558567803
15 Kirton, Hellen  22 Aug 1596Essex, England, United Kingdom I8779327627
16 Margaret  08 Nov 1619Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563499
17 Martin, Jane  19 Jan 1684Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571637
18 Overton, Christopher  12 Sep 1547Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563500
19 Proctor, Mary  1668Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558571641
20 Smyth  Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563503
21 Snawsell, Robert  15 Dec 1647Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563464
22 Swift, Alice  05 Oct 1547Essex, England, United Kingdom I17558563501


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coggeshall / Hawkwood   F16053348148
2 Howland / Revell  1560Essex, England, United Kingdom F16053348524
3 Loomis / White  30 Jun 1614Essex, England, United Kingdom F8026690730
4 Martin / Prower  26 Feb 1607Essex, England, United Kingdom F8026653458
5 Savage / Darcy  14 May 1602Essex, England, United Kingdom F8026656890
6 Tyrrell / Coggeshall   F16053348149