genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Country : Latitude: 56.26392, Longitude: 9.501785


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Christiana  Jan 1856Denmark I17558571388
2 Amuller, Erastus  Dec 1866Denmark I8779182029
3 Andersdatter, Karen  Denmark I5856884703
4 Baun, Margrethe Nielsdatter Hasseldal  1710Denmark I5856884792
5 Bearsson, Earl Syward  Abt. 1020Denmark I8779229194
6 Biornsson, Sigurd of Northumberland  Abt 1020Denmark I5658985331
7 Christensen, John H  May 1860Denmark I17558571387
8 Christenson  Denmark I8779218840
9 de Crepon, Senfrie  Abt 946Denmark I5658984134
10 Denmark, Svend I, of Denmark  965Denmark I5658985787
11 Djernes, Niels Christian Pedersen  1724Denmark I5856882234
12 Djernes, Peder Christiansen  1673Denmark I5856882236
13 Horneman, Wilken Ludvig Blaedel  19 Sep 1832Denmark I17558572445
14 Kiib, Anne Nielsdatter  Denmark I5856884790
15 Klim, Svend Nielsen  Denmark I5856884789
16 Krarup, Margrethe Nielsdatter  Denmark I5856882237
17 Krogh, Hans Peter  1856Denmark I5857879124
18 Molgaard, Peter  Aug 1869Denmark I8779183175
19 Nelsen, Carl  17 Jul 1845Denmark I17558571371
20 Nelsen, Hans D  Mar 1874Denmark I17558571372
21 Nelsen, Luna  Oct 1871Denmark I17558571370
22 Nelsen, Nels  Abt. 1870Denmark I17558571379
23 Nelsen, Nick  Aug 1876Denmark I17558571373
24 Nelsen, Otto Myron  Nov 1878Denmark I17558571374
25 Nelson, Amos  Oct 1843Denmark I601062578
26 Pedersdatter, Karen  Abt 1730Denmark I5856882235
27 Petersen  Denmark I8779218841
28 Thomassen, Peder  Denmark I5856884702


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersdatter, Karen  Denmark I5856884703
2 Djernes, Peder Christiansen  1749Denmark I5856882236
3 Kiib, Anne Nielsdatter  Denmark I5856884790
4 Klim, Svend Nielsen  Denmark I5856884789
5 Mitchell, Edgar Harper  14 Sep 1988Denmark I8779193074
6 Pedersdatter, Karen  Aft 1801Denmark I5856882235
7 Sidney, William  Denmark I17558559207
8 Thomassen, Peder  Denmark I5856884702


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Djernes  Denmark F5350498985
2 Djernes / Krarup  Denmark F5350498212
3 Klim / Kiib  Denmark F5350499004