genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Delaware, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 39.145265, Longitude: -75.40297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bertha M  Mar 1878Delaware, United States I8667792344
2 Bailey, John C  Abt. 1836Delaware, United States I5659045980
3 Barratt, Alfred  14 Feb 1825Delaware, United States I601062301
4 Battelle, Elizabeth M  Abt. 1799Delaware, United States I2733057420
5 Carrow, Elva Culbreth  26 Nov 1859Delaware, United States I2733057380
6 Cavender, Wilson T  Nov 1843Delaware, United States I5659045952
7 Cummins, Clarence Raymond  11 Aug 1893Delaware, United States I2733057381
8 Cummins, Daniel Bell  1 Mar 1810Delaware, United States I1122069458
9 Cummins, Florence  26 Jan 1849Delaware, United States I601063003
10 Cummins, Frances Ann  15 Feb 1767Delaware, United States I601063004
11 Cummins, Frances Blackiston   I2733057385
12 Cummins, Harriet Everett  14 Apr 1882Delaware, United States I2733051546
13 Cummins, James Dirickson Sr.  12 Sep 1888Delaware, United States I2733057382
14 Cummins, John Raymond  10 Sep 1922Delaware, United States I2733057384
15 Cummins, Louisa Augusta  1842Delaware, United States I601062999
16 Cummins, Martha Ann  20 Apr 1817Delaware, United States I5658669044
17 Cummins, Sally Ann  Abt. 1840Delaware, United States I601062998
18 Davis, Frances Wingate  4 Apr 1898Delaware, United States I2733057383
19 Elbert, John Downs  9 Jun 1772Delaware, United States I5658669444
20 Fisler, Mary Caroline  Oct 1840Delaware, United States I2732913997
21 Foraker, William  Bet. 1820 and 1849Delaware, United States I601062424
22 Griffin, Ann  1776Delaware, United States I1122068233
23 Griffin, Ebenezer  12 Aug 1788Delaware, United States I1122068237
24 Griffin, Harriett  5 Mar 1782Delaware, United States I1122067315
25 Griffin, Isaac Jr.  Dec 1791Delaware, United States I8779190365
26 Griffin, James Morris  27 Dec 1789Delaware, United States I8779190363
27 Griffin, Martha  1 May 1779Delaware, United States I1122068234
28 Griffin, Mary Morris  1 Jan 1787Delaware, United States I1122068236
29 Griffin, Samuel  16 Aug 1785Delaware, United States I1122068235
30 Hall, Edward  3 Oct 1775Delaware, United States I1122067314
31 Lockwood, Angeline B  Abt. 1833Delaware, United States I2733057421
32 Lockwood, Daniel Cummins  25 Mar 1796Delaware, United States I601063006
33 Lockwood, Mary H  Abt. 1835Delaware, United States I2733057422
34 Lowber, Ellen Theresa  14 Feb 1815Delaware, United States I8779190477
35 Miller, Sarah  Bet. 1829 and 1852Delaware, United States I601062425
36 Morris, James Jr  14 Jun 1723Delaware, United States I1122064776
37 Patton, Caleb Andrew  1805Delaware, United States I1122153030
38 Raymond, Timothy Cummins  21 Mar 1838Delaware, United States I8779183089
39 Slaughter, Ernest Victor  1913Delaware, United States I601062459
40 Waters, Estelle Maude  Oct 1873Delaware, United States I8779219099
41 Watkins, Robert Jr.  24 Feb 1776Delaware, United States I1122066306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jones, Margaret  Jan 1757Delaware, United States I17558571335
2 Mary  24 Aug 1744Delaware, United States I17558566073
3 Morris, James Jr  16 Jun 1786Delaware, United States I1122064776
4 Simcock, Mary  26 Oct 1698Delaware, United States I1122064781
5 Thomas, Elizius  01 Sep 1730Delaware, United States I17558566072

Military rank

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military rank    Person ID 
1 Cummins, George Wilson Jr.  11 Jan 1862Delaware, United States I601063000

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Cummins, George Wilson Jr.  14 Feb 1862Delaware, United States I601063000
2 Cummins, George Wilson Jr.  05 Jul 1862Delaware, United States I601063000


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barratt / Cummins  20 Jun 1848Delaware, United States F539540905
2 Cummins / Barrow  1 Jan 1788Delaware, United States F2593225020
3 Cummins / Denny  8 Jun 1837Delaware, United States F539541124
4 Cummins / Peterson  1809Delaware, United States F2593225221
5 Cummins / Ringgold  22 Apr 1834Delaware, United States F1068927023
6 Cummins / Wilson  17 Jun 1806Delaware, United States F539541135
7 Lockwood / Cummins  21 Mar 1793Delaware, United States F1047630824
8 Lockwood / Jackson  8 Feb 1756Delaware, United States F539541127