genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Columbania, Ohio, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 40.756407, Longitude: -80.803186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcut, Rebecca Jane  15 Feb 1804Columbania, Ohio, United States I17558559431
2 Armstrong, Harriet  1815Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899429
3 Bowman, Calvin  1847Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899436
4 Bowman, Elizabeth  1841Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899433
5 Bowman, Hannah  1836Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899431
6 Bowman, Harriet  1849Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899437
7 Bowman, Henry  1845Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899435
8 Bowman, Matthais  1843Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899434
9 Bowman, Sarah  1837Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899432
10 Burdq, Almira Park  16 Sep 1849Columbania, Ohio, United States I8779230076
11 Coy, Mary Ellen  16 Nov 1899Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667767799
12 Culler, Jr., John  24 May 1925Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768974
13 Eidenire, Harriet  1 or 2 Feb 1833Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667769139
14 Hagan, Edith Louise  14 Oct 1922Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768938
15 Hagan, Frank Sherman   I8667768931
16 Hagan, Harry James   I8667768937
17 Hagan, John Joseph  1 Dec 1925Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768936
18 Hagan, Stella Gertrude   I8667768657
19 Stambaugh, Elizabeth A.  29 Jul 1844Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667772067
20 Stambaugh, Lydia A.  2 Aug 1827Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667771929
21 Walter, Albert Lewis  25 Apr 1850Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884554
22 Walter, Jacob Jefferson  27 Feb 1840Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884553
23 Walter, John Gardner  4 Aug 1842Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884555
24 Walter, Joseph Woodford  26 Aug 1837Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884556
25 Walter, Mathias  6 Apr 1832Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884589
26 Walter, Mathias John  4 May 1832Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884557
27 Walter, Rebecca Elizabeth  14 Oct 1848Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884559
28 Walter, Sarah Matilda Catherine  15 Mar 1845Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowman  30 Dec 1819Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908490
2 Bowman  2 May 1842Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908491
3 Bowman, Catherine  12 Jan 1822Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908495
4 Bowman, Christian  26 Sep 1909Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899421
5 Bowman, Ester  1927Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857899428
6 Bowman, Mary  23 Dec 1880Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908489
7 Bowman, Salome  20 Jul 1827Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908498
8 Bowman, Susannah  6 Mar 1826Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857908497
9 Coy, Kennett Knox  1945Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667767806
10 Drake, Frank  28 Aug 1933Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667769137
11 Hagan, Edith Louise  18 Jan 1923Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768938
12 Hagan, Lawrence Eugene  7 Dec 1997Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768940
13 Hagan, William Blaine  20 Oct 1988Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667768939
14 Knauss, Anna Maria  15 May 1831Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884563
15 Stambaugh, John C.  9 Dec 1917Columbania, Ohio, United States I8667769138
16 Walter, Christiana  1835Columbania, Ohio, United States I8105799491
17 Walter, Henry  10 Oct 1873Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884576
18 Walter, Sarah  Mar 1879Columbania, Ohio, United States I5857884585


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Robinson  9 Oct 1847Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975166988
2 Bowman / Armstrong  24 Aug 1834Columbania, Ohio, United States F5350813578
3 Burdq / Hemingway  29 Apr 1846Columbania, Ohio, United States F8026656795
4 Drake / Stambaugh  Jun 1907Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975166062
5 Hemingway / Malmsbury  1823Columbania, Ohio, United States F8026656794
6 Mathias / Stambaugh  4 Sep 1828Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975167010
7 Stambaugh / Anderson  11 Feb 1864Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975167015
8 Stambaugh / Robinson  18 Dec 1834Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975166982
9 Stambaugh / Smith  10 Jan 1833Columbania, Ohio, United States F7975167045
10 Walter / Bowman  7 May 1816Columbania, Ohio, United States F5350808396
11 Walter / Mayer  4 Nov 1816Columbania, Ohio, United States F5350808394