genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Champaign, Ohio, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 40.142344, Longitude: -83.765444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gideon, Peter Marion  12 Dec 1832Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779327481
2 Loudenback, Antrim Wait  16 May 1862Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561260
3 Middleton, Arthur  07 Mar 1856Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561235
4 Middleton, Blanche M   I17558561237
5 Norman, Elizabeth  16 Oct 1807Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779301861
6 Pence, Jeanette Wilimina  20 Feb 1881Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561222
7 Pence, Samuel F  Jan 1885Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561220
8 Shaffer, Ida May  30 Sep 1887Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561343
9 Stickley, Howard O  22 Mar 1905Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561240
10 Taylor, Alice Loretta   I17558561234
11 Taylor, Frank B  Abt. 1867Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561233
12 Taylor, Sarah M  Abt. 1863Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561272
13 Taylor, Tully  Abt. 1865Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561232
14 Ward, Beulah Lenore   I17558561239
15 Ward, Lorenzo Dow  15 Nov 1879Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561238
16 Ward, Loretta  10 Apr 1911Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561245
17 Ward, Ned  30 Jun 1928Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561248
18 Ward, Robert  02 Feb 1913Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561246
19 Ward, Vivian  25 Jun 1920Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561247
20 Zimmerman, Carrie Belle  Abt. 1864Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561218
21 Zimmerman, Elizabeth Jane  24 Jul 1843Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561255
22 Zimmerman, George W  30 Apr 1814Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561252


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bentz, Johann Heinrich  01 Mar 1824Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779228821
2 Blimly, Mary  20 Sep 1829Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779228822
3 Conard, Sarah  Champaign, Ohio, United States I5659338227
4 Custenborder, Barbara Christina  11 Apr 1898Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561228
5 Huffman, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1833Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779218641
6 Loudenback, Perry  11 Jul 1908Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561259
7 Middleton, Arthur  23 Dec 1889Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561235
8 Middleton, Blanche M   I17558561237
9 Miller, Valentine  29 Nov 1843Champaign, Ohio, United States I5659338237
10 Pence, Andrew Jackson  19 Nov 1946Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561219
11 Pence, Mary E  21 Feb 1931Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561261
12 Taylor, Alice Loretta   I17558561234
13 Ward, Beulah Lenore   I17558561239
14 Ward, Lorenzo Dow  22 Jan 1948Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561238
15 Ward, Loretta  23 May 2002Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561245
16 Ward, Ned  14 Oct 2001Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561248
17 Zimmerman, Barbara   I17558561229
18 Zimmerman, George Washington  Jul 1840Champaign, Ohio, United States I8779228730
19 Zimmerman, John W  03 Feb 1930Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561258
20 Zimmerman, Sylvester B  1905Champaign, Ohio, United States I17558561257


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Nawman  04 Jul 1815Champaign, Ohio, United States F8026656460
2 Baker / Nawman  24 Oct 1816Champaign, Ohio, United States F8026656461
3 Barger / Pence   F16053348846
4 Loudenback / Zimmerman   F16053348856
5 Middleton / Taylor   F16053348851
6 Miller /   25 May 1825Champaign, Ohio, United States F5260034085
7 Nawman / Baker  12 Aug 1813Champaign, Ohio, United States F8026653547
8 Overpeck / Callison  20 Mar 1817Champaign, Ohio, United States F8026653511
9 Stickley / Ward   F16053348853