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Beauport, Quebec, Canada


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City/Town : Latitude: 46.859019, Longitude: -71.192263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baugis, Genevieve  30 Nov 1692Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667808653 Master Tree 
2 Baugis, Jeanne Thérèse  21 Jan 1690Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165592 Master Tree 
3 Beaudin, Marie Genevieve  14 Aug 1695Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779230642 Master Tree 
4 Bouchard Jolicoeur, Andre  18 Jul 1760Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568045 Master Tree 
5 Boutet, Fabien Isidore  16 Aug 1861Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779183036 Master Tree 
6 Cloutier, Marie Madeline  Abt 1674Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779230702 Master Tree 
7 Crete, Genevieve  18 Oct 1714Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567883 Master Tree 
8 De Rainville, Jean Baptiste  1666Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856686 Master Tree 
9 De Rainville, Jean Baptiste  19 May 1693Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856687 Master Tree 
10 De Rainville, Marie Charlotte  11 Nov 1695Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856688 Master Tree 
11 De Rainville, Marie-Anne Louise  25 May 1711Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779329316 Master Tree 
12 Giroux, Marie-Angélique  02 Apr 1738Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779329318 Master Tree 
13 Giroux, Suzanne  09 Oct 1694Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165603 Master Tree 
14 Lacroix, Anne  19 Jan 1689/90Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856671 Master Tree 
15 Landry, Elisabeth  20 Oct 1762Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568104 Master Tree 
16 Landry, Jean Baptiste  29 Mar 1733Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568103 Master Tree 
17 Landry, Jean Baptiste  6 Apr 1765Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568105 Master Tree 
18 Landry, Jean Baptiste  7 Dec 1766Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568152 Master Tree 
19 Landry, Jean Baptiste  13 Apr 1772Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568154 Master Tree 
20 Landry, Joseph  2 Nov 1769Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568153 Master Tree 
21 Lefebure, Marie Charlotte  19 Apr 1696Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792567 Master Tree 
22 Lefebvre, Jean Baptiste  11 Aug 1686Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568015 Master Tree 
23 Lizotte, Nicolas-Claude  07 Feb 1674Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325250 Master Tree 
24 Maheu, Catherine  04 Aug 1729Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165605 Master Tree 
25 Maheu, Jean-Baptiste  27 Aug 1724Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165604 Master Tree 
26 Maheu, Marie-Angélique  15 Jun 1720Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165583 Master Tree 
27 Mailloux, Catharine  20 Feb 1739Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567931 Master Tree 
28 Mailloux, François  1774Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567948 Master Tree 
29 Mailloux, Jean Baptiste  16 Nov 1719Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567943 Master Tree 
30 Mailloux, Jean Pierre  21 Jul 1751Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567946 Master Tree 
31 Mailloux, Louis Joseph  25 Mar 1750Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567945 Master Tree 
32 Mailloux, Marie Louise  12 Nov 1747Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567944 Master Tree 
33 Mailloux, Pierre  1770Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567947 Master Tree 
34 Marcoux, Andre  26 Mar 1722Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568026 Master Tree 
35 Marcoux, Antoine  6 Sep 1713Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567915 Master Tree 
36 Marcoux, Antoine  18 Jun 1741Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567917 Master Tree 
37 Marcoux, Barbe Marguerite  01 Jan 1721Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165597 Master Tree 
38 Marcoux, Etienne  17 Nov 1746Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567919 Master Tree 
39 Marcoux, Étienne  Abt. 14 Dec 1753Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165588 Master Tree 
40 Marcoux, Genevieve  6 Jan 1682Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792535 Master Tree 
41 Marcoux, Geneviève  Abt. 7 Mar 1752Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165587 Master Tree 
42 Marcoux, Ignace  15 Dec 1725Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165599 Master Tree 
43 Marcoux, Jacques  23 May 1713Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165594 Master Tree 
44 Marcoux, Jean Marie  12 Jan 1744Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567918 Master Tree 
45 Marcoux, Jean-Baptiste  26 Oct 1715Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165582 Master Tree 
46 Marcoux, Jeanne  05 Mar 1718Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165595 Master Tree 
47 Marcoux, Joseph  17 Jun 1730Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165601 Master Tree 
48 Marcoux, Joseph François  Abt. 7 Oct 1758Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165590 Master Tree 
49 Marcoux, Louis  25 Aug 1723Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165598 Master Tree 
50 Marcoux, Louis  Abt. 15 Jul 1756Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165589 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baugis, Genevieve  30 Nov 1692Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667808653 Master Tree 
2 Chevalier, Geneviève-Marguerite Marie  16 Nov 1699Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792562 Master Tree 
3 Maheu, Marie-Angélique  1720Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165583 Master Tree 
4 Marcoux, Jean-Baptiste  26 Oct 1716Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165582 Master Tree 
5 Vallee, Francois  6 Mar 1717Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856620 Master Tree 
6 Vallee, Marie Marthe  25 Apr 1683Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856584 Master Tree 
7 Vallee, Nicolas Marie  28 Mar 1681Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856583 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ardouin, Anne Jeanne  11 Oct 1670Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792583 Master Tree 
2 Baclanger, Nicolas  19 Oct 1682Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792584 Master Tree 
3 Badeau, Jeanne  22 Nov 1706Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856840 Master Tree 
4 Baugis, Jean  17 Oct 1720Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325187 Master Tree 
5 Belanger, Nicholas  19 Oct 1682Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325331 Master Tree 
6 Boulet Robin, Mathurine Madeleine  17 Apr 1662Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325337 Master Tree 
7 Chalou, Pierre François  11 Mar 1765Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779182996 Master Tree 
8 Crete, Genevieve  10 Sep 1759Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567883 Master Tree 
9 De Rainville, Jean Baptiste  13 Jul 1724Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856687 Master Tree 
10 de Rainville, Marie  6 Nov 1711Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792585 Master Tree 
11 De Rainville, Marie-Anne Louise  16 Aug 1744Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779329316 Master Tree 
12 de Rainville, Marthe  11 Jan 1711Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792550 Master Tree 
13 de Rainville, Paul  10 Dec 1686Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792553 Master Tree 
14 Drouin, Jeanne  23 Jun 1732Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325194 Master Tree 
15 Giroux, Jean  15 Jan 1732Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325325 Master Tree 
16 Giroux, Suzanne  11 Dec 1749Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165603 Master Tree 
17 Giroux, Toussaint  15 Feb 1715Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792541 Master Tree 
18 Godard, Marie  21 Nov 1684Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792548 Master Tree 
19 Grenier, Charles  06 Feb 1717Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856648 Master Tree 
20 Grenier, Marie Charlotte  04 Apr 1736Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325192 Master Tree 
21 Guyon Dion Sieur Du Buisson, Jean Marsolet  30 May 1663Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325336 Master Tree 
22 Landry, Jean Baptiste  17 Mar 1769Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568152 Master Tree 
23 Landry, Joseph  22 Jan 1770Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568153 Master Tree 
24 Langlois, Noel  14 Jul 1684Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325262 Master Tree 
25 Lefebure dit Chartrand, Jean  6 Feb 1736Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792568 Master Tree 
26 Maheu, Louis Pierre  14 Apr 1751Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165602 Master Tree 
27 Maheu, Pierre  02 May 1717Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779325193 Master Tree 
28 Marcoux, Antoine  7 Jun 1792Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567915 Master Tree 
29 Marcoux, Genevieve  8 May 1756Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792535 Master Tree 
30 Marcoux, Jean-Baptiste  Abt. 23 Dec 1758Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165582 Master Tree 
31 Marcoux, Marie Angelique  Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568149 Master Tree 
32 Marcoux, Marie Angélique  2 May1757Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558560564 Master Tree 
33 Marcoux, Pierre  1699Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792549 Master Tree 
34 Martin, Jean  Abt. 1623Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558560245 Master Tree 
35 Michel, Marie  12 Nov 1687Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792555 Master Tree 
36 Mongeon, Marie Geneviève  23 Mar 1795Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567934 Master Tree 
37 Mongeon, Nicolas  4 Jan 1757Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792561 Master Tree 
38 Parant, Francois  28 Jul 1702Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856682 Master Tree 
39 Parant, Ignace  2 Oct 1708Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856685 Master Tree 
40 Parant, Noel  2 Jan 1700Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856680 Master Tree 
41 Parent, Marie Genevieve  9 Jun 1797Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667808657 Master Tree 
42 Parent, Pierre  5 Aug 1698Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856839 Master Tree 
43 Riton, Marie  13 Nov 1672Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667792543 Master Tree 
44 Rochereau Lespérance, Jacques  7 Jan 1759Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567912 Master Tree 
45 Rochereau Lesperance, Marie Louise  21 Sep 1748Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567909 Master Tree 
46 Rochereau Lespérance, Pierre  May 1786Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558567913 Master Tree 
47 Rochereau Lesperance, Thomas  28 Feb 1765Beauport, Quebec, Canada I17558568119 Master Tree 
48 Vachon, Marie-Madeline  17 Feb 1703Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856859 Master Tree 
49 Vallee, Andre  12 Dec 1730Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856631 Master Tree 
50 Vallee, Antoine  12 Apr 1721Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856592 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Marcoux, Jean-Baptiste  26 Dec 1758Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8779165582 Master Tree 
2 Vallee, Marie-Marguerite  11 Dec 1720Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856580 Master Tree 
3 Vallee, Therese Genevieve  18 May 1761Beauport, Quebec, Canada I8667856689 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beaudin / Vallee  10 Feb 1687Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190260 Master Tree 
2 Belanger / de Rainville  11 Jan 1660Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026689801 Master Tree 
3 Bouchard / Vallee   F16053351970 Master Tree 
4 Chauveau / Vallee   F16053351941 Master Tree 
5 Cloutier / Leblanc  13 Nov 1672Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026656926 Master Tree 
6 de Rainville / Michel  1 Sep 1666Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169286 Master Tree 
7 De Rainville / Vallee  30 Nov 1690Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190232 Master Tree 
8 Giroux / Belanger  12 Feb 1684Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026689798 Master Tree 
9 Giroux / Godard  29 Sep 1654Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169282 Master Tree 
10 Grenier / Vachon  7 Nov 1719Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190217 Master Tree 
11 Landry / Giroux   F16053351995 Master Tree 
12 Landry / Vallee  21 Sep 1761Beauport, Quebec, Canada F16053351983 Master Tree 
13 Laplante / Parent  21 Jan 1800Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026638766 Master Tree 
14 Leblanc / Riton  23 Aug 1650Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169279 Master Tree 
15 Lefebure dit Chartrand / Crete  22 Oct 1685Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169294 Master Tree 
16 Lefebvre / De Rainville   F16053351963 Master Tree 
17 Mailloux / Vallee   F16053351950 Master Tree 
18 Mailloux / Vallee   F16053351951 Master Tree 
19 Marcoux / Baugis  04 Aug 1710Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026631763 Master Tree 
20 Marcoux / Maheu  21 Nov 1740Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026631762 Master Tree 
21 Marcoux / Vallee   F16053351945 Master Tree 
22 Marcoux / Vallee   F16053351966 Master Tree 
23 Mongeon / Chevalier  16 Jan 1723Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169290 Master Tree 
24 Mongeon / Lortie  04 Nov 1754Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026638430 Master Tree 
25 Mongeon / Paquet  06 Jun 1757Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026638431 Master Tree 
26 Mongeon / Vachon  6 Jul 1716Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169292 Master Tree 
27 Parant / Vallee  10 Feb 1687Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190231 Master Tree 
28 Parent / Chalou  26 Feb 1770Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026638765 Master Tree 
29 Parent / Vallee   F16053351943 Master Tree 
30 Pelletier dit Gobloteur / Langlois  09 Nov 1649Beauport, Quebec, Canada F8026689760 Master Tree 
31 Rocheleau L'Espérance / Vallee   F8026691268 Master Tree 
32 Rochereau / Vallee   F16053351944 Master Tree 
33 Rochereau Lespérance / Marcoux   F16053351992 Master Tree 
34 Rochereau Lesperance / Parent   F16053351987 Master Tree 
35 Rochereau Lespérance / Parent   F16053351993 Master Tree 
36 Vallee / Baugis  3 Feb 1711Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975176600 Master Tree 
37 Vallee / Baugis   F16053351971 Master Tree 
38 Vallee / Belanger   F16053351991 Master Tree 
39 Vallee / Courraud  21 Jul 1704Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190203 Master Tree 
40 Vallee / Crete  18 Jan 1732Beauport, Quebec, Canada F16053351942 Master Tree 
41 Vallee / De Rainville   F8026691269 Master Tree 
42 Vallee / Garnier   F8026691271 Master Tree 
43 Vallee / Giroux   F8026691270 Master Tree 
44 Vallee / Grenier  19 Jan 1750Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190216 Master Tree 
45 Vallee / Laurent Lortie Coquot  11 Feb 1783Beauport, Quebec, Canada F16053348609 Master Tree 
46 Vallee / Lefebvre  22 Nov 1712Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975190213 Master Tree 
47 Vallee / Mailloux  16 Nov 1761Beauport, Quebec, Canada F16053351948 Master Tree 
48 Vallee / Marcoux  12 Sep 1707Beauport, Quebec, Canada F7975169273 Master Tree 
49 Vallee / Marcoux   F16053351965 Master Tree 
50 Vallee / Marcoux   F16053351947 Master Tree 

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