genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Alabama, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 32.61436, Longitude: -86.680735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Cherlene   I5857856948
2 Benson, Emma Lavina  5 Jul 1843Alabama, United States I8779192784
3 Benson, Mary Jane  Abt 1846Alabama, United States I8779192793
4 Benson, Sara Emily  Jun 1848Alabama, United States I8779192794
5 Blakey, Jenifer Mifflin  Sep 1848Alabama, United States I8779192075
6 Blythe, Thomas Jefferson  01 Aug 1829Alabama, United States I17558564973
7 Booth, Daniel Boone  15 May 1838Alabama, United States I8779192799
8 Bowling, George F.  1 Oct 1862Alabama, United States I8779192011
9 Bowling, Mary E.  9 Mar 1850Alabama, United States I8779192008
10 Cassidy, James M  Nov 1855Alabama, United States I17558565013
11 Chamberlain, Henry  Abt 1859Alabama, United States I8779190916
12 Chamberlain, Josephine W  Abt 1894Alabama, United States I8779190917
13 Chamberlain, Stanhope H  Abt 1895Alabama, United States I8779190918
14 Clark, Anna Montana  1896Alabama, United States I8779192033
15 Clark, John James  1848Alabama, United States I8779191982
16 Clark, John W.  1878Alabama, United States I8779192026
17 Clark, Martha Adaline  10 Apr 1857Alabama, United States I8779191984
18 Clark, Oscar M.  1880Alabama, United States I8779192027
19 Clark, Quintus Park  1892Alabama, United States I8779192031
20 Clark, Quintus Park Jr.  6 Jul 1919Alabama, United States I8779192097
21 Clark, Richard Elonzo  1889Alabama, United States I8779192030
22 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1844Alabama, United States I8779191981
23 Craddock, James W.  Abt 1842Alabama, United States I8779192931
24 Crenshaw, John Elmore  13 Sep 1822Alabama, United States I8779190881
25 Denton, James Edward  1815Alabama, United States I17558564331
26 Dubois, John Elmore Winbourne  1841Alabama, United States I8779190990
27 Dunn, Eugene   I8667772737
28 Elmore, Bessie  Abt 1895Alabama, United States I8779190909
29 Elmore, Elizabeth W   I8779190908
30 Elmore, Elizabeth Willett  22 Oct 1919Alabama, United States I8779190911
31 Elmore, Mary T  Aug 1866Alabama, United States I8779190902
32 Elmore, Willett  13 Jan 1896Alabama, United States I8779190905
33 Elmore, Winfield Scott  2 Nov 1820Alabama, United States I8779190856
34 Fitzpatrick, John Archer  14 Dec 1836Alabama, United States I8779192775
35 Grimmett, Mary M.  30 Aug 1845Alabama, United States I8779192021
36 Grimmett, Thomas F.  Oct 1868Alabama, United States I8779192548
37 Henry, Paralee Blevins  Alabama, United States I8779191965
38 Herod, Leila B.   I8667772739
39 Higgins, Charles E.  8 Aug 1860Alabama, United States I8779191994
40 Higgins, Joseph Alvie  18 Feb 1857Alabama, United States I8779191993
41 Higgins, Thomas M.  12 Nov 1853Alabama, United States I8779191992
42 Higgins, William C.  25 Dec 1846Alabama, United States I8779191988
43 Jordan, Charlotte  Abt 1846Alabama, United States I8779192713
44 Jordan, Ellen  Abt 1839Alabama, United States I8779192711
45 Jordan, Frances  10 Apr 1824Alabama, United States I8779191028
46 Jordan, George  Abt 1836Alabama, United States I8779192710
47 Jordan, John E.  Abt 1848Alabama, United States I8779192714
48 Jordan, Sarah  Abt 1843Alabama, United States I8779192712
49 Jordan, Shorter  Abt 1857Alabama, United States I8779193152
50 Malone, Nancy Ann  11 Dec 1831Alabama, United States I17558564332

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, Benjamin Franklin  5 May 1901Alabama, United States I8779192766
2 Clark, Quintus Park Jr.  27 Dec 1992Alabama, United States I8779192097
3 Denton, James Edward  1879Alabama, United States I17558564331
4 Elmore, Charlotte Perry  22 Oct 1825Alabama, United States I8779192179
5 Elmore, Judith  1834Alabama, United States I8779190841
6 Goodwin, Robert  1871Alabama, United States I17558564333
7 Jordan, Sarah Ann  Bef 1 Feb 1841Alabama, United States I8779191026


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benson / Jordan  23 Jul 1842Alabama, United States F8026639938