genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Virginia, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 38.003375, Longitude: -79.420926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Abt. 1667Virginia, United States I8779326707
2 Elizabeth  Abt. 1875Virginia, United States I8779326748
3 Harriett E  Nov 1828Virginia, United States I2733051549
4 Ida M  Abt. 1898Virginia, United States I8779327472
5 Nancy  Abt. 1800Virginia, United States I17558559366
6 Sally  Abt. 1770Virginia, United States I17558561940
7 Sarah  Abt. 1798Virginia, United States I8779218721
8 Alcut, Ann  Abt. 1801Virginia, United States I17558559442
9 Alcut, William W  05 Oct 1763Virginia, United States I17558559430
10 Ann  1646Virginia, United States I17558566089
11 Ashfield, Phoebe  1771Virginia, United States I17558561681
12 Baines, John Colson  Abt 1726Virginia, United States I17558564246
13 Bayless, Mary Frances  1700Virginia, United States I17558566133
14 Bell, Rebecca  Virginia, United States I17558564836
15 Bennett, Aquilla  Abt. 1775Virginia, United States I8779327500
16 Bennett, Fisher Rice  ABT. 1806Virginia, United States I5659312379
17 Bennett, Isaac  Bet. 1750 and 1757Virginia, United States I8779327499
18 Blair, Elizabeth Bland   I17558567454
19 Blue, Ann C  Abt. 1828Virginia, United States I8667844898
20 Blue, Johanna  Abt. 1824Virginia, United States I8667844896
21 Blue, John S  Abt. 1825Virginia, United States I8667844897
22 Blue, John Salter  Abt. 1794Virginia, United States I8667844895
23 Blue, Peter G  Abt. 1830Virginia, United States I8667844899
24 Bolling, Archibald  Abt 1772Virginia, United States I17558569743
25 Bolling, Archibald  Abt 1791Virginia, United States I17558569742
26 Bolling, William Holcombe  Abt 1836Virginia, United States I17558569738
27 Bondurant, Elizabeth L  Abt. 1816Virginia, United States I2732913101
28 Branham, John  1694Virginia, United States I8779230904
29 Butler, Christopher  1660Virginia, United States I17558564138
30 Callison, Arthur  21 Feb 1793Virginia, United States I8779218547
31 Callison, Jane  08 Nov 1796Virginia, United States I8779218554
32 Callison, John  05 Aug 1769Virginia, United States I8779218555
33 Carter, Robert King  Abt. 1663Virginia, United States I8779327445
34 Childress, John  1780Virginia, United States I17558567566
35 Clark, Mathilda  1811Virginia, United States I8779218669
36 Cockerell, Robert Mortimer  13 Jul 1816Virginia, United States I8667812976
37 Coffey, Hugh  Abt. 1652Virginia, United States I17558563323
38 Collier, John  03 Mar 1685Virginia, United States I17558569987
39 Collier, Thomas  01 Dec 1710Virginia, United States I17558569985
40 Colliver, Richard  1776Virginia, United States I8779218395
41 Conway, Edwin  Abt. 1640Virginia, United States I8779326647
42 Cowherd, Yelverton  29 Sep 1789Virginia, United States I8779191008
43 Craddock, Ann  Abt 1774Virginia, United States I8779190930
44 Craddock, Edmund  Abt 1750Virginia, United States I8779190929
45 Craddock, Mary Ann  Abt 1776Virginia, United States I8779190932
46 Craddock, Thomas Elmore  Abt 1781Virginia, United States I8779190933
47 Cramblett, George W.  Abt. 1812Virginia, United States I5659310976
48 Crenshaw, Abner  2 Jul 1778Virginia, United States I8779190878
49 Dandridge, Martha  Abt 1740Virginia, United States I17558569746
50 Dandridge, Nathaniel West  Abt 1720Virginia, United States I17558569747

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Argabright, John Adam  1809Virginia, United States I8779218564
2 Bennett, Dianah  Virginia, United States I17558564197
3 Blair, Elizabeth Bland   I17558567454
4 Branham, Richard  Abt 1728Virginia, United States I8779230906
5 Carey, Ann  Virginia, United States I17558567635
6 Catlet, Rebecca  1760Virginia, United States I17558560479
7 Collier, Thomas  Abt 1750Virginia, United States I17558569985
8 Coxe, Alice  1665Virginia, United States I17558567696
9 Dabney, Susannah  1752Virginia, United States I8779327517
10 Dalyell, Magdalene  22 Dec 1732Virginia, United States I17558563684
11 Edloe, Matthew  1668Virginia, United States I17558567693
12 Edlow, Tabitha  1679Virginia, United States I17558567692
13 Eley, Eli  25 Aug 1740Virginia, United States I17558564200
14 Evans, Jesse  20 May 1860Virginia, United States I8667812974
15 Fitzgerald, James  1536Virginia, United States I17558564004
16 Gideon, Mary  28 Apr 1873Virginia, United States I8667812973
17 Hannah  Virginia, United States I17558563701
18 Henegar, Catherine  Virginia, United States I17558565175
19 Holland, Peninah  1783Virginia, United States I17558564233
20 Jefferson, Mary  1817Virginia, United States I17558569763
21 Johnston, Edward  1704Virginia, United States I8779327910
22 Jordan, Hannah  1634Virginia, United States I17558563740
23 King, Francis  Virginia, United States I17558565443
24 Laingor, Richard Wayne   I17558561404
25 Lansford, Lydia  1730Virginia, United States I17558564077
26 Lawrence, Robert  19 Oct 1682Virginia, United States I17558564226
27 Lawrence, Robert  1784Virginia, United States I17558564202
28 Levinia, Mary  1810Virginia, United States I17558565170
29 Ligon, Thomas  1675Virginia, United States I17558564094
30 Martin, John  Jul 1747Virginia, United States I17558567598
31 Mary  Virginia, United States I17558563686
32 McCoy, Daniel  08 Oct 1735Virginia, United States I17558564147
33 McDowell, Magdalene  1690Virginia, United States I8779326683
34 Mitchell, Henry  1705Virginia, United States I17558566009
35 Mitchell, James C  Abt 1802Virginia, United States I8779190939
36 Montanye, Hannah  Aft 1779Virginia, United States I8779193935
37 Montanye, Rebecca  1788Virginia, United States I8779193937
38 Moseley, Mary  1660Virginia, United States I17558567711
39 Osborne, Ellender   I17558567470
40 Phippen, Joan  05 Feb 1679Virginia, United States I17558563759
41 Phypo, Ruth  17 Jun 1642Virginia, United States I17558564225
42 Pierce, Jane  1621Virginia, United States I17558563757
43 Power, John  1661Virginia, United States I17558564224
44 Power, Mary  1700Virginia, United States I17558564223
45 Query, Christina  1814Virginia, United States I17558563832
46 Reid, Andrew  1751Virginia, United States I8779326688
47 Savage, Dorothy  1716Virginia, United States I8779326643
48 Schindler, Adam  Virginia, United States I17558563831
49 Servies, Leslie Ray  8 Aug 1988Virginia, United States I8779324809
50 Smith, John  1674Virginia, United States I17558563755

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Spry, Oliver  1636Virginia, United States I5658651628


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Miller  20 Mar 1811Virginia, United States F5260029260
2 Baker / Miller  Abt. 1779Virginia, United States F8026653548
3 Barnett / Webb  1757Virginia, United States F16053350168
4 Blue / Gideon  1 Jan 1824Virginia, United States F7975189556
5 Conway / Catlet  21 Oct 1717Virginia, United States F8026690426
6 Davis /   Abt. 1688Virginia, United States F8026690454
7 Field / Soane  21 Oct 1678Virginia, United States F8026690378
8 Harrison / Bassett  1748Virginia, United States F8026690657
9 Hashe / Osborne   F16053351725
10 Kirby / Windle  1768Virginia, United States F16053351781
11 Lewis / Randolph  1739Virginia, United States F16053349872
12 Mansell / Pratt  1765Virginia, United States F8026690308
13 McDowell / Worsop  1599Virginia, United States F8026690443
14 Moore / Aylett   F16053348080
15 Nelson / Greenlee   F16053353546
16 Stockley / Watkins  1648Virginia, United States F16053351193
17 Strother / Dabney  1720Virginia, United States F8026690675