genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Massachusetts, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 42.037301, Longitude: -71.683502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  Mar 1870Massachusetts, United States I8779326014
2 Lizzie A  Feb 1843Massachusetts, United States I17558571105
3 Maria L  Abt. 1833Massachusetts, United States I5856932431
4 Mary Sylvia  Abt. 1812Massachusetts, United States I17558571946
5 Ruth  1721Massachusetts, United States I17558561025
6 Allen, Elizabeth Halsey  Abt. 1831Massachusetts, United States I17558571127
7 Barker, Mary Ann  Abt. 1819Massachusetts, United States I5856893070
8 Barrett, John   I17558570035
9 Bassett, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1799Massachusetts, United States I5659381262
10 Bowman, Hannah Davenport  Abt. 1824Massachusetts, United States I17558571122
11 Christiansen, Clara Marguerite  Abt. 1885Massachusetts, United States I17558571036
12 Cloutman, Benjamin  Abt. 1749Massachusetts, United States I5856893119
13 Cloutman, Mary  14 Jan 1795Massachusetts, United States I5856893087
14 Coffin, Albert  Massachusetts, United States I8779183618
15 Colbath, Winthrop  07 Apr 1787Massachusetts, United States I17558571472
16 Coles, Elizabeth  1631Massachusetts, United States I8779187291
17 Cunningham, Mary L  Abt. 1825Massachusetts, United States I17558571130
18 Curtis, Caroline W  Abt 1805Massachusetts, United States I8779229343
19 Davis, Minot  Abt. 1880Massachusetts, United States I8779329717
20 Dutton, Elizabeth May  Abt. 1866Massachusetts, United States I17558571106
21 Everett  Massachusetts, United States I2733051550
22 Farley, Charles B  Abt. 1827Massachusetts, United States I5856932430
23 Farley, Louisa King  1859Massachusetts, United States I5856893057
24 Farley, Lucy K  Abt. 1870Massachusetts, United States I5856932433
25 Farley, Mary M  Abt. 1864Massachusetts, United States I5856932432
26 Fisher, Alexander Humboldt  May 1864Massachusetts, United States I17558571107
27 French, Elizabeth K  Abt. 1917Massachusetts, United States I17558571110
28 Harvey, Julianna  1700Massachusetts, United States I17558570289
29 Hastings, Frank Grenville  Aug 1842Massachusetts, United States I17558571124
30 Hastings, Frederic H  Abt. 1858Massachusetts, United States I17558571133
31 Hastings, George Cunningham  29 Jul 1849Massachusetts, United States I17558571131
32 Hastings, Samuel Clesson Allen  Oct 1863Massachusetts, United States I17558571128
33 Hastings, Willis  Dec 1853Massachusetts, United States I17558571132
34 Jacob, Jael Russell  7 Sep 1662Massachusetts, United States I17558558787
35 Kingsley, Samuel  1660Massachusetts, United States I17558564763
36 Kingsley, Silence  1727Massachusetts, United States I17558564760
37 Martha  1680Massachusetts, United States I17558564738
38 Newland, Abigail  02 Feb 1758Massachusetts, United States I17558570269
39 Newland, Joseph  1722Massachusetts, United States I17558570270
40 Perron, Marie Dolphine  1877Massachusetts, United States I8779182658
41 Post, Mary  Massachusetts, United States I8779325733
42 Pratt, James  13 Oct 1717Massachusetts, United States I17558559960
43 Pratt, Mary  1633Massachusetts, United States I5659326121
44 Robie, Ferdinand  1842Massachusetts, United States I17558559943
45 Robie, Frank H  1858Massachusetts, United States I17558559948
46 Robie, Harold Field  1892Massachusetts, United States I17558559954
47 Robie, Harriet B  1856Massachusetts, United States I17558559946
48 Robie, Helen M  1891Massachusetts, United States I17558559953
49 Robie, Henry  1845Massachusetts, United States I17558559944
50 Robie, Richard Field  16 Sep 1918Massachusetts, United States I17558559956

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbe, John  1700Massachusetts, United States I17558565083
2 Church, Richard  1623Massachusetts, United States I8779325614
3 Foster, Katherine  1636Massachusetts, United States I17558565918
4 Gifford, William  1739Massachusetts, United States I17558564306
5 Hailstone, William  1675Massachusetts, United States I17558570354
6 Mellowes, Catherine  Massachusetts, United States I17558570301
7 Newland, Jonah  1768Massachusetts, United States I17558570288
8 Page, Susanna  1739Massachusetts, United States I17558571528
9 Tame, Miles  1676Massachusetts, United States I17558570376


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Pratt, Othniel  1812Massachusetts, United States I8779228641


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Norman  Abt 1649Massachusetts, United States F1068927012
2 Bates / Withington  1647Massachusetts, United States F8026690233
3 Comee / Johnson   F8026691157
4 Davis / Favor  1 Jul 1907Massachusetts, United States F8026656754
5 Lincoln / Hobart  20 Apr 1666Massachusetts, United States F16053347967
6 Moulton /   1636Massachusetts, United States F8026690887
7 Norman /   Abt 1635Massachusetts, United States F1068927000
8 Pratt /   1655Massachusetts, United States F5260023367
9 Southworth / Collier   F16053349850
10 Weston / Curtis  Abt 1825Massachusetts, United States F8026656669
11 Weston / Mitchell  Abt 1866Massachusetts, United States F8026656670