genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Kentucky, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 37.822244, Longitude: -85.76824


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ada  Abt. 1891Kentucky, United States I17558572009
2 Cordia A.  1871Kentucky, United States I8667772650
3 Elizabeth  Abt. 1849Kentucky, United States I8779328309
4 Ella  Abt. 1866Kentucky, United States I8779218654
5 Ethel M  Abt. 1913Kentucky, United States I17558572016
6 Margaret L  06 May 1897Kentucky, United States I8779328815
7 Nancy  Abt. 1830Kentucky, United States I17558569563
8 Sarah Bell  Oct 1871Kentucky, United States I8779218346
9 Anderson, Lou Ellen  5 Aug 1858Kentucky, United States I8779218370
10 Blizard, Lorenzo Dow  Abt. 1816Kentucky, United States I18
11 Blizard, Silas William  28 Oct 1819Kentucky, United States I23
12 Carson, Arthur J  Jul 1898Kentucky, United States I8779218347
13 Carson, Carter  Abt. 1903Kentucky, United States I8779218310
14 Carson, Charley  Abt. 1871Kentucky, United States I8779218355
15 Carson, Clark  Abt. 1839Kentucky, United States I8779218351
16 Carson, Columbus G  Abt. 1864Kentucky, United States I8779218358
17 Carson, Elizabeth  Sep 1899Kentucky, United States I8779218348
18 Carson, Hazie  Abt. 1902Kentucky, United States I8779218350
19 Carson, Martha E  Abt. 1867Kentucky, United States I8779218353
20 Carson, Morris J  Abt. 1878Kentucky, United States I8779218357
21 Carson, Nanda  Abt. 1902Kentucky, United States I8779218349
22 Carson, Pleasant  06 Mar 1873Kentucky, United States I8779218345
23 Carson, Rebecca F  Abt. 1875Kentucky, United States I8779218356
24 Carson, Susan J  Abt. 1869Kentucky, United States I8779218354
25 Chestnut, Ellen  Aug 1868Kentucky, United States I8779218321
26 Cline, Louella L  May 1871Kentucky, United States I8779218658
27 Collins, Isaac  Abt. 1810Kentucky, United States I28
28 Colliver, Clarence E  Abt. 1890Kentucky, United States I8779218371
29 Colliver, George  Abt. 1861Kentucky, United States I8779218379
30 Colliver, Gertrude Grace  Abt. 1894Kentucky, United States I8779218375
31 Colliver, John  Abt. 1850Kentucky, United States I8779218381
32 Colliver, Joseph  Feb 1826Kentucky, United States I8779218376
33 Colliver, Joseph Emmett  Abt. 1860Kentucky, United States I8779218369
34 Colliver, Mary E  Abt. 1915Kentucky, United States I8779218373
35 Colliver, Ruby C  Abt. 1898Kentucky, United States I8779218372
36 Colliver, Sam Edgar  Abt. 1853Kentucky, United States I8779218378
37 Colliver, Verna M  Abt. 1917Kentucky, United States I8779218374
38 Colliver, Virgie Lee  11 Apr 1900Kentucky, United States I8779218361
39 Colliver, William  Abt. 1848Kentucky, United States I8779218380
40 Cook, Hannah  1785Kentucky, United States I8779190941
41 Cowherd, Thomas Elmore  18 Oct 1822Kentucky, United States I8779191009
42 Craddock, Emelia  1808Kentucky, United States I8779190942
43 Craddock, Mariah  Abt 1812Kentucky, United States I8779190944
44 Cummins, Clarence T  Jun 1876Kentucky, United States I2732913967
45 Daily, Claude  Abt. 1899Kentucky, United States I8779218657
46 Daily, Eliza  Abt. 1892Kentucky, United States I8779218656
47 Daily, Gertrude  Abt. 1889Kentucky, United States I8779218655
48 Daily, Huttie  Abt. 1898Kentucky, United States I8779218652
49 Daily, Robert  Abt. 1856Kentucky, United States I8779218653
50 Elbert, John Downs  16 May 1806Kentucky, United States I5658669446

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coghill, Polly  1842Kentucky, United States I17558570113
2 Colliver, Joseph  1808Kentucky, United States I8779218400
3 Cornman Sr, Abraham  29 Dec 1844Kentucky, United States I5659378457
4 Doniphan, Elizabeth  1812Kentucky, United States I17558563631
5 Fields, Rose Ellen  25 Nov 1984Kentucky, United States I17558563338
6 Fields, Stephen Milton  08 May 1915Kentucky, United States I17558563336
7 Goodnight, Hans Michael  01 Sep 1781Kentucky, United States I17558563603
8 Jameson, Eleanor Helen  1816Kentucky, United States I17558564061
9 Little, Isaac   I17558567445
10 Patton, Margaret May  Kentucky, United States I8779328072
11 Shannon, Mary  24 Sep 1823Kentucky, United States I17558564582
12 Sutton, James  Abt. 1828Kentucky, United States I8779218404
13 Truman, Jane  1799Kentucky, United States I17558571256


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cowherd / Elmore  12 Aug 1814Kentucky, United States F8026639358
2 Mather / Mary  1804Kentucky, United States F16053350018
3 Osborne / Coghill  1833Kentucky, United States F16053352751
4 Osborne / Robertson  05 Feb 1846Kentucky, United States F8026656971
5 Sempsrott / Lesan   F7975167672
6 Stringer / Lovell   F16053352753