genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Jackson, Iowa, United States


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County/Shire : Latitude: 42.2076, Longitude: -90.526438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bickford, George Washington  25 Dec 1872Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181816
2 Bickford, Nona V  01 Dec 1898Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779329292
3 Bickford, Ralph Merlin  05 Apr 1900Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181817
4 Clark, Charles Wesley  08 Oct 1891Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181779
5 Clark, Minnie  10 Feb 1918Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181782
6 Clark, Noah L  25 Oct 1885Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181773
7 Clark, William  07 Nov 1923Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181784
8 Eaton, Miles Bernard  8 Nov 1910Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659376916
9 Edwards, Eli  21 Sep 1887Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181767
10 Edwards, Henry C   I8779181766
11 Hibbs, Ellen Ellen  03 May 1878Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659376874
12 McDonald, Charles Hildreth  Aug 1868Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570948
13 Mcdonald, David J  Abt. 1854Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570461
14 Mcdonald, John  Abt. 1854Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570460
15 Mcdonald, Lucinda  Abt. 1852Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570459
16 Mcdonald, Margaret  Abt. 1849Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570958
17 Pratt, Fred Garfield  Mar 1881Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659310980
18 Pratt, Harold Fred  Abt. 1905Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659310983
19 Said, Eliakim  Bet. 26 Jun 1877 and 26 Jun 1878Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659376868
20 Said, Emory Walter  01 Aug 1872Jackson, Iowa, United States I5659376866
21 Shady, Jessie Neville  07 Jan 1910Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779329214
22 Streets, Virgil Howard  01 Mar 1894Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181815
23 Teeple, Henry Calvin  25 Nov 1877Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779218131
24 Teeple, Milton G  Dec 1847Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779218122
25 Teeple, William D  13 Dec 1858Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779193365
26 Weideman, Chris Henry  13 Mar 1886Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779327476
27 Widel, Maria  Abt. 1853Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779182043
28 Widell, Florence Delphine  Aug 1865Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181999


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coffin, Laura A  21 Nov 1940Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181942
2 Currier, Joseph C  Bef. 1930Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181831
3 Dutton, Mary Jane  18 Mar 1923Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181747
4 Edwards, Eli  08 Aug 1969Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181767
5 Edwards, Henry C   I8779181766
6 Edwards, Lawrence A  07 Nov 1923Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181771
7 Edwards, Ralph Pratt  05 May 1986Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779183604
8 Gibson, Louis G  04 Sep 1942Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779327007
9 Green, William  3 Dec 1897Jackson, Iowa, United States I5857884542
10 Groat, Catherine  01 Feb 1891Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779182003
11 Hildreth, Margaret A  Bef. 1850Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570452
12 Hildreth, Martha Ann  18 Nov 1861Jackson, Iowa, United States I17558570955
13 Pratt, Albert Clifford  1929Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181943
14 Pratt, Florence  27 Jul 1961Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181932
15 Pratt, Margaret Curtis  11 Nov 1898Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779193363
16 Pratt, Minerva M  01 Jun 1890Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181936
17 Shady, Jessie Neville  29 Sep 1977Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779329214
18 Streets, Eli  22 Mar 1922Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181810
19 Streets, Elijah  07 Mar 1907Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181809
20 Streets, Leafie L  25 Aug 1969Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181811
21 Streets, Virgil Howard  16 Aug 1894Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181815
22 Teeple, Calvin  30 Aug 1888Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779193364
23 Teeple, Milton G  14 Feb 1917Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779218122
24 Widel, Adeline  01 Sep 1879Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779182041
25 Widel, Jeremiah W  05 Jun 1885Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779182002
26 Widel, Mary Altyra  05 Dec 1893Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181931
27 Widell, Menzo J  13 Sep 1918Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779182047


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mcdonald, John G  1837Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181832
2 Mcdonald, John G  1840Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779181832
3 Teeple, Calvin  1838Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779193364
4 Teeple, Calvin  1840Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779193364
5 Windel, John Conrad  1840Jackson, Iowa, United States I8779326083


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coffin / Harris  05 Oct 1851Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638960
2 Crane / Pratt  01 Apr 1860Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638507
3 Dubbert / Hogg  08 Sep 1897Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026691254
4 Dyer / Teeple  21 Apr 1880Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026653381
5 Edwards / Huffman  12 May 1928Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638954
6 Gibson / Saunders  24 Feb 1855Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026690532
7 Green / Walters  5 Aug 1889Jackson, Iowa, United States F5350808383
8 Groat / Townsend  17 Oct 1854Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026690171
9 McDonald / Sweesy  23 Aug 1866Jackson, Iowa, United States F16053352908
10 Pickett / Widel  08 Dec 1868Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638536
11 Pratt / Widel  13 Aug 1878Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638502
12 Prindle / Tolman  18 Sep 1869Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026653384
13 Ripperton / Edwards  22 Oct 1930Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638957
14 Ripperton / Edwards   F8026638955
15 Said / Dutton  28 Oct 1866Jackson, Iowa, United States F5260038866
16 Said / Hibbs  19 Mar 1899Jackson, Iowa, United States F5260038871
17 Streets / Dutton  05 Nov 1871Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026638475
18 Teeple / McCracken  27 Feb 1877Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026653380
19 Wendel / Gordon  12 Feb 1867Jackson, Iowa, United States F8026690183