genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Iowa, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 41.938226, Longitude: -93.389883


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann E  Abt. 1900Iowa, United States I8779329201
2 Cecil  22 Nov 1897Iowa, United States I8779218764
3 Cecil F.  24 Sep 1890Iowa, United States I8667772663
4 Cora B  May 1868Iowa, United States I17558569536
5 Edna N  Abt. 1895Iowa, United States I8779183583
6 Ella O  Abt. 1883Iowa, United States I5659310888
7 Emma  Abt. 1860Iowa, United States I8779218127
8 Grace  Abt. 1894Iowa, United States I8779218176
9 Helen L  Abt. 1894Iowa, United States I8779327477
10 Ida E  Apr 1872Iowa, United States I8779230921
11 Irene  Abt. 1904Iowa, United States I8779183585
12 Louisa  Abt. 1898Iowa, United States I8779183616
13 Mary L R  May 1867Iowa, United States I8779218747
14 Mary Maude  Abt. 1884Iowa, United States I8779183614
15 Maud I  Abt. 1888Iowa, United States I8779182054
16 Nellie M  09 Dec 1890Iowa, United States I8779183580
17 Rebecca  Abt. 1900Iowa, United States I8779182050
18 Sarah  Abt. 1866Iowa, United States I8779181939
19 Aanestad, Alma Marie  3 Jan 1879Iowa, United States I5857878678
20 Alline, Russell S.  17 Mar 1889Iowa, United States I8667772826
21 Andvik, Orlando M.   I5857880605
22 Babbitz, Oscar  Abt. 1877Iowa, United States I5659376885
23 Barnett, Cora Almeda  25 Dec 1871Iowa, United States I8779326853
24 Barnett, Lula Irene  11 Nov 1889Iowa, United States I8779326860
25 Barnett, Walter Robert  26 Aug 1873Iowa, United States I8779326854
26 Baum, Rosanna  16 Oct 1847Iowa, United States I8779327488
27 Beedle, Isabel  1880Iowa, United States I5857848928
28 Beithon, Patricia May   I8779219115
29 Belknap, Edna  Abt. 1895Iowa, United States I8779218151
30 Belknap, Lillian  Abt. 1889Iowa, United States I8779218149
31 Belknap, Theresa  Abt. 1894Iowa, United States I8779218150
32 Benge, Emily Elizabeth  25 Aug 1925Iowa, United States I8779181966
33 Benge, Ethel Irene   I8779181967
34 Benge, Harry Harland   I8779181968
35 Benge, Herbert Melvin   I8779181965
36 Bennett, Burton  Bet. 1855 and 1865Iowa, United States I5856888452
37 Bennett, Lester  Abt. 1867Iowa, United States I5856888458
38 Bennett, Lewis Dean  23 Dec 1930Iowa, United States I5856888409
39 Bennett, Mabel  Jan 1889Iowa, United States I17558566579
40 Bennett, Minta  05 May 1859Iowa, United States I5856888459
41 Bennett, Robert D   I5659310949
42 Bivin, Emma  Oct 1869Iowa, United States I17558568668
43 Brookhart, Lucy Louella  16 Aug 1848Iowa, United States I2732913898
44 Clark, Eva M  1908Iowa, United States I8779181774
45 Clark, George W  Jun 1864Iowa, United States I8779218746
46 Clark, Gladys G  Oct 1889Iowa, United States I8779218749
47 Clark, Heloise Honor N  Dec 1884Iowa, United States I8779181877
48 Clark, Mary M  May 1891Iowa, United States I8779218750
49 Clark, Sarah B  Jan 1895Iowa, United States I8779218752
50 Clark, Valerie  Aug 1893Iowa, United States I8779218751

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andvik, Orlando M.   I5857880605
2 Rounds, Linda Kay   I5857878859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Edward  13 Mar 1902Iowa, United States I5659311010
2 Clark, Duncan  Iowa, United States I8779326928
3 Dahl, Nellie Tobina  1949Iowa, United States I5857880352
4 Fee, Dora Belle L  Iowa, United States I8779326740
5 Harreld, Robert VINCENT  12 Oct 1990Iowa, United States I5857880676
6 Parr, Jane  28 Jan 1843Iowa, United States I5857883858
7 Riegel, Florence Lulu  11 Dec 1918Iowa, United States I8779326117
8 Shady, James Richard  14 Sep 1989Iowa, United States I8779329236
9 Thomas, Orrin G  1881Iowa, United States I8779228814
10 Townsend, Pemelia Ann  27 Dec 1893Iowa, United States I8779327008
11 Weideman, Chris Henry  04 Jul 1955Iowa, United States I8779327476


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kahel, Rebecca Margaret  Iowa, United States I5857884547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Cramlet, Curtis Robert  20 Nov 1945Iowa, United States I8779181870


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bartley / Emerson  17 Jun 1914Iowa, United States F7975189565
2 Beedle / Murphy  Iowa, United States F8026512852
3 Bennett / Hoadley  24 Dec 1924Iowa, United States F5350798248
4 Cummins / Brookhart  Bet. 1862 and 1879Iowa, United States F2593225195
5 Gibson / Widell  Abt. 1890Iowa, United States F8026690529
6 Gosling / Walter  AFT. 1865Iowa, United States F5350812683
7 Hall / Hannon  ABT. 1852Iowa, United States F1047624473
8 Williams / Hall  14 Nov 1837Iowa, United States F1047624405