genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Thomas  9 Jul 1855Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567121
2 Wild, Clarisa  1863Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567011
3 Wild, Ellen  1853Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Whitmore, Michael  1 Feb 1927Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567019
2 Wild, William  17 Nov 1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Mary Elsie  1901Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567122
2 Bennett, Sarah Jane  1901Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567125
3 Bennett, Thomas  1901Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567121
4 Kaiser, Elizabeth  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558566915
5 Kaiser, Elizabeth  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558566915
6 Kaiser, Sarah  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558566917
7 Whitmore, Edgar  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567021
8 Whitmore, Julia Anne  1901Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567020
9 Whitmore, Margaret  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567022
10 Whitmore, Michael  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567019
11 Whitmore, Samuel  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567017
12 Whitmore, William  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567023
13 Wild, Albert  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567010
14 Wild, Albert  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567010
15 Wild, Albert  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567010
16 Wild, Benjamin  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567001
17 Wild, Benjamin  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567001
18 Wild, Clarisa  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567011
19 Wild, Ellen  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567006
20 Wild, Ellen  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567006
21 Wild, Emily  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567012
22 Wild, George  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567002
23 Wild, George  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567002
24 Wild, Jesse M  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567005
25 Wild, Jesse M  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567005
26 Wild, Jesse M  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567005
27 Wild, Joseph  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567009
28 Wild, Joseph  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567009
29 Wild, Joseph  1881Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567009
30 Wild, Mary Ann  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567003
31 Wild, Mary Ann  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567003
32 Wild, Rueben  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567008
33 Wild, Rueben  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567008
34 Wild, William  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567000
35 Wild, William  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567000
36 Wild, William Gerard  1861Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567004
37 Wild, William Gerard  1871Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario, Canada I17558567004


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Whitmore   F16053351598