genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Strathcona, Alberta, Canada


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Latitude: 53.521812, Longitude: -113.491264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burkholder, Winston Thomas  Abt. 1915Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Albertha F  1901Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567288
2 Georgia  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567300
3 Mary Isabella  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567144
4 Mary Isabella  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567144
5 Mary Isabella  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567144
6 Bennett, Miranda Isabell  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I8779329439
7 Burkholder, Ada Abigail  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567296
8 Burkholder, Ada Abigail  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567296
9 Burkholder, Ephraim Arthur  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567298
10 Burkholder, Ephraim Arthur  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567298
11 Burkholder, Evelyn  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567301
12 Burkholder, George Wesley  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567142
13 Burkholder, Harrison  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567302
14 Burkholder, Henry Erlin  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567025
15 Burkholder, Henry Erlin  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567025
16 Burkholder, Henry Erlin  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567025
17 Burkholder, Henry James  1901Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567136
18 Burkholder, Jesse Edgar  1901Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567141
19 Burkholder, Jesse Edgar  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567141
20 Burkholder, Jesse Edgar  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567141
21 Burkholder, Mabel Bernice  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567297
22 Burkholder, Mabel Bernice  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567297
23 Burkholder, Maggie A  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567143
24 Burkholder, Thompson  1901Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567138
25 Burkholder, William Arthur  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567140
26 Burkholder, William Arthur  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567140
27 Burkholder, William Arthur  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567140
28 Burkholder, Winston Thomas  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567299
29 Hunter, Edwin Albert  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566628
30 Hunter, Lesley Campbell  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566629
31 Hunter, Lydia Jane  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566626
32 Hunter, Thomas  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566620
33 Huntley, Charles Dewitt  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566634
34 McGinnis, Alice V  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566681
35 McGinnis, Charles  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566678
36 McGinnis, May  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566680
37 Peterson, Anna Marie  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558566691
38 Phillips, Jemima  1906Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567135
39 Phillips, Jemima  1911Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567135
40 Phillips, Jemima  1916Strathcona, Alberta, Canada I17558567135