genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Sheridan, Montana, United States


Tree: Master Tree

Latitude: 44.787904, Longitude: -106.925973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fitzgerald, Eugene  Abt. 1929Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568545
2 Fitzgerald, Paul  Abt. 1926Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568544
3 McLean, Catherine  Abt. 1915Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568535
4 McLean, Helen A  Abt. 1919Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568538
5 McLean, John R  Abt. 1916Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568536
6 McLean, Maurine V  Abt. 1918Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568537
7 West, Donald J  Abt. 1918Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568533
8 West, Gertrude G   I17558568521
9 West, John Richard  Abt. 1923Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568523
10 West, Maurice Anthony  Abt. 1921Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568534
11 West, Patrick Robert  Abt. 1924Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568527
12 West, Rita Mary  Abt. 1916Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568532
13 West, William F  Abt. 1919Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568525


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fitzgerald, John  19 Apr 1923Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568506
2 West, Donald J  14 Nov 1936Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568533
3 West, John Richard  4 Mar 1997Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568523


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fitzgerald, Grace  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568510
2 Fitzgerald, Grace  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568510
3 Fitzgerald, Martha Agnes  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568512
4 Fitzgerald, Morris P  1915Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568517
5 McLean, Catherine  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568535
6 McLean, Helen A  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568538
7 McLean, John Nathaniel  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568531
8 McLean, John R  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568536
9 McLean, Maurine V  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568537
10 West, Donald J  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568533
11 West, Donald J  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568533
12 West, Gertrude G   I17558568521
13 West, John Richard  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568523
14 West, Maurice Anthony  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568534
15 West, Patrick Robert  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568527
16 West, Rita Mary  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568532
17 West, Rita Mary  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568532
18 West, Robert Joseph  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568520
19 West, Robert Joseph  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568520
20 West, Robert L  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568519
21 West, Robert L  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568519
22 West, William F  1920Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568525
23 West, William F  1930Sheridan, Montana, United States I17558568525


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 West / Clay   F16053352094