genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Ohio, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 40.365159, Longitude: -82.669415


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda  Jan 1872Ohio, United States I17558561284
2 Ambra  1870/1871Ohio, United States I8667772089
3 Anna  Abt. 1871Ohio, United States I17558561666
4 Annie M  Jan 1866Ohio, United States I17558561370
5 Bertha G  Abt. 1906Ohio, United States I17558561674
6 Bessie M.   I8667773344
7 Birdie  Aug 1878Ohio, United States I17558561480
8 Charlotte  Abt. 1873Ohio, United States I17558561288
9 Della  1874/1875Ohio, United States I8667772762
10 Edith Maude  1873/1874Ohio, United States I8667772632
11 Elizabeth  Abt. 1848Ohio, United States I8779228796
12 Elizabeth L  Abt. 1895Ohio, United States I17558566599
13 Emma E.  Aug 1851Ohio, United States I8667772021
14 Esther  Abt. 1840Ohio, United States I17558561366
15 Esther E  Abt. 1911Ohio, United States I17558561676
16 Fietta  Abt. 1850Ohio, United States I17558566470
17 Florence R  Abt. 1897Ohio, United States I17558567273
18 Gladys  Abt. 1898Ohio, United States I17558561350
19 Hannah A  Abt. 1850Ohio, United States I17558561472
20 Hazel E.  1894/1895Ohio, United States I8667772836
21 Hazel M.  1891Ohio, United States I8667772493
22 Ida E  Abt. 1874Ohio, United States I17558566502
23 Jane  Abt. 1855Ohio, United States I17558561214
24 Josephine  1865/1866Ohio, United States I8667773253
25 Lauretta  1882Ohio, United States I8667769189
26 Lulu Martha  1883Ohio, United States I8667772032
27 Lydia Emma  Oct 1865Ohio, United States I17558566489
28 Lynetta  Feb 1868Ohio, United States I17558567106
29 Margerete E.  1861/1862Ohio, United States I8667773050
30 Marie E.   I8667772495
31 Mary  1861/1862Ohio, United States I8667772944
32 Mary Janett  Abt. 1873Ohio, United States I8779329172
33 Mary Louise  1893/1894Ohio, United States I8667772638
34 Mildred  Abt. 1893Ohio, United States I17558566488
35 Myrtle M.  1893/1894Ohio, United States I8667769190
36 Naomi  Abt. 1908Ohio, United States I17558561737
37 Nora  Abt. 1884Ohio, United States I17558561779
38 Pearl  May 1881Ohio, United States I17558561482
39 Rebecca Leucretia  Aug 1844Ohio, United States I17558561217
40 Rose B.  1869Ohio, United States I8667772636
41 Sarah  Abt. 1808Ohio, United States I8779218724
42 Sarah A  Dec 1854Ohio, United States I17558559278
43 Sarah E  Apr 1841Ohio, United States I8779228810
44 Sarah R  Jul 1868Ohio, United States I17558561688
45 Tabitha A.  Apr 1844Ohio, United States I8667772173
46 Tina Ola  Abt. 1898Ohio, United States I17558561824
47 Tressie B  Abt. 1908Ohio, United States I17558561293
48 Virginia B  Abt. 1903Ohio, United States I8779218712
49 Badgeley, Anna Louise  09 Nov 1902Ohio, United States I17558561365
50 Bailey, Elizabeth  03 Jan 1805Ohio, United States I17558561679

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dora  Mar 1989Ohio, United States I8667769271
2 Anderson, Martha E.  1921Ohio, United States I8667771941
3 Berry, Sarah  21 Sep 1913Ohio, United States I17558561254
4 Bouton, Harry  1881Ohio, United States I17558569807
5 Butler, Samuel  1851Ohio, United States I17558564755
6 Coy, Clyde H.  4 Nov 1965Ohio, United States I8667769162
7 Diezman, George H.  Jan 1985Ohio, United States I8667769272
8 Diezman, Howard O.  27 Jul 2002Ohio, United States I8667769278
9 Diezman, Howard Oscar  Oct 1977Ohio, United States I8667769242
10 Diezman, Paul E.  12 Feb 2001Ohio, United States I8667769273
11 Diezman, Rhoda Naomi  20 Jul 1984Ohio, United States I8667769247
12 Diezman, Robert Paul  10 Feb 1911Ohio, United States I8667769248
13 Elbert, John Downs  8 Dec 1838Ohio, United States I5658669444
14 Elbert, John Downs  20 Mar 1865Ohio, United States I5658669446
15 Gaskill, Hope  1807Ohio, United States I8779230036
16 Griffith, Joseph  Abt 1810Ohio, United States I17558571549
17 Hufferd, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1871Ohio, United States I8779329182
18 Jones, Mary  Abt 1815Ohio, United States I17558571550
19 Leipper, Nettie May  7 Oct 1961Ohio, United States I8667769150
20 Livingston, Judith  1858Ohio, United States I17558564756
21 Mary  Ohio, United States I17558563444
22 Miller, Sarah Ann  24 Apr 1880Ohio, United States I17558561173
23 Murphy, Charles Elmer  20 Mar 1935Ohio, United States I17558561831
24 Nawman, Eva  8 Sep 1869Ohio, United States I8779228731
25 Rufi, Samuel J.  Nov 1972Ohio, United States I8667769265
26 Stambaugh, Robert Howard  Jul 1987Ohio, United States I8667769235
27 Stokey, Louise Elizabeth  22 Aug 1997Ohio, United States I8667769283
28 Trimble, Mary Anne  11 Mar 1856Ohio, United States I5658669052
29 Walker, Margaret Cowden  Ohio, United States I5857883965
30 West, Margaret  Apr 1832Ohio, United States I17558572397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Cramblett, John C  02 Aug 1862Ohio, United States I5659310978
2 Cramblit, William H  20 Aug 1862Ohio, United States I8779328712


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Elbert / Hitt  21 May 1829Ohio, United States F5259723850
2 Holliday / English  22 Jan 1846Ohio, United States F1047624981
3 Kizer / Baker  25 Dec 1888Ohio, United States F8026656505
4 Kizer / Driscol  Abt. 1875Ohio, United States F16053348871
5 Mathias / Hickerson  23 Jul 1857Ohio, United States F7975167043
6 Murphy / Nawman  14 Sep 1921Ohio, United States F16053349088
7 Nichols / Baker  Abt. 1923Ohio, United States F8026656553
8 Walter / Alcut  28 Mar 1829Ohio, United States F5350808385