genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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New York, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 40.757929, Longitude: -73.985506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda  Abt. 1809New York, United States I8779325976
2 Dalia  Abt. 1828New York, United States I17558570454
3 Dorothy  Abt. 1904New York, United States I8779181700
4 Elizabeth  Abt. 1885New York, United States I8779181712
5 Ethel M  Abt. 1898New York, United States I17558571349
6 Helen  1888New York, United States I3254057875
7 Ida Charlotte  Abt. 1884New York, United States I17558572512
8 Irene  Abt 1881New York, United States I4456182334
9 Josette  Abt. 1813New York, United States I17558559380
10 Julia  Feb 1862New York, United States I8779181677
11 Julia Ann   I17558570156
12 Lora M   I17558570154
13 Margaret  Abt. 1819New York, United States I5856888439
14 Mary A  Sep 1850New York, United States I8779329099
15 Minnie  Abt. 1858New York, United States I5856888436
16 Anderson, Christen  Abt. 1851New York, United States I5659310865
17 Ashbridge, Margaret  Aug 1888New York, United States I17558572421
18 Aspinwall, Mary Rebecca  1809New York, United States I17558563579
19 Barker, Sara Ann  28 Mar 1889New York, United States I17558566818
20 Barratt, Adele  Between 26 Dec 1850 and 26 Dec 1853New York, United States I601062303
21 Barratt, Alfred Jr.  Abt. 1860New York, United States I601062305
22 Barratt, Clara  Aug 1859New York, United States I601062306
23 Bennett, Sarah  Feb 1876New York, United States I8779329704
24 Blase, Dewitt Foster  16 Aug 1894New York, United States I17558570865
25 Boutwell, Helen  5 Feb 1827New York, United States I17558569094
26 Bowers, Alice Eliza  Jan 1838New York, United States I8779325988
27 Boyer, Felix  1 Apr 1880New York, United States I8667792421
28 Brenneke, Augustus  29 Oct 1894New York, United States I8779193160
29 Burrows, George  Apr 1850New York, United States I8779329617
30 Cannon, Hester  21 Apr 1706New York, United States I17558565767
31 Collins, Harriet Anne  Sep 1834New York, United States I17558569625
32 D'Ambrosio, Concetta  Abt. 1922New York, United States I8779193345
33 D'Ambrosio, Helen  Abt. 1916New York, United States I8779193343
34 D'Ambrosio, Joseph  Abt. 1925New York, United States I8779193346
35 D'Ambrosio, Leonard  Abt. 1920New York, United States I8779193344
36 Dedrick, Jack  New York, United States I5857881728
37 Dowd, Marie Cecilia  Abt 1922New York, United States I17558572546
38 Doyle, Edward  Abt. 1924New York, United States I8779193347
39 Doyle, Joan  Abt. 1929New York, United States I8779193348
40 Doyle, Joseph  Abt. 1896New York, United States I8779193340
41 Dutton, Elvira  22 Jul 1832New York, United States I17558571017
42 Dutton, George Henry  Abt. 1834New York, United States I17558571018
43 Filer, Florence C  Nov 1894New York, United States I17558571343
44 Filer, George H Jr.  26 Jun 1889New York, United States I17558571341
45 Filer, George Miles   I17558571339
46 Filer, John R  30 Jul 1897New York, United States I17558571344
47 Filer, Oneida  Abt. 1919New York, United States I17558571350
48 Fleming, Donna Joan   I5857882748
49 Gamache, Bernadette  1889New York, United States I8667792417
50 Gardner, David  19 Nov 1852New York, United States I8779329186

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackerly, Lydia  1673New York, United States I17558569873
2 Albertsen, Barents Geesje  1725New York, United States I17558565926
3 Berry, Mercedes  19 Jan 1990New York, United States I3855120148
4 Blase, Dewitt Foster  30 Mar 1956New York, United States I17558570865
5 Cannon, John  1746New York, United States I17558565772
6 Chase, Margaret D  1993New York, United States I8779328941
7 Cresswell, Hugh Catherwood  05 Sep 1932New York, United States I8667792357
8 Deane, Christopher  1689New York, United States I17558565798
9 Donnecker, Philipp Jakob  3 Apr 1876New York, United States I5658651524
10 Hefele, Edward J.  Jul 1960New York, United States I4456177608
11 Hoenig, Elizabeth Eleanor  1908New York, United States I17558566821
12 Howland, Joseph  11 Mar 1836New York, United States I17558563575
13 Jans, Reymerig  27 May 1710New York, United States I17558565907
14 Kahler, Ralph Artman  May 1964New York, United States I17558570636
15 Legran, Marytje  1763New York, United States I17558565773
16 Lewis, Thomas  28 Sep 1684New York, United States I17558565925
17 McLachlan, Juliana  04 Oct 1864New York, United States I17558567474
18 Roiphe, Alan   I8779218924
19 Thomas, Martha  1765New York, United States I17558566067
20 Throckmorton, Patience  Bef 1726New York, United States I17558569731
21 Valley, George Jacob  Abt. 1952New York, United States I17558568632
22 Valley, Joseph H  30 Oct 1935New York, United States I601063028
23 Valley, William D  17 Sep 1947New York, United States I17558568631
24 Van Slichtenhorst, Margarita  1711New York, United States I17558571408


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Fraser  Abt 1937New York, United States F7975167680
2 Cresswell / Bogert  1923New York, United States F8026638812
3 Draper / Hoenig  1903New York, United States F16053351509
4 Hefele /   Abt 1891New York, United States F4719985316
5 Hefele / Dowd   F16053353711
6 Hunt / Sprague  New York, United States F8026690344
7 Kierstede / Roosa  ABT. 1771New York, United States F7975167818
8 Lesan / Fraser  Abt 1937New York, United States F7975167671
9 Pendola / Roiphe   F8026653661
10 Peterfriend / Essock   F8026653650
11 Reardon / Fitzgerald  1851New York, United States F16053353473
12 Steinbeck / Scott  Dec 1950New York, United States F8026656846
13 Van Garden / Rosenkrans  Abt. 1679New York, United States F8026653686