genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Indiana, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 39.766555, Longitude: -86.441236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acneth  Abt. 1858Indiana, United States I8779326092 Master Tree 
2 Anna L  Abt. 1843Indiana, United States I17558570101 Master Tree 
3 Blanche  Abt. 1896Indiana, United States I17558566742 Master Tree 
4 Elizabeth  Abt. 1843Indiana, United States I17558570079 Master Tree 
5 Emma D  Jul 1872Indiana, United States I8779228818 Master Tree 
6 Grace Beatrice  Abt. 1892Indiana, United States I8779329189 Master Tree 
7 Imo R.  6 Feb 1896Indiana, United States I8667773336 Master Tree 
8 Laeslina  Abt. 1874Indiana, United States I8779325550 Master Tree 
9 Lydia B  Abt. 1847Indiana, United States I8779181964 Master Tree 
10 Maxine  Abt. 1907Indiana, United States I17558566309 Master Tree 
11 Myrtle M  Abt. 1883Indiana, United States I17558566306 Master Tree 
12 Rachel M  Oct 1866Indiana, United States I17558561440 Master Tree 
13 Allen, Mary  Sep 1879Indiana, United States I8779324109 Master Tree 
14 Bennett, Francis  2 Feb 1839Indiana, United States I5659311011 Master Tree 
15 Bennett, Mary Elizabeth Pinkstaff  Abt. 1918Indiana, United States I8779329689 Master Tree 
16 Bennett, Sallie Sarah  19 Aug 1824Indiana, United States I5659311005 Master Tree 
17 Bevis, Ruben Lester  22 Sep 1890Indiana, United States I17558561449 Master Tree 
18 Blocker, Bessie Agnes  Abt. 1895Indiana, United States I17558566294 Master Tree 
19 Burk, William Jackson  1874Indiana, United States I8779324322 Master Tree 
20 Canen, Gertrude  Abt. 1892Indiana, United States I17558566290 Master Tree 
21 Canen, Orville  14 Jun 1890Indiana, United States I17558566293 Master Tree 
22 Canen, Paul  17 Nov 1928Indiana, United States I17558566298 Master Tree 
23 Carr, Grace  Jul 1899Indiana, United States I8779324101 Master Tree 
24 Danforth, William R  Abt. 1840Indiana, United States I8779181963 Master Tree 
25 Davis, John A  1844Indiana, United States I8779301881 Master Tree 
26 Davis, Russell  07 Mar 1909Indiana, United States I17558560607 Master Tree 
27 Donovan, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1869Indiana, United States I8779228665 Master Tree 
28 Duff, Margaret A  11 May 1833Indiana, United States I5856888456 Master Tree 
29 Fee, Elisa Jane  Abt. 1844Indiana, United States I8778848878 Master Tree 
30 Fee, Lucinda  11 Nov 1841Indiana, United States I8779326737 Master Tree 
31 Fee, Sarah Louisa  23 Jun 1846Indiana, United States I8779326738 Master Tree 
32 Fowler, Martha Jane  1838/1839Indiana, United States I8667772160 Master Tree 
33 Fox, Catherine  Abt. 1836Indiana, United States I17558561202 Master Tree 
34 Freye, Agnes T  Abt. 1903Indiana, United States I8779229079 Master Tree 
35 Garrity, Mary C  Jul 1858Indiana, United States I17558559387 Master Tree 
36 George, Lucinda A.  1864/1865Indiana, United States I8667772093 Master Tree 
37 Glimanhaga, Mary Catherine  1859Indiana, United States I8779329736 Master Tree 
38 Gwaltney, Francis Marion  16 Feb 1837Indiana, United States I8779191304 Master Tree 
39 Herron, Nancy  Abt 1815/1816Indiana, United States I1167572230 Master Tree 
40 Hiner, Alice A  Jan 1867Indiana, United States I8779314002 Master Tree 
41 Kerrick, Sarah C  25 Feb 1845Indiana, United States I17558568666 Master Tree 
42 Kirby, Emma E  Abt. 1879Indiana, United States I17558570090 Master Tree 
43 Laird, Ora Irving  1878/1879Indiana, United States I8667772294 Master Tree 
44 Lewis, Casander J.  1840Indiana, United States I5857881122 Master Tree 
45 Lewis, Catherine VINCENT  3 Nov 1831Indiana, United States I5857881148 Master Tree 
46 Lewis, Elizabeth  1843Indiana, United States I5857881118 Master Tree 
47 Lewis, James H.  1836Indiana, United States I5857881120 Master Tree 
48 Lewis, Mary E.  1838Indiana, United States I5857881121 Master Tree 
49 Lewis, Robert P.  18 Nov 1833Indiana, United States I5857881119 Master Tree 
50 Lewis, Samuel  1829Indiana, United States I5857881117 Master Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Caverly, Russell Grant  20 Oct 1998Indiana, United States I17558569379 Master Tree 
2 Douglas, William  Indiana, United States I5857881146 Master Tree 
3 Franklin, John  Indiana, United States I17558572401 Master Tree 
4 Greer, Hester Ann  1920Indiana, United States I17558570068 Master Tree 
5 Lewis, Elizabeth  Indiana, United States I5857881134 Master Tree 
6 Lewis, Nathan  Indiana, United States I5857881132 Master Tree 
7 Norman, Mary Ann  5 Nov 1854Indiana, United States I8779324905 Master Tree 
8 Norman, Rosanna Belle  4 May 1932Indiana, United States I8779324083 Master Tree 
9 Osborne, James H  Bef. 1879Indiana, United States I17558570096 Master Tree 
10 Payton, Amanda Elizabeth  9 Mar 1932Indiana, United States I8779324097 Master Tree 
11 Payton, Osborne  1896Indiana, United States I8779324092 Master Tree 
12 Servies, Frances Elizabeth  3 Nov 1996Indiana, United States I8779324807 Master Tree 
13 Stout, T Floyd  13 Nov 1980Indiana, United States I8779313974 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mcdonald, General John G  Jul 1832Indiana, United States I8779181832 Master Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Schaffer  Abt. 1820Indiana, United States F5260013965 Master Tree